Lieberman Stays Focused

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Jonny Lieberman thinks SUV's should look like they're ready to win World War II or go to the moon. Shrugging off that da-da-esque assertion, we schmooze about great car names of the past and JL's recent experiences with the Ford Focus (reviewed below). As a certain automotive website recently asserted that minivan ownership disqualifies TTAC's Editor from assessing automotive cool, I ask Jonny for his choice for coolest car under $18k. Wouldn't you know: it's a BMW.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Caffiend Caffiend on Jun 21, 2006

    Liberman, I think you're looking for this link... If not, it's an interesting read.

  • Jonny Lieberman Jonny Lieberman on Jun 21, 2006

    Caffiend -- that's exactly it -- My ex used to subscribe to the New Yorker. Er, she probably still does... you get my point -- she got the magazines.

  • Mark Hasty Mark Hasty on Jun 21, 2006

    What's John Kerry's favorite Buick? The (A-4) Skyhawk.

  • Jackson_jackson Jackson_jackson on Jun 23, 2006

    All this talk of Buicks, and no mention of one of their best names - the Buick Wildcat! a luxury sport coupe. My grandmother had a 1970 Wildcat with a 455 V8. We could make some serious time in that car. Alas, I am now the owner of KBB's coolest car under $18,000 (however, mine was north of $20,000). Just some facts for Lieberman, the Mazda 3 platform is only 2.5 years old (not 4 years as he states in the podcast). The Honda Fit's current platform is 5 years old (introduced in Japan in 2001) and only recently brought to the US (along with the arrival of $3 gas). Which one is cooler? ......................whatever.