QOTD: Sex-on-wheels?

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman

Forbes has just released another in their never-ending series of ten-best lists– a feature which stretches credulity, interest and patience. To wit: the latest list trumpets the ten best cars for single people. Being a perennially unattached person, my index finger only managed to hover over delete. Oh man… "Best Car For Eco-minded Singles: Toyota Prius Sedan." No, really. But one item intrigued me: "Best Car For Boosting Your Sex Life" Aside from looking like an uncircumcised penis, I can't think of anything even remotely sexy about BMW's M6 Coupe. But there are some drop-dead gorgeous cars on both the new and used market. What car(s) do you find sexy? More to the point (so to speak), can a car get you laid? And if it can, is it really a good idea to share your precious bodily fluids with a sexual partner who's turned-on by your taste in whips?

Jonny Lieberman
Jonny Lieberman

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  • Ghughes Ghughes on Jul 28, 2006

    "Of course, my next (and current) car was the polar opposite - a Miata, and I got married 3 years afterwards, not that they are associated in any way" - yeah, but marrying another guy is only legal in 1 state- so that doesnt count-

  • The Wiz The Wiz on Jul 29, 2006

    Love the thought behind the subwoofer under the passenger seat. Good one on you. In my own personal experience ( extensive in both cars, & cars that attract women ) The two best on my list would have to include 1. A red 1957 Chevy convertable 2. A silver porche speedster ( old model )

  • Milk Milk on Aug 04, 2006

    ronbo456...Wow ferrari and gettin pussy is a myth...well I guess since I'm with the have nots I find that hard to believe. Though their was a show on TV where a guy was loaned a Rolls Royce Phantom because he claimed he couldn't get chicks in his car. They told him to get five numbers in 30minutes and he couldn't do it. Sheesh...Anyways a car is nothing more then an addition to get pussy faster if you ask me. Some women may play conservative but they will have their ass in the air instantly if you drive, say a bentley coupe. I have had many a one night stands in my cars over the years but I cant imagine how much ass I missed out on not having an exotic car for the more conservative top of the line women. Like someone said in this post were talking about a different breed of women when you drive luxurious autos. P.S. Hutton your right a motorcycle will get you some easy ass too. P.P.S. Vallux06 your story was compelling very heart felt. I wish you can get that 69 spyder again. I am rooting for you

  • Dfg Dfg on Aug 21, 2006

    Vallux06, The round tail Spider (no, 'y' for Alfas) is the Duetto. I don't know how great it would have looked after you cut holes in the bonnet for your ahem, "Weber downdrafts".