Pre-Loved Chrysler Pushing Used Cars

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

Those zany marketing guys! Apparently euphemisms like "gently used" and "pre-loved" aren't enough to make us want to rush out and buy a used car. WebProNews brings us Chrysler's marketing mavens' latest attempt to obfuscate: "brand spankin' used." You can expect to see that phrase plastered all over used vehicle web sites like and soon. Chrysler plans to list every certified pre-owned vehicle in every U.S. Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep dealer's inventory. That equates to over 20K vehicles listed each day. Why so many? Because Chrysler has a glut of used cars to unload since they dumped transferred all of their unsold 2006 models into their used car inventory in June. Banning over 600 dealers from Chrysler's used car auctions probably didn't help move the metal either.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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