QOTD: Where Do You Do Your Carspotting?

I am currently in Napa, California on business and while myself and some other media members rode in a Ford Expedition from the airport to the hotel, we kept spotting some pretty cool rides.

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QOTD: Car Spotting in a Foreign Land

I was on vacation over the past 9-ish days -- don't ask me the exact number, since there was a lot of time-zone crossing and I don't want to do the math. I was in Tanzania, and while the focus of the trip was spotting animals in the Serengeti, I also was doing some serious car spotting during the time we spent nearer the large cities.

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  • El scotto Why don't some of you push for your data disclosure to have three choices: 1. None, 2. Some, 3. All. Make it that short, upfront, and required.
  • Dartman Lot of laws I don’t like, didn’t like and I’m sure that there will be more. I do believe in the American Way, rule of law, truth and Justice for all. I vote, donate, and volunteer. I try to obey the law, rules and regs etc., don’t always succeed, and when caught in a transgession I willingly accept the consequences. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”
  • FreedMike I dunno, what's the data and what's the payoff? I mean, if Apple Music wants to give me 50% off so they can tell their "partners" how many times a day I listen to Chappell Roan, I'm Hot 2 Go for that. I'll just send all the emails the "partners" send me to spam. Driving habits? Pardon me while I laugh myself into an asthma attack.
  • FreedMike Cool. Keep 'em coming.
  • Jalop1991 Proof that people are stupid. "Hey, here's a $7500 point of sale discount! EVERYONE gets it! See? So the number we show you on the sale order is $7500 less than it would have been otherwise!" but we all know that $7500 was already added onto the price up front to start with.Because people are stupid.I hear plenty of people talk about "I wouldn't pay MSRP for a car under any circumstances. I have to have a discount." Ummmm....OK. Here's the new MSRP. Here's your discount. "That's better!" The same guy would turn down a brand new Corolla for $3000 if that were the MSRP.We all know these cars are overpriced at least $7500. This whole thing is a handout to the auto companies, using morons as the intermediaries.