Oregon Ends Ban on Self-Serve Gasoline

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

oregon ends ban on self serve gasoline

Oregon and New Jersey are the only two states that require motorists to have an attendant pump gas for them. Well, they were the only two -- now New Jersey is the only one.

Oregon is changing the law to allow drivers to pump their own gas -- though stations will be required to offer full service on at least half of their fuel pumps. The bill also prevents stations from charging more for full service.

I needed gas in Oregon once -- I was in town for a friend's wedding, I wrangled a press loan for a Nissan Altima, and on the way back to the airport, I needed to refuel. While I am all for keeping humans employed instead of having them replaced by machines, I wasn't thrilled that I had to wait for service.

On the other hand, I sometimes dislike pumping my own -- when it's cold I don't want to leave the car, sometimes my hands get dirty from the pump, et cetera. So it's nice that people will have the choice -- full service is pretty much dead where I live.

At least Oregonians won't have that problem.

[Image: mikecphoto/Shutterstock.com]

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  • Xidex Xidex on Jun 27, 2023

    i remember when i lived in Vancouver BC i was filling up my tank and the lady beside me asked me if i could help her fill her tank. I thought wow what a lazy American (noticed her plates were from Oregon) and was thinking fill your own dam tank, but i guess she saw the look in my eyes and explained in Oregon they were not allowed to fill their own tanks and so had never had to do it before. Thought wow never heard of such a thing, I helped her and she was grateful and drove off. I had forgotten about that until reading this article.

    • Ravenuer Ravenuer on Jun 27, 2023

      So, she asked you to "fill her tank"? wink, wink!

  • Dukeisduke Dukeisduke on Jun 27, 2023

    One of the few intelligent things to come out of Oregon in a while.

  • Jkross22 Jkross22 on Jun 27, 2023

    Dear Oregon,

    Welcome to 1982. Now about those riots.....


    The other 49 states

    • RHD RHD on Jun 28, 2023

      The picture with regular at 1.199 is certainly from 1982.

  • Nrd515 Nrd515 on Jul 06, 2023

    When I was recovering from surgery in 2007, I was happy to find a station here in Toledo that still pumped it for you, and I was happy to pay for them doing it. Of course, it's long closed up and is a car wash now. I don't know what the procedure is for getting someone to pump your gas if you are handicapped badly enough that you can't do it.