Best LED Fog Lamps: Mist the Mark

Vivek Nayyar
by Vivek Nayyar

Top 8 LED Fog Lamps

best led fog lamps mist the mark

Tacking extra lights onto one’s vehicle is a practice nearly as old as the concept of the automobile itself. After all, you know better than the cadre of engineers who worked for ages designing the thing, right?

We jest … but only a little bit. It is true that some stock headlamps are approximately as bright as fireflies in jam jars, not to mention the unique needs of drivers heading off-road and into the wilderness. Long haul drivers in areas sodden with wildlife will also sing the praises of more forward illumination.

Selecting an octet of options from Amazon was our job; making sure you’re not running afoul of local regulations and the constabulary by fitting these things is your job. And don’t forget to RTFM during installation.

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1. Editor's Choice: HELLA ValueFit 500 LED Driving Lamp Kit

This list is being headlined by a couple of options from well-known brand names. Yes, they're some of the most expensive choices in the post but LED lights are almost always a prime example of getting what you pay for. Ever see a commercial trailer with tail lights no brighter than your cousin Cletus? Those are, in all likelihood, the cheapest lights the owner could find.

These units from HELLA are mounted in an aluminum die-cast housing that provides effective heat dissipation via cooling ribs on the back. Combined with an extremely lightweight design and low power consumption, they are worthy successors to the brand of lamps that lit the way through countless Baja 1000 events.


  • Top-notch ratings, excellent brand name


  • Costly

Bottom Line

  • Go for the gold

2. KC HiLiTES Gravity G4 Amber LED Fog Light

Nearly every single gearhead on this continent remembers the KC HiLiTES that used to appear on the roll bars of trucks 30 years ago. Their sunny yellow protective covers bore a smiley happy face comprised of the brand name. Your author always wondered how much of a pain in the butt it was to climb up there and remove them before hitting the 'on' switch.

These specific units are designed to be mounted in the fog lamp buckets of most 2010-2016 Jeep Wranglers but similar lights are available in a universal style. Their patented Gravity Reflective Diode (GRD) technology is said to yield a more controlled and farther reaching light beams. As a bonus, it's IP 68 rated meaning they'll survive a quick dunk in water.


  • Big name R&D bucks creates an excellent lamp


  • Bloody expensive

Bottom Line

  • You gotta pay for the good stuff

3. Hikari 2020 Round Flood & Warning LED Lights

Stepping into the cheaper end of this pool but staying high on the ladder in terms of customer ratings are these lamps from a company called Hikari. They contain five different lighting modes, including a big flood pattern.

The horizontal amber strip both looks good and reminds this author of the new Bronco, even though its pattern is slightly different. Such a beam can be useful in emergency situations. An oversize heat sink is made of aluminum alloy and the wiring is good for an IP 68 waterproof rating as well.


  • Killer price, different light patterns


  • LEDs look like a fat burger when amber light is off

Bottom Line

  • Solid 4.6- out of 5-star rating

4. Auxbeam 3 Inch LED Light Bar

These small 3-inch LED light pods incorporate what the seller calls a ‘4D Fish eye hyperspot lens’. Why is this helpful? It should (should) create illumination designed to project light on extreme distance but ensure high brightness in close quarters. We say 'should' because, though this product's ratings have improved since the last time we visited this subject, they are still below 4 stars.

The pods have an aluminum housing for extra durability compared to lesser metals while also doubling as heat sink. The seller asserts these lights are good for about 50,000hrs of life which is approximately equal to the average length of a finance class. They are IP67 rated for water.


  • Easy install, focused and wide beams


  • Calling 3-inch square pods a 'bar' is stretching it

Bottom Line

  • Shop carefully

5. Nilight LED Fog Lamp Pods

With over 12,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s safe to say these LED pods are one of the most popular units of its type at BezosCo. The cup-of-coffee price tag may have more than a little bit to do with that, stickering at less than 18 bucks for the pair.

An adjustable mounting bracket is included, meaning one can angle these things at either nightcrawlers or the international space station depending on your mood (please aim them correctly). They are waterproof in about 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. If you’re swamped longer than that, ruining a $15 set of lights is the least of your problems.


  • Dirt cheap, surprisingly good reviews


  • Reports of relatively short lifespan

Bottom Line

  • They're 18-dollar lights

6. Nilight Yellow LED Fog Lamps

Here’s a set of lights that hew most closely to the traditional definition of fog lamps, casting a yellow glow down the road and through the mist. Thanks to their rectangular housing stretching 5 inches across, these lights will likely do a better job of casting light in a wide dispersal pattern than a square pod.

The manufacturer promises a run time of 30,000 hours, meaning they’ll last for 13 years if you run them for six hours a day. They also boast of an upgraded reflector cup with a broad reflective plate to deliver a multi-angle reflection.


  • Yellow light for the traditionalists


  • People might think you favor the French

Bottom Line

  • These'll look great on your retro off-roader ... or Peugeot

7. Zmoon Led Round Fog Lights

Though round in shape, the seller nevertheless (hilariously) describes these things as a light bar. Now, your author may not have a degree in geometry but he’s reasonably certain a bar needs to be rectangular. Pedantic thoughts aside, these non-bars measure 4.5 inches across and are said to be reasonably waterproof.

