Why Rent a Car When You Can Rent One of These?

An interesting thing happens when a few like-minded people end up living near each other in high-end neighborhoods: golf karts start to appear. The easy-going rides are perfect for putzing around gated communities, but they’re not street-legal. That’s where Moke comes in. Its tiny electric cars are a natural not-a-car vehicle for navigating the quiet streets of retirement communities and beach towns. Now, the company is offering rentals to folks who can’t afford the more than $20,000 purchase price for one of its cars. 

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  • Dale Houston We bought an EV 2+ years ago. I didn't even think to look for AM on it. We did set presets for the local NPR and classical stations.The last time I listened to AM was in the very early 90's when I would hate-listen to some radio preachers who were just awful.
  • FreedMike I wonder what ever happened with the "Fusion Active".
  • FreedMike I'm going to rebadge my Jetta as an Audi and drink in the profits.
  • Kwik_Shift Looks HyunKia-ish.
  • MrIcky Seems like TTAC writers really want a ford sedan. I remember all the wailing and gnashing of teeth when the fusion went away. It's not an interesting car except to journos and just not what the general population requires. Time to let go.