Nissan Teases Aggressive 2024 NISMO Z

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

nissan teases aggressive 2024 nismo z

The Nissan Z returned last year, bringing unique retro-inspired styling and a powerful twin-turbo V6. Though it’s still fresh and difficult to find on dealers’ lots, Nissan is unsurprisingly working on a hotter NISMO version of the car.  A new teaser video gives a great look at the car, but sadly no details came with the film.

The existing Z delivers 400 horsepower from its twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6, but it’s unclear if the NISMO variant will push that number higher. The teaser video shows Formula Drift champ Chris Forsberg giving it a solid thrashing, but other than the styling, there are no indications that anything is mechanically different from the standard car. That said, there have been whispers that the car could get as much as 500 horsepower, so there’s a chance of something special here.

It is clear that the NISMO treatment gave the car more aggressive bodywork and a unique color scheme. The front and rear bumpers are reshaped, and there’s a new spoiler on the rear deck lid. We can hear an automatic transmission in the video but don’t know if that means the NISMO Z will lose its six-speed manual. 

Nissan hasn’t detailed pricing or a release date for the car, but we expect a slight bump in MSRPs for 2024. The NISMO model could crest the $60,000 mark, depending on how hopped-up Nissan decides to make it, but we shouldn’t have long to wait, as a full debut of the car is expected later this year. 

[Image: Nissan via YouTube]

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  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Jun 22, 2023

    Q1-2023 Z US sales = 466. Discuss.

    • See 1 previous
    • Theflyersfan Theflyersfan on Jun 23, 2023

      And 143 elderly, yet still blazing fast but ungodly overpriced, Nissan GT-Rs have been sold so far this quarter. I've managed to see one yellow 2023 Z out in the wild, but that's been it. I know they had the stop sale late last year, but is that still going on? Are dealers wanting $20,000 over sticker and everyone is walking away? I can't imagine Nissan can be happy at their dealers if they're pulling that crap on a car that is bolted to showroom floors.

  • Oberkanone Oberkanone on Jun 22, 2023

    Nissan has 5 year backlog of orders for Z. Nissan did deliver 67 Z in Japan last month.

    Nissan is a hot mess!

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    • Theflyersfan Theflyersfan on Jun 23, 2023

      @Dukeisduke: "It comes with a taillamp already burned out, tape holding in at least one turn signal and holding up a quarter of the front bumper, baked in vape fumes in the headliner, and the lane keep assist keeps you in the right lane only and allows tailgating when the left lane is wide open. It's perfect!!!"

  • Dukeisduke Dukeisduke on Jun 22, 2023

    I'd just like to see a regular one.

  • Urlik Urlik on Jun 22, 2023

    Immediately and completely forgotten and the production numbers reflect that.