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Dearborn has big plans in store, committing to adding more than six thousand jobs to its manufacturing concerns in the Midwest while bringing half that many again into the fold as full-time workers from their current roster of temporary employees. Also of interest to this site? Mention was made of the imminent arrival of the new Ranger – already shown in other markets – and the next Mustang.

And good news gearheads: The next iteration of the Blue Oval pony car will keep its manual transmission.

We’re not Luddites around here (well, ok – there’s one or two) and we recognize there are plenty of world-class automatic which can trip the lights fantastic more quickly than just about every human driver on the planet. This helps explain why so many extremely high-performance machines are available only with paddle-shifted auto boxes or, if a manual transmission is actually available, the optional stick is frequently slower to accelerate than the automatic. Nevertheless, a row-yer-own gearbox offers a level of driver engagement many of us still enjoy.

This explains why we were gratified to see an icon for a manual transmission as part of a graphic presented to investors when talking about the upcoming 7th-generation Mustang. News about the next Glass House filly has been scarce but it is expected to retain a honking big V8 – at least early in its product cycle – along with at least one smaller engine choice. Expect a hybrid down the road after its initial debut, if the talking heads are to be believed. Wild speculation has placed an electric motor on that car’s front axle, creating an all-wheel-drive ‘Stang, but we certainly won’t hold our breath on that one lest we perish from asphyxiation.

As for the new jobs, Ford says they are supported by $3.7 billion of investments in manufacturing facilities across Ohio, Michigan, and Missouri.

“Ford is America’s Number 1 employer of hourly autoworkers, and this investment only deepens our commitment to building great new vehicles – from an all-new Mustang to new EVs – right here in the U.S.,” said Bill Ford. “I am proud that we are investing in the Midwest and taking real action to provide better benefits and working conditions for our workers on the plant floor.”

Specific investitures include $2 billion at various locations around Michigan and the creation of nearly 2,000 jobs throughout three assembly plants in the state. Product shoutouts at the financial event included a commitment to increase production of the all-new F-150 Lightning electric truck to 150,000 per year at Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, the production of their new Ranger at Michigan Assembly in Wayne, plus the new Mustang at Flat Rock.

[Image: Ford]

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23 Comments on “Ford Talks Future, Including Keeping a Manual in the Mustang – For Now...”

  • avatar
    Mike Beranek

    This is good news, because no clutch pedal = no soul.
    Seriously, a V8 manual Mustang is just about the funnest car you can buy right now. Why ruin it with automated nonsense?
    Ask yourself this… which transmission would Mario Andretti choose?

  • avatar

    I’m pretty confident that this Mustang will be the final newly-introduced nonBOF thing under $100k with a V8.

    I think this gen will have a V8 for its entire run but the GT trim might drop it at some point, leaving the V8 to Mach1/Shelby/Cobra. I don’t think they’d drop the GT’s V8 for something that doesn’t have a plug though.

    • 0 avatar

      I will be extremely surprised if the C9 doesn’t offer a V8 at all, although maybe it will be in a trim over $100K.

    • 0 avatar

      I think Ford and GM will continue to put V8s in one sporty car for as long as they are putting V8s in trucks. On their current paths, I’d say GM is likely to have V8s in trucks for longer than Ford. Both Ford and Ram have current or upcoming truck engines that are good V8 substitutes, but GM doesn’t really have one yet.

      • 0 avatar

        I don’t think GM is going to develop their pushrod V8 beyond what exists today and I don’t see them either putting a DOHC V8 in a truck or using a circa 2021 pushrod engine in the C9.

        • 0 avatar

          What is the replacement engine for the base Corvette then? As dal pointed out, GM hasn’t publicly announced any type of serious performance 6 cylinder, and there doesn’t seem to be any movement away from V8s in trucks either. I think it’s a bridge too far to make every Corvette a full EV at this point.

          I’m guessing the current LT2, perhaps with minor improvements, sticks around into the C9. That isn’t so far out of the question; the LS1-LS2-LS3 progression was not a major redevelopment and was sold from 1997-2013 without issue. If they felt they needed more performance, the hybrid system could trickle down to the base model.

          • 0 avatar

            “I think it’s a bridge too far to make every Corvette a full EV at this point.”

            My expectation right now is that they keep the C8 around through 2029 and then replace it with an EV only C9 for 2030.

      • 0 avatar
        Art Vandelay

        They’ll be in Ford trucks too, just not half tons. The 7.3 isnt going anywhere.

  • avatar

    Shame it will be that absolute trash of a unit in the Getrag box that has multiple class action lawsuits and the reason I didnt buy a Mustang GT. They need to make the Tremec manual standard in all trims, not just the $50k and up Mach 1. Ford always cuts corners

    • 0 avatar
      Art Vandelay

      The TREMEC is bulletproof, but I’ve had multiple vehicles now with it and it isn’t exactly a slick shifting unit. But yeah, for anything beyond street driving I’d shell put for the Mach 1. Then again, at the strip the auto would be faster. I’d be fine with the GT as a daily though.

    • 0 avatar

      A relatively small % of them are affected with a handful of p!ssed owners making a lot of noise. Otherwise MT82s are good up to 700 RWHP and high miles so yeah I wouldn’t hesitate buying a manual GT.

      But here’s a guy that hammers on a heavily modded GT every day.

  • avatar

    Its not really an act of charity, they’d lose sales if they ditched the manual, and those sales would end up as someone else’s conquest statistic. Then it’s a halo and a second/third car at stake, so they’ll be buying a competitor’s best effort instead. Now ford has to worry that they’ll lose the influence circle of that driver as well as the whole family, after all they are going to love their Camaro/gti/wrx/brz/whatever, it’s the best car their new brand makes after all.

  • avatar

    The Mercury brochure is one for Freudian analysis. What’s with the two fedora-wearing guys in the car, and why are they scoping out the army of prowling women with umbrellas? Are they shopping for hookers? Why is the cop leaning on the front fender grinning like a fool? And since when do a couple of guys tool around in a sedan that’s painted Pepto-Bismol pink? Are they selling cosmetics?

    So many questions…

  • avatar
    Funky D

    This one is on my radar, as I will be in the market for what will probably be my final “my ride” purchase that I will drive into retirement. It needs to be a spiritual successor to the 2006 GTO that I had so much fun with for 10 years until it became a parts orphan.

    I’m saving lots of pennies for this one, but when the time comes to buy what my be the last of its breed, a tire-smoking V8 RWD convertible with a DIY gear jammer, I will be more than willing to go into as much hock as required!

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