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ElectraMeccanica is the latest vehicle manufacturer to set up shop in Arizona, breaking ground on a 235,000 square foot facility. The assembly and manufacturing plant includes a research center and lab on 18 acres near the airport in Mesa.


ElectraMeccanica can produce 20,000 electric vehicles (EVs) annually starting in Spring 2022, with a 200-500 employee workforce.


ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corporation is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with its US headquarters located in Studio City, California.


“Today’s groundbreaking marks a notable achievement for ElectraMeccanica,” said ElectraMeccania President and CEO Paul Rivera. “The new engineering, technical center and assembly facility will be a showcase for our vehicle lineup.”


“This facility will afford us with the physical and human capital we need to provide the U.S. retail and fleet market with a ‘made in the USA’ Solo EV.”


ElectraMeccanica’s Solo is a three-wheeled, rear-wheel-drive EV for urban dwellers. Made for environmentally-conscious consumers, the Solo is for a single occupant.


With a 53 horsepower electric motor and 94 lb-ft of torque, Solo’s 80 MPH top speed makes it highway safe, ElectraMeccanica said.


It will do 0-60 in 10 seconds, weighs in at 1,735 pounds, has a 17.3 kWh battery, and a 2.5-8 hour charging time.


The Solo has a lightweight, aerospace chassis, front and rear crumple zones, side-impact protection, rear-view camera, and a roll bar.


Power steering, power brakes, power windows, air conditioning, a heated seat, and a Bluetooth entertainment system come standard.


The trunk is a nice feature, and the cargo area is carpeted.


Final judgment won’t come until we see the actual production vehicle, but it seems like a refined three-wheeler.

ElectraMeccanica is currently accepting pre-orders. $18,500 is the Solo’s MSRP.

[Images: ElectraMeccanica]

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31 Comments on “ElectraMeccanica to Build EVs in the Arizona Desert...”

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    ~$20K? With 2-8 hour charge times for 80 miles (i.e., like 10 miles per hour charge time)?

    Are they counting on the 3-wheels-isn’t-a-car-so-I-can-use-the-HOV-lane as their “thing”? Otherwise, doesn’t make much sense to me when you can get a Nissan Leaf lease for like $100-200/month (at least, used to be able to), charge times / distance are similar, can carry 4-5 people, etc?

    Whatever happened to Aptera, etc? None of those other 3-wheel designs ever panned out. Not sure what this one has going for it that will be different..

    • 0 avatar

      “Not sure what this one has going for it that will be different..”

      It’s electric.

      Hence doesn’t have to sell at a profit.

      After all, “shareholders” can count on doing the only thing they know how to: Sell paper to the idiots whom the Fed has handed all the purchasing power to buy anything whatsoever to.

      So everyone who matters in fully financialized dystopias will be a-ok: Idiots get to pretend they are “investors” instead of just the recipients of Fed welfare they really are. While the illiterate offspring get to pretend they are “founders”, “visionaries” and whatever else is fashionable among dumb and incompetent people these days. And the ambulance chasers can skim off making “deals” between all the other childbrains.

      All safe in the knowledge that the entire idiot-ball will be funded by robbing America’s ever-dwindling number of naive-enough-to-still-bother-being-productives by wasy of crass theft-by-debasement. It’s America in the financialized dystopia era, after all. No place for literate men.

      • 0 avatar

        This “company” has been a criminal conspiracy to defraud investors from the beginning. No one wants to buy these three wheeled death traps, and they’re incapable of bringing them to market in the first place. Forget the lack luster projected specs, unimpressive as they are, the vehicle simply doesn’t exist as advertised, and it never will. It’s just a scam.

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    “ElectraMeccanica’s Solo is a three-wheeled, rear-wheel drive EV for urban dwellers.”

    “Urban dwellers” dwell in apartments. How and where are they going to plug in for 2.5-8 hours?

  • avatar

    Point well taken. I think they’re actually suburban dwellers, where you can plug it in and leave it inside your garage. But that’s what the manufacturer said is their target.

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    Here we go again with the three-wheeled car charade.

    • 0 avatar

      As the Wikipedia page for Elio says: “This lack of an actual product over a near-decade long span has caused a belief that this is a textbook case of vaporware. “

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    Arcimoto is better in almost everyway and cheaper.

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    Given it’s small size, I’m surprised they didn’t opt for a series of portable batteries in parallel. That would at least help get around any concerns regarding lack of charging infrastructure in cities/urban environments.

    I did have a moment of sticker shock at the price. I wonder if this is eligible for the tax credit rebate?

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    The founding company of this (and now apparently a subsidiary) was Intermeccanica – an company founded in Italy in the early 60s and has been in Vancouver BC for a good while. They make well reviewed Porsche 356 inspired roadsters with tube frame and modern running gear – they also made (or make?) Kubelwagen replicas.

