There Are No Self-Driving Cars and the Rumored Apple Car Won't Change That

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague
there are no self driving cars and the upcoming apple car won t change that

Yet another company has learned the pitfalls of trying to implement full-self driving technology, but this time it’s not an automaker. According to a new report from Automotive News, the long-rumored Apple car appears to have been pushed back to around 2026 because the desired functionality can’t be achieved with today’s technologies. 

Apple hasn’t officially set a launch date for the car, so a “delay” is likely not the best term here. The company is one of the tightest-lipped organizations on earth, so it’s unlikely we’ll get any official statements before the official statement. Initial rumors pointed to a car without a steering wheel that offered full-time self-driving capability, but Apple execs are now pursuing a simpler design. Now, the company plans to build a car with a steering wheel that offers autonomous driving on highways. So, Super Cruise or BlueCruise without a Cadillac or Ford badge. 

Auto News points out that Apple’s plans include letting the driver do other things, such as watching a TV show, while on the highway. The car would alert the driver with plenty of time to react to changing roads and traffic conditions. 

If you’re wondering why an electronics company would wade knee-deep into one of the most competitive automotive climates in history, look no further than your iPhone. Apple wants to sell you apps and get your eyeballs on more content, and there’s no better time than when you’re stuck in your self-driving car with nothing else to do. That said, an EV costing tens of thousands of dollars brings a whole different set of expectations than a $1,000 iPhone, so there’s potential for error here. 

[Image: max.ku via Shutterstock]

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  • Doc423 Doc423 on Dec 08, 2022

    Sorry guys, just not an Apple fan....phones, lap or desktops.

  • Cha65689852 Cha65689852 on Dec 09, 2022

    To drive a car, you need human intelligence, not artificial intelligence.

    Unfortunately, these days even human brains are turning into mush thanks to addiction to smartphones and social media.

  • Redapple2 C2 is the best. C3 next. Then C7 (looking at you jimII).
  • Jeff S Vulpine--True the CAFE rules are for ICE.
  • Gray I grew up in the era of Panther and Fox platforms. If only they developed a good looking two door Conti. The four doors became a cult in their own right. And kept the 351W as a top line option.
  • Vulpine ABSOLUTELY YES!!! Bring back the TRUE compact trucks. The demand for them is far higher than the OEMs want to admit.
  • Brn More likely, with Google having troubles, the money tree isn't as ripe as it once was and cutbacks are needed.I hope the overall industry continues to evolve. When I get the the point I can't easily drive, I would still appreciate the independence that autonomous vehicles can bring.