Cerberus Makes Long-term Committment to NASCAR. Maybe.

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
cerberus makes long term committment to nascar maybe

Mike Delahanty, senior manager of Dodge Motorsports, has assured NASCAR fans that the manufacturer won't pull their sponsorship from the ten race cars wearing Dodge Charger/Avenger decals. Delahanty seems confident that Cerberus will continue supporting the program, citing two NASCAR contracts that "went through the Cerberus review unscathed — no questions." He feels "we had a long-term commitment to the sport that was approved and a long-term commitment to one of our key teams that was approved. That gave us a message very early that going forward we weren't going to have to worry how to run our business." However, these statements were made before Monday's announcement stabbing Tom Lasorda in the back naming Robert Nardelli as CEO. Now that Toyota's in NASCAR, Delahanty and the two Dodge racing teams may want to give Hyundai or Honda a ring.

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  • CliffG CliffG on Aug 08, 2007

    Actually I think a Chrysler label will continue to show up on a car or two in NASCAR, but since the new owners, as shown by their recent CEO appointment, have no interest in actually continuing to manufacture automobiles, it will be something like the Home Depot/Tony Stewart car. Is this the definition of ironic?

  • Blunozer Blunozer on Aug 08, 2007

    The fact that they are staying in even one year gives me even more reason to think Chryslerberus is on its way to oblivion. Smarter heads would have ixnayed NASCAR the first day. The more I hear about the guys in charge at Chrysler, the more I think they are simply bagmen there to plunder whats left of it dry. I'm sure they will all enjoy all the kickbacks from the NASCAER franchise.

  • Mikey Mikey on Aug 08, 2007

    The folks that run Chrysler today, are in the buisness of making money,period.Mr Home Depot has been given that mandate.If NASCAR can sell cars,Chrysler will keep em. If Mr Home Depot can sell cars, and make profit he is there for a while. If Chrysler don't make money/profits in the near [2 or 3 yrs] future they will drop NASCAR and Mr H.D.and probably wind down Chrysler.Cause thats what they do,they make money not cars or trucks.

  • AGR AGR on Aug 08, 2007

    NASCAR has issues and challenges all by itself, its surprising that any of the domestic manufacturers are still participating in a racing series that is completely detached from the product that is sold to consumers.