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DSG2.jpgIn a recent comment, Stryker1 raised an excellent point: TTAC seems to have lost a bit of its "edge.”  Upon reflection, I agree.  I’m not one for excuses, but I reckon the loss of an internal organ threw me off my groove.  At the same time, TTAC welcomed a large number of new writers and lost touch with a few familiar voices.  The ad thing’s also jerking my chain.  And the light’s bad in here.  Anyway, I'm fully aware that TTAC will rise of fall depending on its ability to stick to its original remit: kick-ass reviews and take-no-prisoners industry-oriented rants.  Here’s how I’m thinking of playing it…   

The QOTD (Question of the Day) saw the site through my recent absence.  When I returned, I relied on the "hey you" format to pad content.  Sorry.  From now on, the QOTD will run no more than three times per week, probably less.  Equally important, the question will gain gravitas, covering subjects related to our mission, like Why Has Toyota Quality Gone South?  And Should Lincoln build a Rolls Royce?

I also realize the posting schedule has been a bit erratic (though not as bad as it was a month ago).  From now on, I’ll put up two posts per day on weekdays (AM and PM EST), with an additional podcast as and when.  The material will consist of vehicle reviews (and more of ‘em) and serious-minded rants.  On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll fire-up lifestyle, first personal narrative and nostalgia pieces.  We’ll also run our motor sports coverage on the weekend.

At the risk of sounding egomaniacal, I’ll also amp-up my own contributions.  Although TTAC’s administrative demands (and the need to earn some money elsewhere) have made it difficult for me to sit down and do the biz, I know that I need to deliver the goods and lead by example.  So I will make sure my byline appears here at least twice a week.  Stand back!  I’ve got a Vaio, and I’m not afraid to use it.

As for the specific content, I'm open to suggestions.  Obviously, the Death Watch continues, as do the reviews (our pursuit of a press car booker should bear some fruit later this month).  Which type of [new] cars float your boat: budget, mid-market, exotics or all and sundry?  Are there any editorial topics you enjoy more than others (e.g. alternative fuels, hybrids, muscle cars, safety, media/corporate critiques)?  Are there any you'd rather not see (I'm not gonna help you on that one)?  I've got an excellent team of scribes who enjoy editorial direction.  Help me help them to help you help me help you.   

Meanwhile, if you look up on the top right of the main menu bar, you’ll see the word “blog” has snuck in.  As these behind-the-scenes, stop-me-before-I-make-a-fool-of-myself deals have proven popular in their own right, I decided to give you the chance to steer TTAC on a regular basis.  Just as soon as Redwing tells me how to upload text and photos, TTAC’s new blog will be a daily feature.  I’ll still bring the noise to the main page when needs must, but the blog will provide the kind of detail that gives OCD’s a good name and keeps things party real.  Or something like that.

And there you have it.  I’ve got a good feeling about the site these days.  As Sam might say, by fall, we should have our varkies by maker (pigs in a row).  TTAC will be tight, right (more often than not) and commercially viable.  Of course, your comments, criticisms, suggestions and submissions are always welcome.    

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47 Comments on “TTAC: Shifting Gears...”

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    Well Mr. Farago, it is forgivable if you can’t get enough bile worked up.

    Sorry… couldn’t resist.

    As for the QOTD, I think it is fine if it were a QOTW, and perhaps related thematically to some larger issue being discussed, or was exceptionally entertaining (I *liked* the “Beater” one myself.)

    As for the “lifestyle” angle, I’d like to see more coverage of Vintage Car events. Virtually every “car guy” I know has something from days gone by in his garage, including myself.

    That’s my 2/100ths of a monetary unit.


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    You see? The beater piece was actually a rant.

