"White Van Man" Names UK's Rudest Motorists

Glenn Swanson
by Glenn Swanson
white van man names uk s rudest motorists

A survey by Vansunited claims bus drivers are the rudest drivers in the UK. According to The Argus, the company “dedicated to helping van dealers find van customers” asked 2300 vanistas to name “the least considerate [motorists] when it came to pedestrians and other drivers.” One fifth of those surveyed fingered bus drivers for "foul language, tailgating, being cut-up and similar reckless behaviour.” The managing director of the Brighton and Hove Bus and Coach Company rebuffed the findings. "The survey was carried out by van drivers so it would have been biased from the outset.” [NB: In the UK, the term “white van man” has long been synonymous for aggressive driving and inconsiderate parking. There's even a minigame based on the stereotype.]

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