    I’m sure the crash protection is the issue, but making high quality electric 356 speedsters (and maybe Kubelwagens) would seem to be a good spot in the market – a blisteringly fast electric Speedster with good handling would be very cool…

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    An electric car reminiscent of the bad old days when electric cars weren’t real cars. Two and half hours or more charging to get 80 miles when the competition can already get 300 miles in less than one hour. Tesla is working on the Model 2. Four passengers and over 200 miles range for $25k.

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    Can I drive it into the office and charge it up at my desk?

  • avatar

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a regular car that’s driving out of a wormhole?

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    Buy this and you can kiss goodbye the $75 rebate card that you get from Tire Rack when you buy four tires at a time.

  • avatar

    I was sorta with it until that price tag.

    If this thing was 5k or even 8k, it would be a decent bargain. 10k or 12k would be stretching it, but maybe would still be a valid purchase for a slightly well heeled EV enthusiast.

    At $18,500? Very few people are gonna be dumb enough to shell out that much money for this thing. Certainly not enough to justify a 500 person workforce.

    The only question is whether thing is a tax dodge, some idiot fail-son’s pet project, or a money laundering scheme.

    Maybe all three?

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    That’s the type of car the Government will force us into. And I cannot agree with it more. What else you need to commute to work? Three wheel vehicle with space for one is good enough and saves lot of energy. And it is very affordable, only $20K. Americans you deserved it. You worked hard and that is your reward.

    • 0 avatar

      Inside Looking Out,

      “That’s the type of car the Government will force us into.”

      Like I told you before things like this will be for inner party members only. The rest of us can ride shanks mare or take the bus.

      • 0 avatar

        Oh, I forgot to mention that you will have to sign up for that tricycle and wait several years you turn to pay $24K (because of inflation). Of course if you are the party member you will have the privilege to get your woke machine a little sooner.

  • avatar
    Tele Vision

    Paul Rivera?! The guy who designed my Fender 75W point-to-point head ( with a matching 2X12 cabinet ) right before he left Fender and started Rivera Amplification? THAT Paul Rivera? I used to A/B/Y that rig with a Soldano 50W/4X12 Marshall 1969. The Fender had to be turned down a bit to match the Soldano at stage volume. If he’s building cars – they should go like a stabbed rat.

  • avatar
    Carlson Fan

    Pretty sure this thing would be useless or a deathtrap on a winter road for us people up north. Does it have heat? Too limited in its use(carries 1 person) for the price tag. I’d spend my money on used Volt or Leaf before I’d bother with this thing.

    Tits on a boar as the saying goes……..LOL

  • avatar

    I have a long-standing unexplained fascination with three-wheeled vehicles. BUT was never interested in sharing a tiny cabin with a noisy stinky chainsaw-equivalent engine.

    There are compelling reasons why the right three-wheeled EV could work:
    • Lighter weight, power-to-weight, smaller lighter less expensive battery
    • Rolling resistance, aero
    • Parking, convenience, no-I-can’t-drive-everyone-to-lunch

    Done correctly, a three-wheeled vehicle could give provide the ‘best’ aspects of motorcycles and cars. Will we get there? Maybe, maybe not.

    [For mine, make the wheelbase longer, include a short-trip-only ‘rear’ seat which converts to more ‘cargo’ area and a killer sound system. If stylists are bound and determined to put in F-16-inspired reclining ‘cockpit’ seating, this is the place to do it (not in a sedan – why oh why did we allow you to kill sedans).]

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    Jeff S

    This vehicle is way overpriced. At a third of its price it might be good as a 2nd or 3rd car especially for commuting but at almost 20k you can buy a used Leaf for half the price and have a vehicle that seats 4. Eventually the Chinese will be selling EVs in the US and they will offer a more affordable vehicle. Not against having a smaller EV as long as it is an affordable alternative otherwise just buy a used sub compact or compact car for a lot less.

  • avatar

    The should call it the Bidenmobile, or maybe the Kamala Kruzer.

    • 0 avatar

      Why? They have nothing to do with it.

      The right-wing one-trick-pony rides again. Yawn.

      • 0 avatar

        I guess I have to explain it to you. The vehicle is comically stupid. It exist to satisfy comically stupid liberal policy. Biden has been pushing this sort of stupidity for decades, so yeah , there is a connection. As for Kamala, I’ll give her this much, choosing to date a guy 32 years older than her worked out beyond her wildest dreams, so maybe not so stupid.

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    So we’re finally getting the Elio, but it’s so expensive it makes no sense to buy it.

    Why would you buy this single seater, 5 hour to charge, <100 mile range car for $20k when you could just buy like a Kia Rio or Mitsubishi Mirage?

    The whole point of the Elio was it's $8k price. People would buy an $8k new Elio over a $15k+ new car or an old $8k used car.

  • avatar

    Paul Elio filing lawsuit in 10, 9, 8, 7….

  • avatar

    The size alone makes it the automotive equivalent of a pinball.

    An Amazon box on top of a go-cart chassis provides just as much safety – NONE.

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