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twingo2908_468x316.jpgSo French automaker Renault hired an ad company to help promote the new Euro-only Twingo to Dutch women. The UK's not-so-prim Daily Mail reports the result: a faux-handwritten letter from an unknown admirer who "called them 'darling', suggested meeting soon for a drink and signed themselves 'lots of love, M." Despite a reference to the Twingo– "you have a Twingo, don't you, I saw the new one and thought immediately of you"– and a color photo of the car enclosed with this missive, recipients were not well pleased. There were heated exchanges in many a huis, while some women were bummed to learn that "M" didn't exist (although you've got to take that idea with a shaker of salt considering the source). Renault has apologized and will send a letter of apology to all 30k households. Presumably it doesn't start "Dear John…"

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5 Comments on “Renault’s Dutch Twingo Marketing Screws the Pooch...”

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    Sounds like amusing and creative advertising, which is more than can be said for 99.9999999999% of the junk mail we get every day. The “stink” over this campaign might in fact all be part of the campaign. Renault sends out 30k pieces of junk mail at a cost well under that to run a single 30 second TV advertisement and the next thing you know, people around the world are talking about the Twingo. Freaking brilliant!

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    Is that as bad as offering the first-gen Twingo without an automatic? Or right-hand drive?

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    They wouldn’t try that over here, as the lead (then lawsuits) would fly…

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    Its probably as bad as replacing the original and funky Twingo with the new, bland, formula none replacement. Its like when you go for a job. If the guy says “we like to work hard and play hard” it means no fun.

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    I feel like another company committed a similar “mistake” a few years ago. It’s virtually guaranteed to get extensive press coverage. Sure, people will think the marketing people are idiots, but it probably won’t hurt the image of the car.

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