By on June 13, 2022

BMW just released prices for its 2023 lineup and prices are up across the board, with the M-series high-performance vehicles getting even heftier increases.

The base manual model 2023 BMW M3 is up $2,700 compared to the 2022 model, while the M3-Competition models,  with either rear-wheel or all-wheel-drive xDrive, are both up $3,700 from 2022. Both the M4 and M4 Competition models get price increases by the same amount as well. This would set the price of a base 2023 M3 at $73,795, with the M4’s base price coming in at $75,695.

If the M5 is what you desire, note that the 2023 model is $4,200 more than the 2022 model, with its new base price coming in at $108,895. The M550i with its 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 even gets an increase of $3,100 for 2023.

On the ultra-pricey range of the M lineup, BMW had previously dramatically dropped its M8 prices by up to $16,000 for the 2022 model year, but those prices are set to rise in 2023. The M8 coupe and Gran Coupes are slated to rise by $4,100, giving them $135,095 base prices for 2023. The M8 convertible is up a stout $4,200 for a base price of $144,695. Meanwhile, the Alpina B8 sees its base price bumped up by a hefty $5,000 for 2023. These prices are still considerably lower than what was charged for the 2020 model year, but they’re now less of a bargain than they were in 2022.

Moving on to the M-Series SUVs, prices are up but not quite as dramatically as is the case for the sedans and coupes. The venerable BMW X3 M, X4 M, and X5 M-series all see moderate $2,800 price increases for 2023. If the X6 M is what you desire, that gets the greatest increase of all the SUVs, going up $4,100 to a new 2023 model year base price of $114,695. Last but not least, the iX M60’s price is also going up, with its new starting point set at $109,895, or $3,800 more than was previously announced by BMW for the 2023 model year.

[Image: BMW]

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14 Comments on “Movin’ Up: 2023 BMW M-Series Vehicles to Get Price Bumps...”

  • avatar

    Not to mention the size and general ugliness of the grilles!

  • avatar
    Art Vandelay

    Good. If you build a classy product the last thing you want is for the poors to be seen driving it.

  • avatar

    This is really too bad, because BMW and I were *this close* (holds hands one fathom apart) to a deal. :-)

  • avatar

    Bigger grills justify higher prices according to Paul Krugman.

  • avatar

    Yawn. This probably won’t change actual transaction prices all that much, and it’s hard to get excited about BMW these days.

    Saw a brand-new iX parked next to my car yesterday. The shape is all hips and no interior volume and the detailing just looks goofy.

    The only BMW I actually have any interest in these days is the X5 xDrive45e, and that’s purely because it’s one of the only six-cylinder PHEVs.

  • avatar

    An $80,000 car ~ BMW X5 or Denali, instead of a $35,000 car – highlander, forester, Traverse dont interest me.

    15 years of 80 k cars have a true cost of ~ $750,000 in
    lost interest.
    added insurance
    gas and so forth.

    I d rather have a fat wallet. Impressing people i dont like/dont care about is silly

    • 0 avatar

      OTOH, if BMW installed a 3.5 V12, like that Lambo from a few days ago, of similar charm as their 90s era I6s, even the M8 would be hard to pass up…….. It’s all about what you get for the money. Nowadays, at least aside from 2 seaters (GT3……..): once you pay more than for a Civic R (and even that one is not nearly as charming as the Toyota 1.6), you’re just getting more of the same boring, low-rpm-tuned, clutz-proof Turbo engines.

    • 0 avatar

      “I d rather have a fat wallet.”

      Potential pickup line: “I’m not really this tall — I’m sitting on my wallet.”

  • avatar

    Given how absolutely fugly these new M vehicles are, they could mark them down $20k a piece and I still would never desire to own one. Saw an M4 the other day and started laughing. Its so bad. Somehow even uglier in person. They ruined the 2 Series as well which is the last BMW I cared about. BMW could go away and I would not shed a tear. What once was greatness is now fat, overly complicated, pure ugliness.

  • avatar

    It seems BMW has decided on 2 directions for styling:

    1) Ugly
    2) Infiniti from 10 years ago

  • avatar

    I hear the “Grill Delete” option saves a few bucks.

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