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Well, they’ve announced pricing for the non-hybrid models, anyway. Apparently putting a value on positive and negative electrons takes a bit more time. Nevertheless, we now know precisely the amount that will be hoovered from your bank account to get into a new-for-’22 Tundra.

As you’d expect, it’s a jump from the old truck.

Kicking things off, and paying homage to our old Ace of Base series, is the entry-level SR trim. When fitted with the 3.5-liter, twin-turbo V6 engine and rear-wheel drive, it’ll cost $35,950 when spec’d with the Double Cab and 6.5-foot box. This is a $1,925 increase from the old truck. Upgrading to the 8.1-foot box will cost just $330 and should be considered unless you feel its proportions are too derpy. Or you have a small driveway. The most expensive two-wheel-drive, non-hybrid Tundra will be a snazzy 1794 Edition CrewMax with the 6.5-foot bed costing $58,020. The same configuration for 2021 models is listed today at $50,095 on Toyota’s consumer website. All these prices are sans destination and TruCoat.

If it’s four-wheel drive you seek, be prepared to shell out at least $38,950 for an SR Double Cab with the shorter box. That’s a $3,000 walk from the 4×2, for all of youse who failed basic math. A typical volume trim like the SR5 CrewMax with the 5.5-foot bed rings the bell at $45,805. The 4×4 range-topper is again a 1974 Edition trim, same as on the two-wheel-drive side of the ledger, again adding three grand to its sticker and winding up at $61,020. The ’21 version of this spec is listed at $53,145.

Various and sundry options packages can be layered on top of most trims, including the likes of a TRD Off-Road package which adds skid plates and a rear locker (and is different than the hybridized TRD Pro trim) and an assortment of Premium packages featuring creature comforts like wireless device charging. Don’t forget: The base SR has a detuned version of the non-hybrid 3.5L twin-turbo V6, giving up 41 horses and a not-inconsiderable 74 lb-ft of torque compared to the full-fat versions in the SR5 trims and beyond where it makes 389 horses and 479 units of twist.

While it’s not always an apples-to-apples comparison thanks to a myriad of differences, it is safe to say the new Tundra is marginally more expensive than an equivalent truck from Ram, Ford, or GM. The latter two also have Regular Cab options the Toyota lacks, so watch out for any loud dealer ads proclaiming their lot to have the cheapest truck in town.

[Image: Toyota]

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58 Comments on “Toyota Announces Pricing for 2022 Tundra...”

  • avatar

    Like Kramer would say…WHOA!

    Hat’s off to GM–looks like they inserted some undercover stylists at Toyota with order to “make it look kinda like ours, but even worse!”

    Mission accomplished.

    But at $39k for 4wd crew cab, it looks like a good value. At the point, I assume Toyota reliabitity/quality until proven otherwise.

  • avatar

    The good news if you buy this – I just saw Toyota genuine oil filters for sale at Walmart.

  • avatar

    In the Tacoma space, the full four-door cab is called the Double Cab, and the extended cab is the Access Cab. Here, the full four-door cab is called the Crew Max, and the extended cab is the Double Cab. Confusing.

  • avatar

    Maybe the aftermarket will step up with replacement grille options to de-uglify the front end.

    • 0 avatar
      MRF 95 T-Bird

      I dislike the TRD grill with the integrated LED lightbar.
      LED lightbars have been a pet peeve of mine. They just seem excessive and annoying for drivers in the opposite lane.
      One day I saw one on the front of a Hyundai Elantra. WTF
      There’s nothing wrong with a classic set of Hella’s or Marchall’s. They have a great look and are bright enough to do the job.

      • 0 avatar

        They are not supposed to be on anywhere where an oncoming driver will see them. But the same mindset that thinks it’s funny to smother people in diesel smoke also enjoys blinding people.

        • 0 avatar

          I’m surprised that an LED lightbar can even get a DOT marking.

          What cracks me up now are all the aftermarket grilles with Raptor-style amber “clearance lights” on them. And there’s usually four lights, which don’t make any sense – the DOT requirement is five if a vehicle is 80″ wide (three in the center and two outboard).

    • 0 avatar

      I think the only thing that will de-uglify that front end is a collision with a brick wall doing about 30.

    • 0 avatar

      The “bra” industry is rejoicing.

  • avatar

    i think i paid around $25 for 4 filters with crush washers included(!)

  • avatar
    SCE to AUX

    Some editing nits:
    – Electrons are by definition negative only, except in the world of subatomic particle physics.
    – There is no “1974” Edition… only a “1794” Edition.

    I just can’t imagine spending over $50-60k on a vehicle, but I guess that’s where things are headed.

  • avatar

    Toyota tried swatting that with the ugly stick but the ugly stick fought back, saying it was too hideous to be swatted.

