Report: Dealer Claims Nissan Planning Fresh Armada and a Range of New EVs

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

dealer nissan planning fresh armada and a range of new evs

Automakers never talk about future products with the media, but dealers often get previews of upcoming models and lineup changes. Automotive News recently reported that Nissan showed off a next-generation Armada SUV, and the changes are said to make the full-size family hauler more “Range Rover-like.”

A dealer told Automotive News that Nissan plans to swap the current model’s standard V8 for a twin-turbocharged V6 engine making 424 horsepower paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. They also said the new SUV is larger and more rugged-looking and noted that it gets a better interior with upgraded tech and driver assistance features. 

Other expected updates include a new e-Power hybrid system for upcoming Rogue models, and the dealer said that Nissan is planning trial production of its solid-state batteries at its Yokohama plant in 2024. The automaker is also expected to roll out three new EVs by 2030, with a sedan, a crossover, and a hatchback joining the lineup. Dealers heard that the hatchback, which will replace the Leaf, will offer 25 percent more range and styling that the person described as being like a “mini Ariya.”

Nissan has seen tough times over the last few years, but the automaker expects its fortunes to turn as supply chains and production edge back to normal operations. Executives expect sales to climb by 30 percent by the end of Nissan’s fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2024. 

[Image: Nissan]

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4 of 13 comments
  • Redapple2 Redapple2 on Aug 28, 2023

    I wish them well. I like Nissan. They ve put a lot of money inmy pocket. I encourage the rangeroverish armada. Price it low. Rebuild the brand with a killer range topper. PS - i like the styling of the new Rogue.

  • Alan Alan on Aug 29, 2023

    As the owner of a 2020 Y62 Patrol I do believe Nissan will deliver the goods and then not do anything for 15 years.

    The rumoured 3.5L twin turbo engine should work quite well. I do hope a decent diesel is offered in the Y63. Nissan desperately needs a diesel Patrol as well as a ute Patrol again.

    Even though my vehicle sits on a 10 year old platform it's still one of the best off road vehicles around and great on the highway and touring.

    Here we have only the Ti and Ti-L, I bought the Ti the base model which is anything but base.

    I bought it near on mid 2020 when car dealers were trying to give away vehicles cheaply. I picked it up for $75k AUD or $48k USD which includes insurance, rego, etc....oh, and 140 litres of 98RON.

  • Nigmat Nigmat on Aug 29, 2023

    I love Nissan, I had Armada 2006, X-Trail 2008, Patrol 2010 and now i am driving Infiniti QX60. In future I like to buy electric car, may be Ariya instead of chinese cars that fullfilled our country

  • Cprescott Cprescott on Aug 29, 2023

    Oh, yes, we need another hideous Armada and even more expensive golf carts from which to choose!