Lamborghini Aventador GT Evolution Gets Kitted

Jason R. Sakurai
by Jason R. Sakurai
lamborghini aventador gt evolution gets kitted

Never mind that the Lamborghini Aventador GT Evo is already fairly exclusive, with only around 10,000 units produced worldwide thus far. If you have one, distinguishing yours from other run-of-the-mill Aventadors is imperative, and that’s why there’s a new body kit from Liberty Walk.

Liberty Walk has become synonymous with high-end Japanese body kits, and if the report by is correct, there’s only going to be 20 of their new kits made for the Aventador. Seems like their production numbers are rather low until you see the going price internationally on their website, $187,000 on the upper end of the spectrum. At that rate, the fluctuation in currencies likely doesn’t matter, and it will work itself out well before any large shipping containers arrive on your doorstep.

Dry carbon fiber is the material of choice for the top Aventador kit, which will net you a new front bumper, upper canard, front under canard, new front fenders and fins, new outer door panels, side inner and outer panels, rear quarter panels, rear outer fenders, a new rear bumper, and upper cover, rear diffuser, rear wing, new hood, and the engine over with fin.

For about half the price, or $94,600 to be exact, you can get the same Liberty Walk styling in fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) instead, although it may be obvious to the Liberty Walk cognoscenti that you have the lesser of the two kits, thus opening yourself and your Aventador to an entirely different form of body shaming, although no less demeaning.

Somewhere in the middle, at $109,450, Liberty Walk offers a combo kit, some parts dry carbon and others out of FRP. Whether this will suffice as a ‘real’ Liberty Walk body kit or not is unknown, without having been around enough owners to assess whether they discern the difference.

It is the abject style that sets Liberty Walk apart. I first spotted examples of their handiwork at the SEMA Show years ago, in DUB Magazine’s mammoth outdoor display. There was an undeniable attraction, a rakishness all their own, much like Wataru Kato, the company’s founder. If the company exudes a certain swagger, it is because they’ve earned it. Taking risks with their restyling products, they attract a loyal following. Should the 2021 SEMA Show take place this year as a live event once again, expect to see Liberty Walk front and center, with more outrageous, exotic cars on display.

[Images: Liberty Walk]

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  • PeriSoft PeriSoft on Feb 04, 2021

    If there's one thing I think when I see a Lamborghini, it's, "You know what this needs? Something to spice it up a bit. Give it a little kick."

  • Old_WRX Old_WRX on Feb 05, 2021

    I always thought the Aventador was a bit of a poseurs car. And, now for under $200,000 it can look even more hokey. I hope the body kit at least smells good when it burns with the rest of the car.

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