It Certainly Looks Like GM Just Teased New Electric Two-Door Models

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

it certainly looks like gm just teased new electric two door models

General Motors recently announced plans to enable bi-directional charging in its new EVs starting in 2026, but the automaker snuck a hint into the end of that announcement that is worth unpacking. GM released a video with its announcement to highlight the feature, and at the end, text appears that says the tech will be available with “New Ultium-Based Coupes.”

The Ultium platform is wildly flexible and is able to underpin everything from the GMC Hummer EV to the compact Chevy Bolt, so we could be talking about almost any kind of two-door vehicle at this point - Ultium-based GMC Syclone, perhaps? However, we’re most likely talking about an electric Corvette or Camaro successor. 

GM’s electric efforts have so far mainly focused on crossovers and pickup trucks, but CEO Mary Barra confirmed that the company plans to transition the affordable Chevrolet Bolt hatchback to Ultium technology for its next generation. The Equinox and Blazer EVs are on the way for 2024, and the Equinox is expected to bring a surprisingly affordable price tag of around $30,000 to start. 


If the automaker can pull that off, it would be the most affordable EV on sale. That said, some Tesla models can be had for pennies on the dollar in states where buyers can stack state and federal incentives to reduce the price. 

[Image: GM via Youtube]

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  • Spectator Spectator on Aug 09, 2023

    GM can do well here if they can compete on price and use captive finance to move metal. I hope they’re planning some sub-$30k entry points. If these are premium models $50k+ entry, the GM deathwatch will return. Let’s go GM!

  • Tassos Tassos on Aug 10, 2023

    the $30k Equinox EV will be another mythological beast, just as the $45k Blazer was. Does anybody with IQ above room temp take GM seriously any more? ESPECIALLY AT TTAC?

  • Tassos Tassos on Aug 10, 2023


    I just saw the Q2 results by RIVIAN, and they were MUCH better than Lucid's.

    While Lucid sold only about 1000 units, down from 2000+ in Q2 2022, and while Lucid lost a STAGGERING $544k US per vehicle it sold,

    RIVIAN VASTLY NARROWED ITS PER U NIT LOSSES FROM $150k or so in Q2 2022, to only $32k in Q2 2023.

    It also sold many more units in Q2 2023, mainly because it has the only 3 row BEV SUV in the market.

    In addition, RIVIAN is run by an MIT Educated guy who knows how to think, not a cheerleader like Fartley at FORD or an affirmative action hire like Clueless Mary Barra at GM.

    I always thot that Rivian and Lucid would be the last ones to go broke, because Rivian had the 100,000 unit AMAZON Bezos Cargo Van order, while Lucid had the deep pockets of the Saudis.

    Now I would bet RIvian will not go broke at all, while Lucid, it depends on the ego of the towelhead terrorist funders who are its sugardaddies.

  • Scott Scott on Aug 10, 2023

    Can't see why an Uitimatum based coup wouldn't sell well.....