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panamera.jpgSpy shots of the upcoming Porsche Panamera sedan have produced an almost unanimous reaction from motorheads: it's fugly. Autoweek published photos of [what the optimistic among us can only hope is] a somewhat disguised Panamera. Their readers are not shy about expressing their sense of aesthetic affrontery: "this 'design' is just hideous," "more brand dilution," "it looks like an eggplant," and "Franken-car." Perhaps sensitive to the near universal condemnation of their lardy 911-on-stilts Cayenne SUV's design, Porsche has unleashed some preemptive damage control. "In reality," Stuttgart's spinmeisters say, "the Panamera is a lot more attractive than anything to be seen so far." Does that include the Maserati Quattroporte? Anyway, Cayenne notwithstanding, I have a hard time believing The Sultans of Stuttgart would let anything this gawky out of their styling studios. And yet, how could they make it better?

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23 Comments on “Web Buzz says Porsche Panamera Puts the “Ugh” in “Ugly”...”

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    Porsche established with the Cayenne that they don’t care as much about preserving their brand integrity as much as they care about making money. They needed to diversify their offerings to access more customers, and this may pan out. Business is business and Porsche is flush and looking to grow.

    Makes sense, in a way, because most consumers can’t tell the difference between a new GT2 and a 5-year old “base” Carrera. Porsche can afford to try this out, and it might end up looking pretty sharp after some more work. And it’ll probably go like Hell, and it could easily poach some 7-series sales.

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    I believe that Arnold put it best in Kindergarten Cop-

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    It has that stout in the middle look of the last couple of 911 variants. How can the same company make the Boxster and Cayman on one hand and the the Porkster, ah I mean Cayenne, on the other?
    Hope they’ll take the opportunity to retool the fender stamping dies. Curves please.

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    I’m just glad that there are others like me who also find this car atrocious.

    I honestly don’t mind the looks of the Cayenne. It’s not breathtaking, but it’s not as hideous as say, the VW Tourage or (ugh) Audi Q7. The Infiniti FX/Nissan Murano looks more like a Porsche-esque design though.

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    Once they take off the “fat suit” it should look OK.

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    William C Montgomery

    Porsche makes ugly cars. This isn’t news.

    Yet I still love them…

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    Its the rear end that doesn’t work . It’s easy to see that they wanted the look of a 911 from behind . . . but that leaves it with a very thick looking mid-section.It actually shows how well the old GS handled the same roof line. And that this vehicle needs a trunk. It also reminds me of the old humpback Seville, a car with a long flat nose and a stumpy abbreviated tail

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    Also why the short wheelbase big overhang look? that nose looks like almost frontwheel drive

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    This is an awful lot of money to spend for a ‘blah’ looking car. Sure, it’ll go like stink, but it sure looks like it, too. Is Bangle moonlighting?

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    What is wrong with this car? It looks good to me, of course it is going to change a little, it is disguised, they do not want people to see that the car will actually look like until it is out. I think it looks better than any, and I mean any SUV on the road. I like the idea of a larger car with umph.

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    Take another look at that rear end. Can we say 928?

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    It’s no Quattroporte, that’s for sure, but I’ll withhold judgment until I see the real thing.

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    Stephan Wilkinson

    People will jump up and down and call Porsches ugly for as they’re jumping up and down and saying Lyle Lovett is ugly, so’s Julia Roberts, and oh by the way people who went to Harvard are stupid.

    It’s called envy.

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    I like it. It’s distinctive. It says ‘Porsche’ to me.

    Look, when you design a car, you either conform to the corporate look or not. Cars with older heritage tend to have the corp-wide look — bmw, merc, audi, vw, rolls, aston, etc. You make panamera look generic ‘pretty’ or like a porsche. I prefer the latter.

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    It does look like a Porsche. But not in a good way.

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    They’re doing a great job of disguising the final styling of the car if this many people are complaining about it.

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    Personally, I think it looks great. I love the fat chick look this car has. Looks much better than any 911. The Caymen may be the only other Porsche that actually looks good. Most other Porsches never lost the Volkswagen look from the early years.

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    That thing has more fake curves than Kim Kardashian.

    Once the cladding comes off I think the naysayers will probably be surprised.

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    It’ll go like stink, and be seriously Bruce – I can deal with it being less than attractive.

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    Stephan Wilkinson

    Good lord, does it matter what a Porsche “looks like”? Shut up and drive. It hugely amuses me that 95 percent of all car discussion these days consists of know-nothing design analyses by people who endlesslt write smartass things like, “It looks like a Miata that spent the night with a Cadillac CTS,” etc. etc. etc. Read a Road & Track road test–not that I feel they’re the paradigm of excellence, but they are typical–and the first third will entirely concern itself with what the freaking car looks like. The taillights. How the wheels fill or don’t fill the wells. The grille. The side marker lights. Give me a break.

    Is _that_ the most important thing about a car? What the damn thing looks like? You can’t see what it looks like from behind the wheel anyway, so I have to conclude that 95 percent of the importance of a car is what _other_ people see (and, of course, think) of you.

    Sorry, I don’t need a car to do anything for me other than steer, handle and perform (and performance can mean a wide variety of things, depending on one’s needs and desires).

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    Look, it’s a really long 911!

    But why?

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    Is Bangle moonlighting? Great question, but if Chris were involved, this poor thing would not only be fat, but it would be “sculpted” up the wazoo. While Mr. Wilkinson is correct that a big part of what makes a great car is what you feel behind the wheel, a part of greatness is also how it makes you feel when it is just sitting in the driveway. Alas, my 335 answers the first part of that question well, but doesn’t do so well with the second. Heart-racing four-door sedans are a tough bill to fill, but the Quattroporte seems to manage both looks and thrills. The last 5-series wasn’t too bad either until it was Bangled into submission.

    No doubt the Panamera will do the Porsche thing when it is released; no matter what these guys do, they seem able to put a great soul into a car.

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    I’m pretty sure there is beauty under all that cladding. Why? Because it’s styled by Michael Mauer, whose portfolio includes the first SLK, the Smart Roadster, most current Saabs…

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