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By on February 11, 2008

ph1_rencen-large.jpgDetroit is a strange place, far away from the great cultural cities of New York and San Francisco. The men who run the city’s car companies are local men. They’ve risen to the top of GM, Ford and Chrysler after years of hard, intense work; clawing their way to the top of a huge, Byzantine bureaucracy. Backed-up by minions and and subalterns, these auto execs live in splendid isolation from the rest of the nation. They are out of sight and out of touch.

By on February 4, 2008

mixim1.jpgThe French haven’t had much influence on the car world for some time. Up until the last decade or so, their automobiles have been goofy little nuts-on-wheels from outer space– especially compared to machines from neighboring Germany, Italy or Japan, not to mention Detroit. But now we’ve got a Frog who’s in play worldwide. You want to talk about an internationalist? Carlos Ghosn was born in Brazil to Lebanese parents. The CEO who rescued both Nissan and Renault speaks six languages fluently and divides his time between Tokyo and Paris. If anybody understands the worldwide car biz, it’s Carlos Ghosn.

By on January 30, 2008

traffic_jam221.jpgCar and Driver fired me. Editor Csabe Csere sat down in my kitchen and said he had to "let me go.” The magazine could no longer afford my services. No surprise there. Car and Driver had become a pale shadow of its former self. Like Detroit’s carmakers, Csere and his team had refused to recognize reality. The internet had arrived, the game changed, they didn’t. The magazine got thinner and thinner, making my paycheck seem fatter and fatter. I was sorry to see it go (the paycheck). But what the Hell. Here we are. Now what?

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  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1989 Merkur Scorpio Touring Edition

    Wheeljack - Ford extensively redesigned the Cologne V-6, just in time for the US debut of the Scorpio. Gone were the cylinder heads with the siamesed...
  • Re: Capsule Review: 2015 Jeep Renegade

    Pete Zaitcev - It does allright in videos. One thing that jumps out is that the articulation is very poor. The result is lifting the rear wheel and very sharp jolts side...
  • Re: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

    KevinC - The “real” Z4 Coupe (E86) was last built in ’08. The current Z4 is that convertible hardtop hairdresser touring tub of lard with a name that...
  • Re: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

    Signal11 - You answered this already in your first paragraph. You were a kid, your father wasn’t. BMW didn’t change. You did. Like Evinx and pch and others...
  • Re: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

    blueflame6 - If I was running BMW I’d be far more interested in selling to the mass, profitable market than to the tiny group of retro-enthusiasts who speak cryptic...
  • Re: The Scion iQ Is Dead: Here’s Why

    Pete Zaitcev - I gave iQ a quick look, but the headroom was impossibly small, so it was a no go. Otherwise, it looked like a nice small car.
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1989 Merkur Scorpio Touring Edition

    Wheeljack - At the Ford 100 celebration in Dearborn back in 2003, there was a Scorpio on display with around 10,000 original miles on it. It literally...
  • Re: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

    KevinC - Spot-on. That’s EXACTLY what happened and when. I cling to my E46 ZHP coupe and Z4 M Coupe and see NOTHING currently selling that does a thing for me. The...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1989 Merkur Scorpio Touring Edition

    Wheeljack - Hopefully this doesn’t sound snippy because it’s not intended to be…I’m familiar with all the sources for parts, and...
  • Re: Capsule Review: 2015 Jeep Renegade

    gtemnykh - Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there most definitely are these ‘electronic sensors’ and the rear end IS connected via a viscous wet...

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