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    Dear Robert,
    trust you have the offending organ either in a jar on your workbench or away being bronzed.
    TTAC is doing just fine, the advertising makes sense and I feel sure you’ll exercise judgement in the matter.
    I have no problem with QOTD, it leavens the heavy stuff, some people seem to want a mix of “Car & Driver” and “Forbes” – just do what feels right!
    Road test? Not TOO many exotics, sure the Veyrons, Lambos and Ferraris are drooly stuff, but for most of us the low and mid-range are real world. Perhaps you could try some back to back of similar models from different manufacturers? Could I also suggest an expansion of your Star ratings so you show (say) brakes, suspension, interior, trunk space…

    Oh, and remind me to tell you about my C-pillar Theory of Design one of these days…

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    The stars and stats are coming back, expanded as you suggest. If you’ve got a theory, drop and give me 800 words and the floor is yours.

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    Jonny Lieberman

    All exotics.

    The more exotic the better.

    I want to review a Shelby Daytona Coupe — a real one.

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    More old/used car reviews would be nice. While new cars are always fine and good, it would be nice to hear how older cars have held up to the test of time. Anything really. I read mentions of things like carbs on engines not powering airplanes and engines using imperial measurements of displacement – these are things came and went long before some of us can remember, in some cases before some of us were born.

    That said, it would also be interesting to read about how a Dodge Omni or K-car or original Ford Taurus looks, drives and feels compared to modern offerings.

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    Jonny Lieberman

    Or how an original Daytona Coupe holds up against a moder kit…

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    Mr. Farago,

    Being relatively new to this site (directed here through re the GM Death Watch series), I have to say I think your current direction is really just fine.

    I particularly enjoy the humor of the car reviews; more than one writer reminds me of Dan Neil’s patently irreverent style (Los Angeles Times). Keep it up – I love it! A welcome change from the often clinical car reviews available through other sources. Perhaps your reviewers could spend a bit more time on “the good points” though (if any…) And +1 on more mid-priced car reviews. The exotics are great but…

    As far as the DW series goes; that is also going in the right direction, in my opinion; generally hearty debate on a topic many people find irresistible. Perhaps you could start a series entitled, “If I controlled GM I would…” etc, etc…

    Overall, this is an excellent, professionally-presented, non-mainstream car enthusiast’s website. Carry on!

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    Car reviews: The more, the merrier. I don’t care what type of car, I like them all.

    Editorials: Please, no more hybrid/alternative fuels/politics etc. If I want political correctness, I’ll go elsewhere. What I’m really interested in is the business and technology side of building cars.

    QOTD: I personally don’t care for them, but they are easy to ignore, so I don’t mind them, either.

    It would be great if you could also review or write about cars sold outside the U.S. – living in Europe, I’d be really interested in what TTAC has to say about Opels, Renaults, Alfa Romeos etc. And hearing about some Japan-only Toyotas (like, e.g. the models that the Scions are based on), or even some whacky Indian/Chinese models, would be really cool.

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    Mr. Farago,

    Glad to see the meds wear off! I was afraid there for a moment that bile would touch $80 a barrel and henceforth become unaffordable!!

    As for the advertising think of it as the lesser weevil.

    I agree whole heartedly with a QOTW and hope to be able to give my 5 cent worth!! I agree with the other posters about lots and lots of car reviews perhaps the europeans/asians (especially clean diesels) that will eventually make our shores if they play their politics right and give the average TTAC reader a heads-up of what’s to come!!

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    I don’t care about cars sold here for the most part… GM makes a load of dullards, ford… uch gag and DCX I simply don’t understand the obsession with “HEMI” or slab sided americanized E class cars with horrible interiors.

    I’d like to read reviews of the different, unique and exotic. I really dont care much about the toyota camry or the latest greatest econo-crap box. Not that they are bad cars, they aren’t interesting enough to warrant a review on TTAC in my opinion. Sure we can analyze them as a thermostat for the industry… but beyond that they are the status quo and I don’t think thats what this site is about.

    I want a welcome diesel wagon carpet rolled out and a review of ANY and everything diesel tha comes this way. I think readers here are a bit brighter than the buffmag thumping fools. AKA… we probably would buy something that runs on poorly refined slop with the aid of a turbocharger.

