Smoking No Longer a Drag (Race) for Honda Workers

Glenn Swanson
by Glenn Swanson
smoking no longer a drag race for honda workers

Thanks to a Ohio ban on indoor smoking enacted last November, Honda's Buckeye state employees may no longer indulge in the evil weed inside the plant. In response, Honda's tobacco addicts began driving off the property, parking at the sides of nearby roads, lighting up and then (presumably) tear-assing back to the plant. The local county sheriff's office became concerned about hundreds of people parking and puffing along the roads. According to MSNBC, Plan C: Honda will create outside smoking areas on their property. Smokers will also be able to partake in their own cars on Honda's parking lot. The automaker remains committed to its anti-smoking program, but the new policy makes sense, as workers get a half-hour lunch break and two 10-minute shift breaks.

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  • John John on Jul 18, 2007

    There's something about a lot of smokers that prevents them from seeing their butts and matches as litter. Extreme case in point is emptying car ashtrays on parking lots. Most corporations spend a lot to have attractive buildings and grounds. I don't blame them for saying "enough!" A friend once marveled at his own friends throwing their cigarettes into his shrubbery as they approached his house, like they were doing him a favor.

  • Orian Orian on Jul 18, 2007

    I live in Ohio where this law was passed, and one of the companies I worked at when this passed designated areas out side away from the doors for just that reason. I honestly don't understand why Honda wouldn't have done the same earlier. From what I understand it is now legal for an employer to not hire a person if they smoke (I've heard this, but haven't seen proof yet). For what it is worth, I don't smoke. My mother and father both smoked. My mom quit years ago, then survived a bout with lung cancer. My dad never quit and was just diagnosed with lung cancer. As you can imagine I have become pretty opinionated about it over the last couple of years.

  • Jeff in Canada Jeff in Canada on Jul 19, 2007

    Position: Non-Smoker I'm surprise no one foresaw this situation with the employees driving off the property just to light up. They're intention was to avoid the crowds that gather in front the any/all entrances, but without a solution provided people will just go with whatever they can think of. The smoking huts are a great idea, I wish my company had them in place.