Podcast: What's an RS4?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
podcast what s an rs4

I suppose it was only a matter of time before some video maven caught site of The Truth About Cars (TTAC) and thought, hmmm, that might make an interesting TV show. Obviously, any program along those lines would A) have about as much chance of landing a major sponsor as a Kansas fisherman pulling a swordfish from the Keith Seblius Resevoir and B) would boldly go where Top Gear has gone before. With pay-per-view channels and YouTube, the first objection is surmountable. The second is more problematic. Top Gear is a well-funded (via the UK's TV tax) program with all the best toys and… Jeremy Clarkson. Yes, even from that tiny, cold island in the North Sea, the semi-journalistic stylings of "Jezza" cast a long shadow over anyone who seeks to tell the truth about cars with rhetorical flourish. I think TTAC TV would have one main advantage over Top Gear: no Jeremy Clarkson. While I admire the man's wit, prose and telegenic charisma, he's a first class bully and a meglomaniac, with bells on. If Lieberman, Johnson, Farago and Spinelli ever get it together video-wise, more than half the fun would come from the "happy talk" interplay between the different personalities. Bottom line: we all respect each other enough to provide the open space for our natural creativity to emerge. That said, this podcast is a celebration of Jonny's virtuosity mit de RS4. Another Clarkson? Please God no.

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