BP is Looking to Fill Any Gaps Left by Tesla Supercharger Team's Upheaval

Though Tesla’s future and growth prospects remain to be seen, other companies sense blood in the water after the automaker laid off its entire Supercharger team. British Petroleum (BP) Pulse recently told Bloomberg that it would aggressively pursue an expansion of its charging network with a “heightened focus following the recent Tesla announcement.”

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Tesla Supercharger Layoffs May Already Be Impacting New Charging Site Construction

In a shocking move, Tesla laid off its entire Supercharger staff, raising questions about its future and ability to continue offering a superior experience to a growing number of EV owners. InsideEVs reported on the most immediate impact of the layoffs, as it learned that some new charging sites had already been canceled.

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Ford Owners Can Begin Using Tesla Superchargers in the U.S. and Canada

Ford was the first company to announce a move to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), and the automaker is now the first to offer access to the Supercharger network. The Blue Oval announced that its customers can now get a free Fast Charging Adapter that lets their vehicles access Tesla’s chargers.

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Tesla Commits To IAA Mobility Show In Munich

We’ve been hearing for years that auto shows are a thing of the past and that the internet has killed the personal touches we all loved about the industry. But while it might be true that auto shows aren’t the extravaganzas they once were, it can also be true that there’s still life in the industry and a reason to attend. 

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Texas: New State-Sponsored Chargers Must Include Tesla Charging Standard

Tesla sparks controversy at almost every turn, but the company’s genius occasionally shines through. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Tesla’s Supercharger network is not only its competitive advantage in the EV space but is a significant asset that will help it remain the company to beat. After Ford, GM, and Rivian signed on to use Tesla’s NACS charging standard, the automaker’s home state of Texas issued new rules requiring that state-sponsored charging stations carry its plugs.

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Tesla and Ford Announce Surprising Charging Station Partnership

Ford hasn’t been shy about its ambitions to overtake Tesla as the leading EV producer in the U.S., but the two companies aren’t as angry with each other as you might think. Their chief executives recently sat down for a chat on Twitter Spaces and made a surprise announcement that has generated strong opinions from all corners of the automotive world: Ford EV owners will gain access to around 12,000 North American Tesla Superchargers starting next year.

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Walled Garden No More: Tesla Opens Part of Its Charging Network to Other EV Brands

One of Tesla’s most significant competitive advantages could be fading, as the White House recently announced a deal with the automaker that would open part of its previously-exclusive charging network to owners of other EV brands. The wheels are in motion, as Tesla tweeted last night that the first round of chargers is now open. 

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Tesla Planning to Double the Number of Supercharger Stations

With the “affordable” Tesla Model 3 on its way to an anticipated July production date, the company has promised to double the number of fast-charge plug-in points to feed the company’s growing fleet.

The electric automaker has already installed over 5,400 Supercharger outlets and about 9,000 lower-voltage Destination Charging connectors at various locations around the globe. In North America, Tesla promises a 150-percent increase in the number of charging points. However, don’t expect many of those stations to look like the photo above.

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Elon Musk: "A Fuel Cell Is So…"

Speaking to Tesla enthusiasts at a Tesla service center in Germany, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk insisted that batteries made more sense for powering electric vehicles than hydrogen fuel cells, calling them “bullshit” and saying that hydrogen isn’t safe to use as an automotive fuel.

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  • Lou_BC I've I spent the past few days in what we refer to as "the lower mainland". I see Tesla's everywhere and virtually every other brand of EV. I was in downtown Vancouver along side a Rivian R1T. A Rivian R1S came off as side street and was following it. I saw one other R1S. 18% of new vehicles in BC are EV'S. It tends to match what I saw out my windshield. I only saw 2 fullsized pickups. One was a cool '91 3/4 ton regular cab. I ran across 2 Tacoma's. Not many Jeeps. There were plenty of Porches, Mercedes, and BMW's. I saw 2 Aston Martin DBX707's. It's been fun car watching other than the stress of driving in big city urban traffic. I'd rather dodge 146,000 pound 9 axle logging trucks on one lane roads.
  • IBx1 Never got the appeal of these; it looks like there was a Soviet mandate to create a car with two doors and a roof that could be configured in different ways.
  • CAMeyer Considering how many voters will be voting for Trump because they remember that gas prices were low in 2020–never mind the pandemic—this seems like a wise move.
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