Volkswagen Recalls Jetta for Ignition Problems

The feds are telling Wolfsburg to recall about 47,000 Jetta sedans in this country, all from the 2019 and 2020 model years, thanks to an issue in cars with the old-school ignition switch.

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Nissan Sentra Under Recall for Steering Issues

Late last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a letter to Nissan requesting they recall a batch of Sentra sedans thanks to tie rods that may bend and cause steering issues. A total of 236,238 units may be affected, ranging from the 2020 – 2022 model year.

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Jeep Cherokee Recalled for Liftgate-Related Fire Risk

People often ask about fire risk with electric vehicles, but the reality is that gas-powered models catch fire much more often. Jeep is taking extra precautions with more than 200,000 SUVs for fire risk, advising owners to park outside until it can issue a fix. 

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Porsche Carrera GT Recalled for Potential Suspension Failure

The Carrera GT is one of the most sought-after Porsche models of all time, and its seven-digit sales price numbers reflect its exceeding rarity. Even so, the car, which was last produced 17 years ago, has a new recall. 

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Nissan Recalling 712,000 Rogues and Rogue Sports for Faulty Keys

Most of us have seen a set of the so-called ‘jackknife’ ignition keys. You know the ones: a press of a button causes the business end of the key to flip outwards, permitting it to light the fires on a car and instigating those of us with active personalities to say “HI-YA!” while jabbing the thing skyward as if it were a real jackknife.

No? Huh; maybe it’s just me, then.

Anyways, that type of key is at the crux of a major recall for Nissan, one which involves nearly a quarter million Rogue SUVs.

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Thousands of Genesis Vehicles Could Have Exploding Seatbelt Pretensioners

Genesis has been widely praised for its recent vehicle releases, including the new GV60 EV and earlier models like the GV70 SUV. Though they’re fantastic vehicles, they aren’t immune to recalls, as the automaker recently recalled 65,517 units for potentially exploding seatbelt pretensioners.

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Ram Recalled Hundreds of Thousands of Diesel Trucks for Fire Risk

Stellantis is recalling hundreds of thousands of Ram diesel trucks due to an elevated fire risk. The issue relates to an older electrical connector, which can overheat and ignite.

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Older Nissan Models Recalled for Potentially Detaching Steering Wheel Emblem

The Takata airbag recall is massive and ongoing today, despite being issued years ago. Nissan recently recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles for another dangerous airbag issue, this time related to the company’s steering wheel badge.

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Subaru Recalls the Solterra Again for Potentially Loosening Hub Bolts

The Subaru Solterra and the related Toyota bZ4X faced recalls last year related to their hub bolts. The automakers discovered that they could loosen while driving, causing the wheel to detach from the vehicle. Though the vehicles were fixed under the recall, Subaru recently issued another recall to ensure the original work was done properly. 

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Subaru Recalls the 2022 WRX for Owner's Manual Errors

Recalls often involve important, safety-critical equipment and technology, but some seem almost silly by comparison. Chevrolet once sent a bunch of Sonics to customers without brake pads and had to recall them, and in 2013, Honda recalled the Odyssey because of badges installed on the wrong side of the rear gate. Recently, we learned that Subaru recalled the new WRX, but not for a reason having to do with any vehicle component or system.

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The Chevy Malibu Still Exists and It's Being Recalled

When was the last time you heard about the Chevy Malibu? It’s easy to forget that the car still exists, but it does, and there’s an interesting new recall for the 2022 and 2023 models.

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McLaren Recalls Arturas Equipped With the Wrong Kind of Nuts

We’ve been hearing of recalls impacting hundreds of thousands of vehicles in recent weeks, but supercar manufacturers don’t have that kind of scale. McLaren recently issued a recall, and the number of vehicles involved and the component triggering the whole mess is tiny.

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Chevrolet Recalling 140,000 Bolt EVs Over Fire Risk

The Chevrolet Bolt is under recall for another defect that reportedly poses a fire risk. However, it’s got nothing to do with the battery this time around. Instead, the automaker has all-new concerns about seat belt pretensioners venting hot exhaust gasses that could ignite interior carpet. In response, General Motors will be recalling 140,000 examples of the Bolt produced for the North American market.

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Ford Recalls Many Super Duty Pickups, Cites Potential Driveshaft Issues

If any readers have a certain spec of Blue Oval workhorse in their fleet, they best pay attention to a recent recall from Ford. The company is recalling 223,628 Super Duty pickups to deal with an issue of faulty powertrain components. At fault are driveshafts that can apparently fracture under a specific set of conditions.

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Ford Blows Their Top, Disposing of Defective Bronco Lids

You may recall the brouhaha surrounding the Ford Bronco hardtop, a piece of the SUV that held up the initial rollout of the much-awaited model before causing a recall thanks to odd wear patterns. Specifically, certain roof units had a manufacturing deficiency which caused them to discolor and expose a honeycomb pattern after being subjected to particular levels of water and humidity (read: everyday conditions for some types of customers).

Now, it appears Ford is done like dinner with the issue, electing to destroy every single hardtop collected through the recall.

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