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While it’s not scheduled to make any public appearances until the United Kingdom’s Goodwood Festival of Speed kicks off in July, Genesis is dropping photos of the G70 Shooting Brake like it’s just days away from hitting the market.

Not our market, of course. The manufacturer shrewdly decided to leave the wagon in Europe, angering thousands of North American drivers who beg for vehicles like this with no intention of ever buying one. But it sure looks nice, with Genesis managing to stretch the bold design of the G70 sedan while adding a substantial amount of cargo capacity. 

Genesis claims that stowage volumes are up by 40 percent over the sedan, though we don’t know exactly how that breaks down. The standard G70 offers 10.5 cubic feet of trunk space while the Shooting Brake offers a 40/20/40 folding deal that’s supposed to maximize versatility by adding pass through options for the center jump seat.

Engine options should be identical to what’s on the sedan, which means either a 2.0-liter turbo or 3.3-liter, twin-turbo V6 mated to an 8-speed automatic. The 2.2-liter diesel may also make an appearance since this is Europe. Despite many finding the base model sufficient, the V6 is the real star and makes sense on a vehicle that’s entire purpose seems to be embarrassing high-end brands by offering almost everything they do for less money. Our only real concern is whether or not the wagon manages to maintain the desirable dynamics (and feedback) of the G70 sedan.

Everything else should be a given. The desirable Sport Prestige 3.3T trim (which offers the best engine, HUD, upgraded Brembo brakes, upgraded leather upholstery, and plenty more) should be on offer. Genesis is definitely going to let customers option all-wheel drive, too. We imagine it’s going to be solid competition for midsized wagons offered by the Germans.

But we’ll have to wait to learn more. Fortunately, the Goodwood Festival of Speed starts on July 8th and leaves us with a relatively short wait. Perhaps Hyundai Motor Group will reconsider its decision not to ship the G70 Shooting Brake over to the United States after it realizes it would have the segment practically to itself.

[Images: Genesis]


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30 Comments on “Genesis G70 Shooting Brake Revealed Now and Later...”

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    “Not our market, of course. The manufacturer shrewdly decided to leave the wagon in Europe, angering thousands of North American drivers who beg for vehicles like this with no intention of ever buying one.”

    They know us so well, except maybe if they offered it in brown with a stick and a diesel… Nah, we still wouldn’t buy it, but it is nice looking

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    I don’t care for the rear inside lamp squares, but I like the rest. Rear glass panel like a Malibu Maxx!

    And they’re wise not to bring it here of course.

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      I don’t see the Maxx resemblance, since they had 6 windows and the rear gate had a vestigial trunk bump. The curved window & relationship to the C-pillar reminds me more of a Corsica liftback, or a Lexus CT 200h.

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      Ahhh the Malibu MAXX. So close yet so far. There were a ton of good ideas in the MAXX wrapped in a boring wrapper with one of the worst cost-cut interiors in GM history. The MAXX SS addressed the boring outside and provided some thrust with the 3.9 high-value V6 under the hood, but the interior.

      So much potential in the idea, so badly executed. We considered one in 2005, my kids LOVED it. They loved the glass roof, they loved the pop-up DVD player, they loved the reclining seats and the room. But kids dont’ get to decide, the driver does.


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        I owned a Maxx, bought specifically because it was a wagon and not a CUV. Yes, brilliant packaging, I once stuffed a dining table and four chairs into it. But, staggeringly bad build and materials quality. The body panels were wavy, even the side-glass was wavy. The interior was cheaper than a Fisher Price kiddie-car’s. The car was actually fairly reliable, but when it need any repair, it cost a ton. Sold it for a Lexus, happily ever after. This Genesis looks fantastic, their styling has finally gelled. But if it came down to buying this or a Lexus IS Sport-Cross, I’d get the Lexus.

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      Why Malibu Max? Why not Buick Regal X?

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      I’m not sold on those taillights either.

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    My definition of “station wagon” does not encompass any vehicles whose rooflines taper down from the B-pillar practically to the rear bumper.

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    As a TSX Sportwagon owner I’m not angry it’s not coming here, I can’t afford it anyway.

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    I don’t think the “shooting brake” body style has relevance at this point, its either wagon or no wagon. The “shooting brake” tiny hatch space will be handled but the not-compact compact CUV variant of the same model.

    Note to designers, this rounded edges thing on the body where the hatch meets is the absolute height of stupid – Ipad-in-dash makes more sense for frak’s sake. What it means is any square or rectangular shaped cargo which is too tall when its elevated above these artificially added humps will not fit.

    A common sense example would be an oversize “cart” style golf bag, if this was designed correctly when the bag is within the trunk length it just slides in transverse style. In this, it has to be lifted up and contorted to fit in the artificially small hatch opening, if it fits, or laid longitudinally with the seats dropped down. All of this is a PITA for the buyers of a not cheap product, luxury is supposed to equate to convenience not the buyer conform to horrible design choices because WeSaySo. Thin taillights are not going to kill you Hyundai.

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    Not a perfect comparison but the Stinger isn’t as rigid as the G70 so I wonder if that will be an issue here.

    The G70 is probably #2 or #3 on my next car list (if Lexus wants too much on the IS500). I did notice on the Genesis that you need to go up to the top trim ($50K so still not bad) to get all the performance stuff (brakes, limited slip, suspension) while on the Stinger every V6 trim gets it.

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    I’ve owned a Volvo 145 wagon (for only a year because it stranded me every three months), a Honda Civic hatchback, a Subaru Legacy GT wagon and, now, a Ford Focus hatchback. One of the vehicles I’m thinking about is a VW Golf R. There may not be many of us but it’s an exaggeration to say no one buys such vehicles.

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    wow, that’s a particularly useless hatch opening.

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    Awfully small cargo… Sort of an Arteon Hatch with a little extra bubble

    Makes me thing that Instead of the Jetta Sportwagen, VW should have done a sportwagen version of the US Passat… would have been near the size of a TRUE ‘Merican station Wagon… would be nice to have a big hauler that can get 35 mpg on a long highway trip…

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      VW has an Arteon R wagon in Europe with the 315hp Golf R engine. Google it….Beautiful. I’m a Golf Alltrack owner. With a 259Hp unitronic tune and the awesome DSG I have a 5.7 sec 0-60 wagon…

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    The most upsetting part is that in the market where they plan to sell it, it probably will have a manual option

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    I will happily be schooled.

    I thought a shooting brake was a three-door wagon, not a five-door.

    I thought a five-door was a station wagon.

    Happily corrected.

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    Hatchback, wagon, or a shooting brake, whatever you want to call it.
    It will make for a good replacement for your IS SportCross or a 9-2X Aero. Of course, those didn’t sell either.

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    I would buy one…except for my wife insisting on a taller not so SUV.

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    The Koreans are building some of the nicest sedans in the world. Their quality is now on par with the Japanese and Germans.

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    “S******* B****” [can’t bring myself to spell it out] terminology is so offensive on so many levels in 2021.

    Considering beginning a boycott of Genesis – who is with me? (If not you, why do you hate children and forest creatures?)

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