    We could use somebody or some bodies in othe countries to see what they have and we don’t. Sure the Grass is always greener… but this is not about selling cars its about informing and entertaining readers.

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    Are you ever going to add a forum to TTAC?

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    Terry Parkhurst

    It seems to me that TTAC has lost none of its edge, which is based on more than a little intellect, wit and several large servings of humor.
    Perhaps what Stryker1 misses are reviews that make comparisons between various parts of automobiles and the female anatomy? (I drove a Subaru Tribeca earlier this summer and when I told Nate Tennis, vehicle scheduler for the northwest office of Specialty Transport of your comparison Robert, he just broke into laughter and said, “What kind of women is he hanging with?” Too bad that flack at BMW had no sense of humor.)
    As far as vintage vehicle stuff (yes, Chuck am responding to your post) certainly more of that is coming. If all goes as planned, yours truly is on his way to Reno NV on August 2 to cover the four day/three evening auction in that city, held in conjunction with Hot August Nights. While I have no laptop, I might be able to borrow one while there; or at the very least, I hope to write 800 words for TTAC as a feature, when I return – God willing – to Seattle. (Having flown through Logan airport, on my way home from a Volvo ride-and-drive in Rockport, Maine, just two short weeks before September 11, 2001, I figure I am already living on borrowed time.)
    For those who figure auctions are bullshit, allow me to say that while prices are being pushed up at a faster clip than housing prices in Seattle – boy, do I know that one – auctions are really nothing more than the social consenus of value (to borrow the title of a book on auctions by sociology professor, Charles Smith).
    There might not be any Cobra Daytona coupes in Reno this week, but a 1966 Ford/Shelby-American GT-350 is scheduled to be run through. Come to Reno Jonny, and start the bidding at 95; and maybe buy it at $105(,000). Then, you can write that one up and we’d all love to read about how you drove back to LA in it.

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    Glad you’re doing better, Robert.

    Site’s current content is excellent as well as your future pllans. My 2 cents:

    Your critical eye on the other automakers and what the press may be hiding (i.e., just how bad is it over at Ford? Is Toyota shitting in its pants as the recalls increase? Will Mitsu Motors make it by decade’s end? Etc.)

    Counterpoints to Deathwatch, etc. I think I read in a comment that a new staff was coming to give such a view or something.

    More on hybrids, alternative powertrains, etc. Sorry, renegade211, that’s a big topic right now. More takes on the “Who Killed The Electric Car?” documentary. Is there a future for Tesla-esque EVs. How about an expose on the sugar tax laws that give corn-growers a monopoly on ethanol?

    Intro on all the TTAC staff.

    Maybe previews of things to come. Or will the blog handle that?

    Otherwise, great job! As soon as things settle in my regular and free-lance job (both involving writing for the auto industry), I may stop being a “drama queen” and look again at TTAC’s lookout for writers.


    Joel A.

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    For your Blog page, you upload text and photos like you do any other post, there is no difference in the procedure for doing that. The only difference is the location of where you edit it. Go to Manage –> Pages and you’ll see all the non-post pages to your site. You have always had the ability to add more pages as well as edit these pages from the time of your site going live. If you want to add more pages, go to Write –> Page and add your content. Pages will automatically be added to the navigation at the top.

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    I still think we need an explanation for Bob Elton’s V8 piece, I mean that one right there single-handedly undermined the credibility of TTAC quite a bit.

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    Heck, reading the title I thought this was going to be an opportunity for me to rant about those flappy paddle things people pretend are a replacement for a proper manual transmission…

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    I’d llke to see TTAC take on the inexcusably sorry state of design in the auto industry. We seem to be in an era when our greatest expectations are met by the accomplishments of designs that strive merely to clad their respective shitboxes in the skin that requires the least tooling — giving way to a world where without looking at the badge it’s hard to pickup on brand identity in most market segments at all. Everybody’s shitbox looks like every other shitbox. Even the Europeans are wussing out on design these days. What is happening when the Jetta looks like a Civic if you blink wrong? Not to mention the universally loathsome interiors being foisted on consumers.

