Audi Has Been Spending a Lot of Time at Nürburgring-Nordschleife

Audi has been throwing a lot of vehicles at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife for late. Last month saw the RS 3 having achieved the fastest lap among the stock compact class. Days later, the automaker made another announcement that the RS Q8 Performance had achieved the same for SUVs.

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Gas War: Did the Biden Administration Relax or Tighten U.S. Vehicle Emissions?

If you pursued the news over the weekend, you undoubtedly saw articles claiming that the Biden administration both relaxed and tightened U.S. vehicle emissions standards. While often framed as complex, the reality is that the White House has repeatedly stressed its desire to push Americans toward electric vehicles and has instituted regulatory goals to that aim. However, it has softened on earlier proposals that would have set the standards even higher.

Let’s dig into what happened and the possible implications of the updated standards.

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Are Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru Doing the Right Thing By Snubbing EVs?

Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru conducted a press event designed to explain why they’re walking away from full-blown electrification. While this is something numerous automakers have done in recent months, the “Multipathway Workshop” faced a predictable amount of criticism from EV acolytes.

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Alpine Says A110 Successor Will Come to United States, Outlines Expansion Plan

Alpine, the French performance brand tied to Renault Group, has frequently shared plans to break into the U.S. market. This has included rumors that the initial lineup would include a successor to the fabled A110. The brand is now fleshing out plans to expand into our market, stating that it hopes to begin U.S. operations by 2026.

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Report: Lamborghini's Details Wild New Hybrid V8

With literally every automaker currently in operation still hunting for ways to electrify their lineup, many have embraced hybridization as purely electric vehicles continue to polarize shoppers. But some were already heading this route, including performance brands that see the setup as a win in terms of both dynamic performance emissions compliance.

Among them is Lamborghini, which recently previewed the motor that’s assumed to be slotted into the production-coded “Lamborghini 634” that’s slated to supplant the Huracán. However, the hybrid powertrain is obviously more Porsche 918 Spyder than Toyota Prius.

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  • EBFlex Ford finally making a good decision although they should shut down their EV operations and investment all together. Why lose that money too?
  • Mike Lol. This is the king of suvs. And its made by GM.Why is everyone trashing it?Top of its its class for a quarter century.
  • Frank Drove past there last week, plant has a huge poster of a bronco on the outside. I was thinking "Is that where they build the new broncos?" I know they use to make the Edge and that other mundane SUV there but I believe both have been canned.
  • CanadaCraig Toyota saw this coming. So good for them for being courageous enough to say, "Wait a minute. Let's not rush into anything."
  • Rna65689660 As the previous owner of a Triumph, and current owner of a MINI, I say, LOL!