Tonight There's Gonna Be a Jailbreak: 2022 Dodge Charger and Challenger Add Jailbreak Models

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
tonight there s gonna be a jailbreak 2022 dodge charger and challenger add jailbreak

Few car companies on this planet do special editions with the vigor (and frequency) of the American brands at Stellantis. Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and – to a lesser extent – Chrysler all return to their respective wells in search of a way to quench their thirst for profits.

This time, the retro-inspired Charger and Challenger brothers have once again been enrolled in Special Ed(itions) class. Specifically called the Jailbreak models, these Hellcat Redeye Widebody machines will permit customers to unlock color combination ordering restrictions while layering on new factory-custom options.

There’s a legitimate power upgrade this time around, which beats the tar out of most special editions which are simple paint and wallpaper jobs. Dodge says Jailbreak models will boost SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody output to 807 horsepower thanks to a revised powertrain calibration. As for the ‘Jailbreak’ part of this equation, it will permit customers to unlock color-combination ordering restrictions. In essence, if you want a Stinger Yellow Challenger with Brass Monkey wheels, Hammerhead Grey seats, blue Brembos, and red badges, Dodge will build it for you.

“Roughly half of all Dodge customers modify their vehicles,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge Brand Chief Executive Officer – Stellantis, while eating raw red meat and carving the Hellcat logo into his desk with a hunting knife (maybe). “For those looking for increased performance, we will launch Direct Connection next month. But for those looking for a unique appearance, we are going to let customers run free through the styling archives.”

Jailbreak will permit a choice of seven options for stripes and wheels, six caliper color combos, five exterior badging finishes, four choices each of steering wheels – you get the picture. It’s a great way, as most special editions are, to maintain consumer interest in a vehicle whose best before date would normally be well in its rearview mirror. Also, don’t discount the appeal to certain gearheads of being able to hold the keys to a true 1-of-1 options car. Your author has such a unicorn in his 2018 Challenger R/T – the color, manual transmission, and Shaker hood make it a 1-of-33 but a couple of oddball items like a Brembos and a banging sound system make it the only one made in that exact configuration for that model year. It’s a point of pride for extroverted weirdos like me.

Building on that, the Jailbreak option package will also permit the spec’ing of certain seat colors and striping packages not available on other trims at any price. The cost of dipping a set of Charger badges in a pot of Brass Monkey paint likely doesn’t keep Stellantis accountants up at night, so options like that are available through the Jailbreak package.

The new Jailbreak option package will be available for customer orders through dealerships in late Q4 of this year and bear a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $995.

[Images: Dodge]

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  • Flipper35 Flipper35 on Nov 17, 2021

    If only they did this for the 392 Widebody. It is infuriating sometimes on the configurators because you choose a color and then the interior is not available in tan leather, or you choose an equipment package and those wheels you like aren't an option any longer. Ugh.

  • Nrd515 Nrd515 on Nov 17, 2021

    I would just be happy if they added a few colors to the ones they offer, and not switch them around every so often. Just put Detonator Yellow, Petty Blue, PCP, a really great Candy Apple, and a couple of others and leave everything else alone and I would be seriously happy.

  • JLGOLDEN In order for this total newcomer to grab and hold attention in the US market, the products MUST be an exceptional value. Not many people will pay name-brand money for the pretty mystery. I can appreciate the ambition of selling $50K+ crossovers, but I think they will go farther with their $30K-$40K offerings.
  • Dukeisduke They're where Tesla was when it started - a complete unknown. I haven't heard anything about a dealer network. How are they going to sell these? Direct like Tesla? Franchises picked up by existing new car dealers?
  • Master Baiter As I approach retirement, and watch my IRA and 401K account balances dwindle, I have less and less interest in $150K vehicles.
  • Azfelix With a name that sounds like a bad Google translation, problems appear to permeate every aspect of the company. I suggest a more aggressive advertising campaign during The Super Terrific Happy Hour show to turn things around.
  • Buickman GoneFast.