    I read review after review in every publication imaginable where the design is praised for, essentially, being slightly less boring than the previous model. It seems that most reviewers are afraid to slam the design for fear of seeing their access to press cars dry up.

    It’s time to acknowledge the reality that no true car lover is passionate about most new cars. There are few cars on the market that inspire lust in the average petrolhead. We might say “oh that’s fast”, and rally race our WRX, but does anyone really think the design qualifies as cool? Not a one.

    There was a time when designers created properly cool looking cars for people besides supercar owners. There are obviously good designers out there working — take a look at the recent DCX concepts, or the Ford GR-1. But car companies across the board seem to be killing designs before they go to production (see the Dodge Charger).

    Good design breeds car owners passionate about their steeds and is the only sense of brand loyalty any proper car company needs.

    Whither design?

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    Love the site, especially your editorials. One idea – how about a critique of the ups and downs of Ford lately? It might be a nice break from all of the GM talk…


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    For what it’s worth;

    I’m of the opinion that shining a light on the inner workings of the industry is a long ignored subject. The GM Death Watch series is what attracted me to this site and still one of the big reasons I come here. Exposing the bad (and good) about what goes on in the industry should be one of the mainstays of the site.

    As far as reviews are concerned, I really do get tired of everybody reviewing the same car which is usually the top of the line model of whatever particular line. I was recently intrigued by a review in a magazine (whose name escapes me at the moment) of a Mazda MX5 with an AUTOMATIC transmission, a review you NEVER see. I would like to see reviews of mid-level cars closer to the cars that most people buy. There are a ton of Impala SS V8 reviews, but I enjoyed the review here of the regular Impala. I just wished you chose the 3.9 V6 version. Those are just a few examples.

    Regarding the QOTD, I feel it should be a QOTW and that it should be more focused on automotive issues that concern us as enthusiasts.

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    Lesley Wimbush

    Well, I’ll leave the exotics to Loverman, but I can certainly get access to a turbo Omni for a review! Helped a friend load his up for a rallyx today (which he won) test driving it sounds like a blast. :)

    Nino, it’s true, manufacturers do like to push their loaded, top of the line models for press fleet bookings, but scribes can request base models.
    Next week I’ve got an entry level Accent hatchback, it’s a vehicle that should interest the readership of the paper I write for, if not my enthusiast friends.

    Spending this week with a cute little red Tiburon Tuscani, never driven one so I’m looking forward to it.

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    Inline with that Turbo Omni review, why not a monthly feature used car classic review?

    I think that many people have forgotten some of the cars of the recent past and need to be reminded that there were many cars that didn’t have navigation, or four wheel drive, or didn’t have gobs of horsepower, or luxury interiors, and were still a blast to drive. Maybe it could be hooked up with a used car recommendation of particular models as not all of us can afford to buy new.

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    Mr. Farago:

    I am glad you are feeling better. I am a former sportscar driver who’s happy to have a Prius these days; for a number of reasons, not necessarily “just” because of gasoline prices.

    No, I don’t necessarily want more articles about hybrids or econoboxes. The technology does fascinate me, but what I really want is to be up-to-date about significant advances in the automotive industry, whether they have to do with efficiencies, safety, comfort, or whatever.

    I will read them on occasion, but for the most part, I’m not really into reviews. I realized this about myself when I was in a Corvette club several years ago. Reviews, car shows, watching races, they bore me. So does READING about car shows and READING about races. Ugh, it’s just like watching paint dry. I’ve nothing against racing or reviews. I’d just rather be driving, even if it’s just along the oceanside!

    Yes, EVEN in my hybrid!

    However, if somebody would make a hybrid two-seater roadster that gets great gas mileage and stops burning gasoline at traffic lights, well, I’d read that review! Hell, stuff the review, I’d go test-drive the car myself!

