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The wave of all-electric pickups is well upon the market, with options on the table from non-traditional players like Rivian and Tesla plus legacy automakers like Ford and GM. The latter has trotted out a variety of rigs all based on their Ultium technology, while Dearborn has apparently been busy filling every order they care to take. Rivian trucks have also been spotted in the wild, which is more than what we can say for Tesla.

One brand notably absent from the EV table? Ram. While they’ve shown shadowy sketches and vague underpinnings of promised pickups, we’ve yet to see a fully-built take on what’s traditionally been the truck segment’s most in-yer-face competitor.

They’re apparently working on something, however – and are inviting potential customers along for the ride.

It’s a program called Ram Revolution, a name which your author first thought was going to be applied to yet another special edition of the 1500 half-ton. But it isn’t. Ram Revolution is actually a so-called “exclusive insider program” for fans of the brand which invites them to join the Ram on its journey to enter the EV pickup truck market with the new Ram 1500 Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).

Given the penchant of these marketers to create over-the-top and aggressive names for their wares (witness Power Wagon and the like), we’re hopeful – but not optimistic – the new battery-powered pickup will be named along the lines of ReadyShock or Megawatt Brute or Captain Proton. All apologies to the creators of Star Trek: Voyager with that last reference.

“Our new Ram Revolution campaign will allow us to engage with consumers in a close and personal way,” said Mike Koval Jr., Ram Brand CEO – Stellantis. “We can gather meaningful feedback, understand their wants and needs and address their concerns – ultimately allowing us to deliver the best electric pickup truck on the market with the Ram 1500 BEV.”

If it sounds like a website that provides the opportunity to send feedback to the company about their all-electric project, you’re right on the money. A new site – called – is said to provide consumers with a brand connection and its EV philosophy, along with meaningful updates and unique visuals. They also promise an ‘ongoing dialogue’ that will apparently include the opportunity to provide input as Ram EV trucks are developed. Given the reception some EV pickups have gotten from a few traditional truck buyers, we hope Stellantis has the profanity filter activated on their incoming email.

Ram will deliver fully electrified solutions in the majority of its segments by 2025 (read: Half-tons and delivery vans), with a full portfolio of electrified solutions planned for all of its segments no later than 2030. That final detail gives us the clearest picture yet as to when we could see electrification in a Ram HD pickup.

[Images: Ram]

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13 Comments on “Rev It Up: Ram Plugs Customers into EV Plan...”

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    1. Range when towing/hauling
    2. Price parity with current ICE offerings
    3. Recharge speed
    *Extra credit*: Recharge solutions for people towing/hauling

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      My brother already figured that out. He’s going to tow a generator behind him. Seriously.

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      1. Range when towing
      According to Edwards’ data, 75 percent of truck owners use their truck for towing one time a year or less (meaning, never). Nearly 70 percent of truck owners go off-road one time a year or less. And a full 35 percent of truck owners use their truck for hauling—putting something in the bed, its ostensible raison d’être—once a year or less.

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        There are designs for trailers that are essentially EVs themselves with batteries and drive motors. That way the towing vehicle doesn’t have to expend more energy towing the trailer.

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    Master Baiter

    “He’s going to tow a generator behind him.”

    Not a bad idea, but I don’t think existing EVs support charging while driving.

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    This is to reassure the fleet customers. Many individual customers will need to figure out how to deal with charging and range. But day-use fleet customers don’t have that problem, and their green eyeshades will immediately see the lower fuel and maintenance costs and increased uptime of EV trucks. It’s no surprise that both Ford and GM are putting a lot of emphasis on a fleet trim of their EV trucks, and Ram needs to keep its fleet customers from defecting.

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    Adjacent to the big pickups… how about a *small* electric pickup, based on the ProMaster City platform (or whatever van Stellantis is replacing it with)? Could be a Ford Maverick competitor. Perfect for small local delivery fleets, like auto parts stores.

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    I wonder what name they’ll pick and how they’ll advertise?


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      EV proponents might want to consider the actual pros and cons (well-researched vided IMHO):

      (copy and paste to browser without quotes)


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        @dantes inferno: It’s not well researched and massively inaccurate. I’ve gotten as far as the battery life and this idiot is way off. Modern battery technology puts battery life well beyond 100k miles. Here’s some examples of older tech. Newer tech such as LFP and newer cathode materials such as silicon should put battery life even higher.

        Here’s a review of a Model 3 at 100k miles with a 2.2% range loss after 4 years:

        That was technology from 4 years ago. Now with advances like LFP batteries and improved cathode materials, battery life should be even longer.

        Here’s another Model 3 at 100k:

        Again, doesn’t need a battery replacement.

        Here’s a Model S that had its battery replaced at 250k and how has 180k on its current. Battery. Again. older battery tech and newer batteries, especially LFP should last longer:

        Here’s another high mileage car:

        And recycling is already happening and profitable:

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          Here’s a Tesla at 932k miles. Obviously an older model, but it did have a warranty battery failure at 180k miles, but the car is still going at 932k miles:,mileage%20records%20in%20Tesla%20cars.

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