Eco-Energizer Scammer Free to Scam Another Day

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
eco energizer scammer free to scam another day

How would you like to invest in a fuel-additive that helps cars get better mileage? If so, don't give your money to Bennie Robert Moore. Moore's phantom "Eco-Energizer" additive business has bilked hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars from unsuspecting investors. reports that a Virgina court has ordered "Bob" Moore to repay $200k– out of a $450k "investment"– to local businessman David Garber. Moore was also given a ten-year suspended jail sentence. "He is a businessman and he’s starting from scratch," Moore's lawyer Andrew Harding said. "He’ll start a business up again, and when he does he will try to pay [Garber] back." Strangely, both Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Louis Nagy and Harding claimed they knew nothing of any charges against Moore in other jurisdictions. A quick web search reveals that the Georgia Attorney General served Legal Notice by way of Subpoena on EcoEnergizer in January. Not to mention, where the site's author leaves no words minced about Mr. Moore's authenticity. "Stay away from Eco If you REALLY feel the need to throw away $500…contact me. Give me your money and I'll be GREATLY APPRECIATIVE of it…but you'll recieve nothing more than my gratitude. That's a HELL of a lot more than EcoEnergizer has ever given anyone!!!"

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  • DarronS DarronS on Aug 01, 2007

    I understand the government's need to do something about parasites such as BRM, but I have no empathy for the people who fall for their scams. A bit of critical thinking goes a long way, and anything that violates the laws of physics is a bad investment.

  • Rpn453 Rpn453 on Aug 01, 2007

    Typical thought process of people that buy into these things: “These fuel savers don’t violate the laws of physics; Big Oil is just holding them down to make more money! Big Oil controls every auto manufacturer and every government and every scientist in the world!!!” Regardless, Moore needs to do some jail time. He’s already a drain on society anyway.

  • Luther Luther on Aug 01, 2007

    Eco-Scamming is EXTREMELY profitable. How many people study physics and chemistry...Maybe 10% of the population. Maybe. Look at how many people get taxpayer-funded government grants. The more outragous your claim, the more money the government gives you.

  • Scott Scott on Aug 02, 2007

    Well, those of us who are just a little more environmentally conscious know that those additives are obviously scams. They don't have the solid scientific backing of the Vortex and FUELMiser I have on my Silverado. I'm saving the planet!