Lieberman Stays Focused

lieberman stays focused

Jonny Lieberman thinks SUV's should look like they're ready to win World War II or go to the moon. Shrugging off that da-da-esque assertion, we schmooze about great car names of the past and JL's recent experiences with the Ford Focus (reviewed below). As a certain automotive website recently asserted that minivan ownership disqualifies TTAC's Editor from assessing automotive cool, I ask Jonny for his choice for coolest car under $18k. Wouldn't you know: it's a BMW.

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  • Caffiend Caffiend on Jun 21, 2006

    Liberman, I think you're looking for this link... If not, it's an interesting read.

  • Jonny Lieberman Jonny Lieberman on Jun 21, 2006

    Caffiend -- that's exactly it -- My ex used to subscribe to the New Yorker. Er, she probably still does... you get my point -- she got the magazines.

  • Mark Hasty Mark Hasty on Jun 21, 2006

    What's John Kerry's favorite Buick? The (A-4) Skyhawk.

  • Jackson_jackson Jackson_jackson on Jun 23, 2006

    All this talk of Buicks, and no mention of one of their best names - the Buick Wildcat! a luxury sport coupe. My grandmother had a 1970 Wildcat with a 455 V8. We could make some serious time in that car. Alas, I am now the owner of KBB's coolest car under $18,000 (however, mine was north of $20,000). Just some facts for Lieberman, the Mazda 3 platform is only 2.5 years old (not 4 years as he states in the podcast). The Honda Fit's current platform is 5 years old (introduced in Japan in 2001) and only recently brought to the US (along with the arrival of $3 gas). Which one is cooler? ......................whatever.