Security Geeks Hack European Sat Nav Systems

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
security geeks hack european sat nav systems reports that mischief-makers (or worse) can hack Europe's Radio Data System with relative impunity, sending in-car sat nav systems spurious information. Andrea Barisani and Daniele Bianco from consultants Inverse Path demonstrated their hack to security professionals meeting in Las Vegas for the annual Black Hat digital self-defense conference. "We can create bad weather, fresh snow, full car parks, accidents… close bridges, roads or tunnels, and the SatNav will pop-up a detour." The Italian hackers also claimed they could trigger pre-programmed alerts: "air raid," "bomb," "bull fight," and "boxing match." While Barisani called his handiwork the "keep your parents from getting home attack," the breach highlights the dangers of the growing field of automotive telemetrics.

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  • Yankinwaoz Yankinwaoz on Aug 05, 2007

    Hmmmm.... Confusing title. I thought the article was referring to Galileo, the European GPS system, which is not online yet. If you want to know how much you can't rely on GPS, then read this article. It details the case of GPS jamming in Moss Landing Harbor, California (between Santa Cruz and Monterey). In this case, the GPS navigation systems for a busy, foggy, harbor were being rendered useless by a couple of live-aboards who simply wanted better TV reception. Scary!

  • FreeMan FreeMan on Aug 06, 2007

    That'd be so cool to be able to send your much despised boss/coworker on a random detour for about 4 hours. /evil, wicked, maniacal laugh