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Genesis G90

When discussing the large-and-in-charge sedan segment, it would appear that reports of its death are greatly exaggerated (at least in Korea). Despite the beyond-dominant popularity of crossovers and SUVs, the crew at Genesis is plowing ahead with packing its portfolio full of sedans. The latest? A revised version of the enormous and in-yer-face G90 dreadnaught.

Continuing to call it their flagship model, a term many automakers have shifted to their most expensive and/or sporty SUVs, the G90 will be available in certain markets in a choice of regular- or long-wheelbase models. The latter will be some 190 mm (7.5 inches) longer than the former, assuring limo-like legroom for execs being chauffeured to Very Important Business Meetings.

There’s no mistaking this car for anything but a Genesis, with its enormous Crest grille and trademark Two-Line illumination. Genesis has done a bang-up job of quickly and assertively carving a unique style all its own, one which is instantly recognizable both in the daylight and after hours. We will note it has taken other brands (especially new ones) much longer to turn a similar trick. Here, the impossibly thin headlamps are said to have been made possible by intercrossing the lens of the daytime running lights with a Micro Lens Array technology for the low beams. Whatever they want to call it, there’s no mistaking this sedan for anything other than a Genesis; whether it’s to your tastes is a distinctly personal opinion.

Genesis G90

“The G90 will redefine the flagship luxury design experience in a unique way only offered by Genesis.” according to Head of Genesis Global Design, SangYup Lee. “The G90 is the ultimate expression of Athletic Elegance that carefully balances dynamic driving and an elegant rear seat experience.”

We could make an infantile joke about that last remark but will leave it up to your imagination.

And if you’re looking for hood cutlines, don’t bother. That’s a clamshell unit that wraps around into the fenders all the way down to those two-line side marker lamps, banishing unsightly panel gaps and creating a striking visual. This S-Class fighter has an interesting crease on its rear flanks, a styling decision which surely caused whoever’s in charge of body stamping up some lost sleep.

Interior? Powertrain? We’ll have to wait for those details, but don’t expect the Genesis team to rest on their laurels. They know it will require a yaffle of technology to keep up with the S-Class and 7-Series sedans, so expect acres of screen area and a variety of cutting edge semi-autonomous driving aids. Every interior surface is sure to be swathed in buttery peeled cows, though it wouldn’t surprise us in the least if Genesis offered some sort of ‘sustainable’ option for upholstery and dash trim.

More information on North American market specifications and deliveries will be available at a later date. Until then, you’ll have to find your own elegant rear seat experiences.

[Images: Genesis]

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27 Comments on “Genesis Shows Off G90 Mega Sedan...”

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    You really have to hand it to Genesis for investing in sedans. All three of their sedans stand on their own merits and are competitive. They don’t kill off their sedans (Lexus, Infiniti), let them linger (BMW, Infiniti, Audi), or make them grotesque (Lexus, BMW). They are the only non-Euro automaker still taking sedans seriously.

    This looks excellent and does not mimic any styling cues from other brands. That’s how you’re supposed to do it. Well done.

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    Beautiful car, but who for? I guess the aging livery Town Cars need replacement, but Genesis certainly won’t get much of the BMW/Merc/Maybach business due to lack of snob appeal. I do give them credit for offering something in the “affordable luxury sedan” market, whatever is left of it now that Cadillac and Lincoln have abandoned it

    • 0 avatar

      People with chauffeurs, but that pretty much leaves America out. If I wanted to spend $100k on a car, I’d spend it on something optimized for me, not for whoever’s riding in the back seat. Which probably explains why the German power midsizers (M5, etc.) all push into the same pricing realm as their larger cousins.

      Sure seems like a great car for China, though.

    • 0 avatar

      Too expensive for an LTC replacement.

      Genesis really doesn’t need the G90 to be a big seller here as it’s a big seller in its domestic matket, unlike the LS.

      Still, likely will outsell the A8 and maybe even the LS (esp. if it gets an electric variant like the G80).

      Should also do well in China.

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    Sweet ride. Every prospering gangsta is gonna want to arrive in one of those.

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    Me likey

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    This has a much more modern vibe than the outgoing car, which really comes across as today’s equivalent of a Cadillac DTS circa 2010. I’ll be curious to see if they continue to improve the interiors; today’s version is very nice by normal-car standards but can’t compete with the S-Class or A8.

    But I have to agree with the comment above about the lack of an audience. I don’t understand who this is targeting. My area has a disproportionate number of the richest people in the world, and they are all driving SUVs. The aspirational vehicle today isn’t an S-Class. It’s a Range Rover.

    Rumor has it that Genesis is developing a GV90, and that is going to tell us far more than this G90 about whether the brand will ultimately take off in the US.

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    Ugh, dupe post. Speaking of things that should be duplicated, I hope the G90 finally gets proper four-zone climate control like everything else in class.

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    Six months ago I bought a 2015 Genesis, 5.0 with the Ultimate package from a local CO Genesis dealer. 65,000 miles, clean bill of heath, no issues for $19,000. It’s gone up a couple of $ thousands since then. 420 HP normally aspirated V8, 8-speed transmission and RWD – Big, fast and quiet. Denver to Vail round trip gave 24.7 MPG.

    It’s the car MB and BMW no longer make. I’ve owned several Porsche, BMW, MB and Audis – this Genesis is by far the better car and better value. Time will tell.

  • avatar

    Ugly rear end. Vehicle style will not age well.

  • avatar

    This is a beautiful car. Because it isn’t a truck (CUV, SUV, etc) it won’t sell well in North America and that’s our loss. It would be nice to see some interesting designs on the road rather than the ubiquitous two-box blobs running around. I consider myself a car guy, but if I was ever involved in a hit-and-run where the CUV/SUV driver took off I might not even bother to report it simple because the best description I could give is “it was a white CUV. Maybe a Toyota, a Hyundai, a Kia, a Honda, a Chevy, a VW or a Nissan.”

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    Supposedly will get a 48V version of the 3.5TT V6 pushing out around 420 hp, and likely will get an electric variant like the G80.

  • avatar

    Looks great! Hope they have something better than the overworked 3.5TT for this size of a vehicle. Genesis is k own for making heavier than average products so a V8TT would do well in the G90

    • 0 avatar

      The current 3.3TT G90 gets to 60 in 5.0 seconds. The V8 is actually slightly slower, although much nicer-sounding. How fast does a wafting luxury sedan need to be?

  • avatar
    Gardiner Westbound

    Bonus: it will undoubtedly be much more reliable than any of the European brands.

  • avatar

    “This S-Class fighter has an interesting crease on its rear flanks”

    Why, hello, Mr. Bangle!

  • avatar
    el scotto

    -squinting really hard- Far too many GM design cues in this car. An Oldsmobile rear end, some Cadillac-like bling, over-the-top light show up front, and a generic 90s Pontiac fuselage. No one will think this looks as good as an Audi or a Mercedes. Especially those that can afford to buy one.

  • avatar

    Is there any point in Cadillac even trying to compete? The Black Wing V-8 would have at least been competitive.

    GM – what a disgrace!

  • avatar

    Man, Genesis is going at it like it’s 1995. Don’t know if that strategy will work for them, but I like it.

  • avatar

    It’s expensive and blingy, and it’s not an Escalade. I wish them nothing but success.

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