Reviews are solid if not spectacular, good enough for a 4.3 out of 5-star rating from over 1300 respondents. Real-world pictures show these things on vehicles varied as a Toyota FJ Cruiser and a Yamaha Warrior ATV. The latter proves that these things don’t require a bunch of power to run.


  • Truly universal, very inexpensive


  • Less of a bar than your local dive

Bottom Line

  • Tough to go wrong for less than twenty bucks

8. AUZKIN Submersible 7-nche LED Fog Lights

Putting the word 'submersible' in the title of a product is like catnip, drawing attention like plutonium in the lettuce crisper. The company says their driving lights are made of a die-cast aluminum housing and are equipped with shatterproof lenses, a statement your author always takes as a challenge.

They boast of waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof properties able to resist the harsh environment of off-road driving. They'll apparently weather wet, conditions, deep water, snow, and sand. The service life is rated up to 50,000 hours or the amount of time you spend waiting around for your buddy to winch himself out of that mud hole. Again.


  • Wide angle beam, multiple sizes of LEDs


  • Installers recommended adding a fuse

Bottom Line

  • Shine some light on the subject


What are the best LED fog light bulbs?

Depending on the make of your vehicle, some LED fog light bulbs may not be compatible. Nevertheless, many brands manufacture various types of fog lights for almost all cars. With that said, it is imperative to know which brand among those produces the best items and then check their range to pick the one that fits your off-road companion.

Some noteworthy manufacturers are:

• Nilight ( Buy here!)

These fog lights have received a good star rating on Amazon. The bulbs draw 18W of power from the battery, produce a luminance of 1260, and can last for more than 30,000 working hours.

• BEAMTECH H11 ( Buy here!)

With a luminance of 800, each of these 30W fog light bulbs works on 12V. As for their durability, these lights have a life of more than 10,000 working hours.

• JDM ASTAR ( Buy here!)

These fog lights work at 10W and have a maximum of 50W of consumption which makes them a good pick for off-road driving.

If any of the above-listed fog light models are incompatible with your car, you can check other makes from the same vendor and see if you can find something that works.

Which brand of fog light is the best?

If you conduct a quick online search for the best fog light brands, you will notice that many professionals and amateurs suggest the following:

• HELLA (Buy here!)

One of the most trusted and reputed brands that is appreciated by almost every automobile owner is HELLA.

• PIAA ( Buy here!)

PIAA is another name that many people suggest not only for fog lights but also for other types of bulbs for your car.

• Nilight ( Buy here!)

Nilight is a manufacturer that almost everyone knows about. If you can’t get HELLA, you are likely to end up buying Nilight fog lights.

A few other manufacturers that are equally good and worth mentioning here are:



All the vendors listed above manufacture fog lights for almost all car models. On your part, all you need to do is, check the range of bulbs they have in stock and pick the one that is right for your vehicle.

What is the brightest LED fog light?

While getting fog lights for your car, you must check the luminance that the LED bulbs offer and not how much power they draw from the battery. This is because higher power consumption doesn’t necessarily mean brighter luminance and it’s not vice versa either.

Ideally, fog lights with 1500 to 2000 luminance are considered to be good. However, what brightness suits you best depends on various other factors like the region you mostly drive in, the visibility level of your eyesight, how dense the fog is most of the time, etc.

Nevertheless, regardless of the luminance, no fog lights should be used as a replacement for main headlights whatsoever because of both road ethics and legal restrictions.

Who makes the best aftermarket fog lights?

If you find stock fog lights incapable of offering clear vision because of lower luminance, you may want to go for an aftermarket gear with the specs according to your preferences. A couple of vendors that manufacture good quality fog lights are:

• SEALIGHT ( Buy here!)

One of its fog light models is marked under the ‘Number 1 Best Seller’ category on Amazon and therefore the brand can be trusted.

• Alla Lighting ( Buy here!)

This manufacturer produces lights for various car brands and their types and models.

• AUXITO ( Buy here!)

This vendor is known for manufacturing the brightest fog lights.

In addition to the above, there could be several other manufacturers that produce aftermarket LED fog lights for almost all vehicle types. Therefore, you are suggested to conduct an online search, spend some time reviewing the wide range of products available in the market and stores, and then decide upon the one that you find most suitable according to your preferences.

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[Main Photo Credit: ilmarinfoto/ Product images provided by the manufacturer.]

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    I’d be wary of having to pass what passes for “wiring” through my firewall on any of these except maybe the top two! In true Chinesium fashion, I’m sure the whole thing is well protected!

  • Dukeisduke Dukeisduke on Aug 25, 2020

    The only ones here that look like real foglights (not just surface-mount LEDs throwing ot random light) are the KC HiLites. Even the Hellas look disappointing. Those, along with the rest, look like the idea of a beam pattern is a foreign concept. Has Daniel Stern: weighed in on any of these? I still have a pristine set of Cibie' 175 H-2 driving lights in the garage, that have a reflective range of 5750 feet (a little over a mile). On Page 12, here: