Hyundai Santa Fe Undergoes Radical Surgery

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

hyundai santa fe undergoes radical surgery

It's been a long time since your author has seen a redesign as radical as what Hyundai is promising with the new Santa Fe. Quite frankly, it's a bit refreshing to see an automaker make a change this major -- though there are exceptions, redesigns lately seem to be more often about evolution than revolution. I applaud the strategy regardless of what I think of the execution.

I will have more on that latter point in a few weeks, as I'm slated to fly to New Mexico to see the Santa Fe in the flesh.

Key design details include H-shaped headlamps, H-shaped taillamps, and an H-shaped front fascia, defined wheel arches, and 21-inch wheels.

The tailgate is larger than before and the second- and third-row seats will fold down. The H-shape motif continues on the dashboard and air vents. Features will include a curved digital display, a 12.3-inch instrument screen, and wireless charging for two devices. Nappa leather seats will be available.

Hyundai promises to use a mix of sustainable materials, including recycled plastics and leatherette seating surfaces.

That's pretty much all of the actual details I could scrape from the buzzword-heavy press release. We'll know more soon.

[Images: Hyundai]

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  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Jul 19, 2023

    New example has shown up on the road in Korea, and it doesn't look as good as in the PR pics!

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    • Avatar77 Avatar77 6 hours ago

      looks the same to me. The PR pics don’t show a straight on shot of the rear, which is the most questionable part of the design.

  • NN NN on Jul 27, 2023

    looks like a modern Ford Flex, which is good IMO. I do wish it were the larger (Palisade) size just so you could maximize that boxiness for 7/8 passengers

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