Rare Rides Icons: The History of Stutz, Stop and Go Fast (Part XX)

Rare Rides Icons has been embroiled in the Stutz story since February of this year. Through six months and 20 total installments, we’ve covered the entirety of the Stutz brand’s evolution. Stutz started with a win at the inaugural Indianapolis 500 and eventually morphed into a manufacturer of high-powered luxury cars. After the emphasis turned to safety and away from racing, Stutz lost its footing quickly and went extinct.

Decades later it was resurrected by a wealthy man with a background in banking. In 1970 the new Stutz Motor Car Company capitalized on a wave of gauche neoclassical styling that the well-heeled of Hollywood and the Middle East so lovingly embraced. From there the Stutz lineup grew larger, more ostentatious, and more ridiculous. For a time the company sold its wares almost exclusively to foreign regimes, the exported vehicles long lost to time. 

We finish the series with the largest and most exclusive Stutz ever built. Massive in length, it was much larger than the Duplex, IV-Porte, Victoria, and indeed the Diplomatica. We close out the Stutz chapter of our lives with Royale and a very interesting recent announcement.

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  • FreedMike They were actually selling these all this time?
  • Corey Lewis "and we remain committed to the compact SUV segment"That's nice, but the CHR isn't one. It does not have good ground clearance, it does not have good cargo capacity, and it is not available with all-wheel drive.It's just a hatchback, basically a Scion TC.
  • FreedMike In other UK traffic news, British drivers use the left hand side of the road versus the right, which is absolutely irrelevant to driving in the United States. Fancy that.
  • Corey Lewis Wow - paying money to access a part of the city you live in via your own car. I'd move. You already pay taxes for city services and to maintain all those roads. Now there's an additional payment on top in order to use the services? All kinds of wrong.
  • Lou_BC You'd think that The venture between Stellantis and Guangzhou Automobile Group producing Jeep vehicles in China filing for bankruptcy or ‘Made In Iran’ Russian Drones Having American and Canadian auto and motorcycle Parts would be more news worthy than this.