  • avatar

    Not sure I understand why people think this truck is so much uglier than all the others. All of them have styling that’s a grotesque caricature of what a pickup truck should be, trying way too hard to be angry and mean. There’s not an attractive full-size pickup truck for sale from any manufacturer today, and this one isn’t any different from any of the others.

  • avatar

    Trucks are awesome. I mean, old trucks are awesome.

  • avatar
    el scotto

    Meanwhile down at the 2nd generation Toyota dealer, the principal owner had just finished snorting coke off the belly of his 20yo junior-college-attending receptionist. His sales manager called his office saying some guy won’t pay MSRP and the special Valley Appearance Package. The interior and exterior solutions in the appearance package wholesale for 9.99 each. The customer is given the remainder of both bottle and two free refills. Oh add those two bottle together and the lot person spending a half an hour applying them and the Valley Appearance Package is now a 999.99 dealer add-on. The principal doesn’t have to think about his reply to sales manager Larry. Larry, tell him full MSRP and the Valley Appearance Package. If they don’t want it, the next person does. Crushed, Larry hangs up the phone knowing he’s spent the last hour not getting a sale. Larry just knows if he moved enough metal he could have a coke habit and 20-yo mistress, just like the big guy. Instead Larry has to settle for either or.

    Year in year out, Toyota is the #1 or #2 carmaker in the world. The profits from their North American trucks sales are nice but company survival is not based on truck sales. Toyota doesn’t need to have “Truck Month” 11 months out of the year. Toyota doesn’t need to give a 10K discount to every sentient being that enters their lot. Toyota will just keep selling trucks.

    • 0 avatar

      Brilliant comment. Nice to read something with a decent bit of tongue-in-cheek flair. Everythng’s so gloomy these days, finding something to have a chuckle at is heartening.

    • 0 avatar

      “Instead Larry has to settle for either or.”

      Larry reject them both and go for the box of mystery!

      • 0 avatar

        They call it the Toyota tax, $10K in this case. It’s irrational to me and most pickup buyers, even if it was a competitive truck, features, options, etc. And it’s also the ability to opt out of features you don’t want. Ala Carte you could say.
        The reality is the Tundra can’t possibly be much more reliable.
        Toyota could be losing 50 bucks on every Tundra they sell and it wouldn’t matter.

      • 0 avatar

        Always go for the 20-year-old mistress.

        Both a coke habit or a mistress ends the same way – divorce and loss of assets, possibly death (although having a heart attack while banging your 20-year-old mistress has got to be better than your heart exploding from a coke a rush). If you survive at least you have some great memories of the mistress, not so much if you go the coke habit

  • avatar

    Ram, F150, Titan all look better. It’s a toss up between this and a Silverado. However while a Silverado has an ugly face it’s body looks proportional, this thing had some characteristics of certain trim Tacos where the doors/bed/wheel arches look off and wrongly sized. Of course it won’t matter how ugly it looks because the badge will still sell it.

  • avatar

    It is Japanese idea how American truck should looks like.

    • 0 avatar

      I am thinking, either some of the engineers died of covid or just happy to sit on Biden’s free money. Or, may be, after seeing Taliban riding in Toyota trucks they decided to make them so ugly that even Taliban will not take them. I think this is it!

      Something is definitely wrong with these people.

  • avatar

    Why would anyone want to drive such an ugly vehicle. It’s painful to look at.

  • avatar
    Ol Shel

    There’s a lot going wrong with that styling, but the way it dips down fore and aft of the wheel wells…

  • avatar
    Jeff S

    Need to have an award for the ugliest full size truck on the market. It would be a toss up between the new Tundra and the Silverado as to who would win this most coveted award. Ram hands down has the nicest looking pickup with the nicest interior on their top models.

  • avatar


    Which is uglier?
    A Toyota
    B Chevy 1500
    or the
    C. Chevy 2500.

    For me it s C – A – B

  • avatar

    who cares what they look like? can’t see that when you’re driving it. I only care how much it costs me outside of gasoline

  • avatar

    And that’s the fleet special with black door pulls and styled steel wheels. The expensive ones only get gaudier.

    That said, take a look at the rest of the lot before exhibiting this as an indictment of all trucks and their buyers. The Sienna is just as bad. The Avalon is even worse.

  • avatar

    The exterior of this Toyota isn’t outstanding, but hopefully the car’s performance will be to be expected.

  • avatar

    I am really dumbfounded as to how a major international automaker can create such a dreadfully ugly vehicle. Just mind boggling.

  • avatar
    Funky D

    Ugliness aside, the lack of a V8 engine option rules this truck out for me. I am still not sold on the idea that a downsized turbo engine cuts it over the long term.

    Whenever the market returns to sanity again (and I fully realize that may take another couple years), I am left to choose between the F150 and the Ram. The F150 is the easy choice, but I am going to give the Ram a chance.

  • avatar

    Looks like a heritage edition.

    Good gosh the Japanese have styled so many ugly yet charming vehicles. F10?

    This thing is just ugly

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