    I’m here for the industry news and issues more than anything else. If you have an article in your back pocket about declining quality in Toyota cars and trucks, that’s important, so let’s have it!

    Welcome back; glad you are feeling better without that organ!

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    The Death Watch is what led me here, too. Excellent stuff; it’s great to read an analysis of the industry that realizes that passion for the product is as important as business acumen, and vice versa.

    Would like to see it expand past GM; Ford is struggling mightily, too, and it can be argued that it’s a more interesting story because the family name is at stake.

    Am OK with the ads; the money’s gotta come from somewhere.

    Love the discussions, and love being able to take part. That’s the thing that separates TTAC from car magazines. It’s not that hard for me to find the 0-60 time of a given car; it’s much harder to find good writing, on-target commentary and the ability to interact with a group of readers who, for the most part, get it.

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    Lesley Wimbush

    Anyone else find it amusing that we got a comment from j mays right after a rant on vehicle design?

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    I agree with rjwillis and others:
    A Ford Deathwatch series may be in order. Although Ford’s short-term outlook may not be as dire as GM’s, Ford’s medium – long term outlook looks shaky:

    How long will Mercury last?
    How before Ford essentially stops building cars and focuses on trucks and SUVs? (leaving cars to Mazda)
    How long before Ford folds (bankruptcy or merger with another company)?

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    Overall I really like the site and like the reviews. They have a lot more character than most car magazine reviews.

    I do not really like the GM Deathwatch series as I find it uninteresting. It doesn’t affect me except in how it affects the American economy.

    I love new technology &/or diesel reviews the best. Keep those coming!

    I’d also love to see what I’m missing out on by being in the US. Bring on the “not US available” car reviews if you can.

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    Ford Deathwatch? looks like we need another Deep Throat, and who knows what the Ford family could/would do if things got really bad there. Jeeves, sell the estates, family jewels, and, uh, the Lions!

    GM Deathwatch is what brought me here, I love the editorials and reviews, but agreed with above posters that some of the tech stuff such as the V8 article and the transmission debate could be stronger.

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    how about a periodic buyer’s guide?

    buyers guide: no holds bargains
    buyers guide: gas sipping people movers
    buyers guide: pocket rockets
    buyers guide: exotics
    buyers guide: high mileage family sedans
    buyers guide: etc etc etc

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    The old reviews had star category ratings, pricing and the overall comment at the bottom was a nice touch. The latest reviews seem to lack that.

    Some of the posted comments are starting to get a bit rough, but this is bound to happen when the public is allowed to post whatever they want. Some forums denegrate into Bush bashing, troll baiting, advertising of web sites, or other behaviour that has little to do with the topic at hand and everything to do with feeling empowered on the internet. Some moderating may end up being necessary.

    How about re-reviews of particular cars a year or two later to see if a model has improved or not? Some reviews are actually a bit old and cars do change.

    At the end of the year how about a prediction post of where companies and cars will be a year later?

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    As part of your Deathwatch, I’d love to see an interview with Ross Perot. For those who didn’t follow it, he landed on GM’s board of directors via acquisition, said what he thought about the way they do business, and GM paid him to go way. After all, what would a guy who built a multibillion dollar business, FROM SCRATCH, know about running a company?

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    First, I would put a vote in for more normal car reviews, I don’t care much about exotics. I am interested in cars but I live in Nebraska and have a normal job. I will never even see these exotic cars, much less consider buying one. There isn’t a lot written on the internet about the performance of your average sedans though, other than regurgitated press packets.

    The GM series is my favorite section on here, industry goings-on are really interesting to me for some reason. I can see how some might not like it, but they can just skip the articles like a QOTD.

    I agree with what Valentine said earlier in regards to the content of your reviews. Lots of reviewers can tell you if a car went fast or not, whether it sways too much in a turn, and whether it is overpriced. A good reviewer should go above and beyond this. The reviews here have outstanding wit and writing skill, but I would like to see more discussion about design. “Design” is a tricky thing to pin down for your average reader. I look at a car and can usually feel if I like how it looks or not, but it is hard for me to put my thoughts into words. That is what a great review should be able to do, and TTAC manages to do just that sometimes. Still, I wonder if maybe a reviewer needs a more design-oriented skill set.

