Europe In November: Up 27 Percent, But Still Down For The Year

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According to hot-off-the-presses data compiled by the European car manufacturers association ACEA, new car registrations in Europe rose by 26.6 percent in November 2009. This looks like a healthy pop, but caution is in order: November 2008 had suffered a drop of 25.8 percent. As mentioned before, comparisons with post-carmageddon results must be treated carefully. For the first 11 months of the year, Europe is still down by 2.8 percent, composed of -0.7 percent in Western Europe and -27.4 percent in the new EU Member States. All in all, normalcy is slowly coming back to Europe, with Western Europe having a newfound appetite for cars, while Eastern Europe is still hesitant when it comes to new wheels.

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  • EBFlex They are getting rid of the Charger and Challenger for a modern day Neon?just end it Dodge, you had a great run
  • Garrett Frankly, I don’t understand why some of the manufacturers haven’t lobbied for more areas, or built their own. Imagine being able to access a local Jeep park, at a reasonable membership fee. Or a Land Rover one for a lot more. That’s money worth throwing down.
  • Lou_BC Developing "off-road parks" in areas with higher populations and a lack of public access land would be a good idea. It would be great to be paired with licensed off-road instructors. Set up costs would be relatively low. I took an entry level off-road course a few years ago with my son's Cherokee. It was fun. I'd like to take a winching course and an advanced driving course.
  • ToolGuy If you want a new Toyota, plan to buy it in the next 4 years.
  • ToolGuy The real question is - with all the value they add and all the sacrifices they make - do automotive journalists make too little. 😉