Used Car of the Day: 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

used car of the day 1983 volkswagen rabbit gti

Today we're featuring a car entering its fourth decade of life -- and apparently, it's still in decent shape. Not everyone who is in their 40s can say that.

This 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI is on sale for $7,200 and has about 130K miles -- the odometer is broken.

It's a manual-transmission car, and the seller says it runs well and has only limited rust issues. It also needs some windshield, upholstery, and interior trim parts. The seller has replaced/maintained a long list of factory parts and has also gone deep into the aftermarket.

The A/C has been deleted, though the parts remain.

Give it a look-see here.

[Images: Seller]

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  • Golden2husky Golden2husky on Feb 28, 2023

    My first car that had sporting brother lent me his '84 GTI (black of course) when he was out of the country for a few months. Wasn't particularly fast, but compared to my Fury that I drove during that time, is felt like a slot car. Nice shift as well. I had to have it repaired several times in those months. Stereo was stolen too. The scum broke in by jamming something under the driver door handle. Apparently that was a design defect that thieves figured out pretty quickly.

  • Mikedt Mikedt on Mar 01, 2023

    Would love to have one of these in rust free condition. Crisp clean lines, snappy handling and acres of glass to see out of. The perfect "more fun to drive a slow car fast, than a fast car slow".

    My first car was a Sirocco from the same era. It unfortunately was already starting to rust.

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  • Inside Looking Out "Dmitry Medvedev recently took a trip to China and praised the country’s cars as being on par with Mercedes-Benz."That's all you need to know about Medvedev. He is not trustworthy because it is lie.
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  • Watersketch I didn't like them but my cost-conscious boss loved them. Said the 4-cyl versions were a lot cheaper to run than the full-size vans they replaced.