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    One big vote for a lessening on the GM Deathwatch series, unless you’re willing to give an equally critical look at Ford and Daimler/Chrysler. While I’ve read a lot of good stuff in the GM series, I’ve always had the feeling that you’ve hoisted one heck of a huge flag behind GM going under.

    Have you figured out what you’re going to do if they don’t?

    Yeah, an equally crifical look at Ford is in order. Maybe equal criticism of Toyota is equally in order – now that they’re verging on being the biggest kid on the block, I’m starting to notice that they’re not being quite as perfect as they used to be, or as their reputation claims. Maybe we’re seeing GM 1971 redux?

    Deranged Few M/C

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    I would love to see inside tips for car buying, negotiating, etc… Although this verges on Edmunds territory, I think it would be much better from the TTAC staff.

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    What makes TTAC attractive to me is that I constantly want my auto related media to be sent through the mystical TTAC BS removal machine and be left with the straight skinny (with a good dose of Sajeev and Farago added). Favorite content for me are reviews, comparos ala TTAC, and industry editorials (I particularly enjoyed “There’s a future in your Ford”).

    The beater files (well used cars that can get it done)
    Retrospective reviews (this is what the press thought then, here’s TTAC)
    TTAC market report (who actually buys a pontiac grand am and why?)
    TTAC awards (cars with potential, top fives etc)

    gracious thanks for this brilliant site.

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    I think the general tenor of the site is excellent, given that I am hopelessly addicted. I will say that the big picture perspective that goes with reviews around here is what makes them interesting. Without that perspective, I find reviews generally boring. And even Pulitzer-Prize winning Dan Neil can get boring with review after review, and I have the utmost respect for him. So I’d say don’t feel you have to churn out the reviews.

    Like others, the GM Death Watch is what brought me to the site (When my parents bought me a share for xmas, in ’62, back when I was a Chevy fan, I think it was worth about $600 in today’s dollars, and now, despite a split, it’s worth less than a tenth of that).

    I love reading about controversial issues, such as ethanol, hybrids, etc.

    I’ve also greatly enjoyed the qotds, and have even gotten some valuable info from them. This suggests to me that forums might be useful.

    As for ads, if that will give you more time to focus on the site, instead of having to earn $ elsewhere, that’s good. I think you can figure out a way of doing it without compromising yourself.

    Lesley writes:
    >Anyone else find it amusing that we got a comment from j mays right after a rant on vehicle design? ;)

    yeah, but is this the real j mays?

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    For my two cents worth I would like to see a Ford death watch series. I think they are in big trouble right now with little Billy at the helm. And more reviews of every type of car. I love them all.

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    If Toyota quality has truly “Gone South”, that’s big news! It’s a watershed event, in fact, considering the history of the company, and surely worth covering in depth. One wonders how increasing size impacts QC, and whether big always means “worse” versus smaller, committed competition. Bring it on!

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    Love the site, the only things I’d add have been mentioned by others but I’ll second them. More mainstream car reviews say in the 15-50k range of prices. I gloss over ever supercar review I see either online or in C&D. It’s something I’ll never be able to attain so I don’t bother giving it more than a cursory glance.

    One thing I don’t really see to much in other places is reviews on used cars. Let me explain, I’m looking for a car right now and I have XX money to spend on it. Seeing what is new out there is easy enough but what about used? What are you getting yourself into if you buy a 3-5 year old Benz or BMW instead of that Camry or Infiniti G35?

    When you see car comparisons they always show you two or three new cars. You don’t see a new G35 coupe, an 02 M3, and a new loaded RX-8 compared yet these are generally in the same ballpark price and sector-wise (3 seat sport coupes).

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    Mr. F,

    I guess the QOTD is, who’s your reader/customer? I’m probably never going to buy an exotic, so I couldn’t care less about those reviews. I will, though, continue to be a mainstream guy who wants to know about the cars I’m probably going to want to consider for my own driving needs – cars that I actually may own at some point.

    I also want to know about the manufacturers, especially their products, their business issues, etc. The Death Watch is very interesting and got me here in the first place. Wish you’d do more about all the manufacturers, even the healthy ones.

    The QOTD is fluff to me, but I can skip around those and not really miss them.

    Overall, I spend a lot of time here, which is really a positive statement about TTAC. Probably not real good for my time management though.

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    Hey. I’m a star.

    and I heckle because I love. I’ve come to hold TTAC to a high standard. I initially started by randomly selecting the podcast on itunes one day, and listening. It was great. Cars, and automotive industry had never been so interesting.

    When I was car shopping, this is the first place a I came for reviews.

    TTAC is the best car site on the web. Period. And I’d hate to see it lose the edge that made it cool.

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    I think you should bring back the stars system at the bottom of the reviews in the archive, and even more important, absolutely critical, central, I believe, the summary. The single- sentence throw away at the end of the review that sums up the reviewers feelings about the car. They were merciless. The act of summing up 3000 pounds of steel, glass, plastic and carpet, that an army of people worked for years to design, in a single line, was for me the irreverent essence of the Truth. Please bring it back.

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    Infamous Dr. X

    I’ll cast another vote for more industry news. I too came to this site because of GM Deathwatch. You’ll never hear me complain about “too much industry coverage & commentary”. Especially if it’s as witty, snarky, and insightful as it has been here.

    As to the reviews, I tend to agree with what a lot of people have said: ubercars are real nice, but I’ll never drive one – tell me about cars that I might realistically have a chance at owning someday. Sure, throw in a super-exotic once in a while, and keep up the chatter re: porsches, MBs, BMWs, etc, but try to salt the list with regular-people cars too.

    Y’all are doing a helluva job. Keep it up. And, most of all, thanks.

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    Make the QOTD just Saturday and Sunday spots to hold us over the weekend. 2 questions, weekend enjoyment.

    How about evaluating purchasing strategies? I’d love to see you review the’s method of purchasing cars. Hell, you might be able to find how low GM is willing to go to get that business.

    I also came here because of the GM Deathwatch. The car reviews are ok, but they don’t fuel my interest like the GM Deathwatch does. Giving other car companies a similar scrutiny would pique my interest as well.

    Other ideas….
    Used Car Reviews… As a 2 year old car (American made, no less) is by far the favorite transportation of America’s Millionaires (per Millionaire Next Door), those types of reviews would pique the interest of us sane car purchasers who let some other schlep finance a car and trade in every 2 years…

    Rental Fleet reviews… Yes, I know, sacrilige, but when I travel, I try to pick different cars just for a free test ride. Maybe there is some hidden fleet gem I might rent for the extra 20 bucks a day to see how our driving opinions stack up.

    Technology associated with the Auto industry would be another fun thing to read. Not necesarrily reviews, but more like that piece on the ipod from a couple of weeks back.

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    To be totally honest, I like the site it has been the past few months since the redesign. I’ve liked all the odd-end articles by the new authors, they provide good insight and they are exellent articles.

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    Thanks for all your comments. I’ve read them all, and altered our strategy in accordance with many of your suggestions.

    I really appreciate the time and effort you spend communicating with me, each other and the wider world. You’ve added a critical element to this site: informed, passionate and honest (for the most part) suggestions and debate.

    To those of you who write long comments, please consider becoming a TTAC correspondent. We are ALWAYS looking for new talent. The pay sucks, but the glory is infinite.

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    Note to Terry Parkhurst:

    When you get back to Seattle after HAN in Reno, drop me a line. You're welcome to take my vintage ride for a drive. Looking at old cars is nowhere as satisfying as <b>DRIVING</b> one.

    –chuck goolsbee

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