Confirmed: Nissan Shows Upcoming Z-Car With Manual Transmission

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
confirmed nissan shows upcoming z car with manual transmission

Nissan has issued another teaser for the impending 400Z with clear intent to alleviate any confusion created by the previous marketing materials. We said it looked like the company planned on offering the sports coupe with a manual transmission and are required to revise our claim. It’s now blatantly obvious that Nissan is planning on producing be-clutched examples. We can only assume that Nissan’s marketing department noticed that everyone had started to catch onto the possibility of there being a manual option in its last posting and simply decided to remove all doubt.

One can even imagine the video conference where management tells the person editing the clips to throw in a bare shot of the gear selector this time. Nissan knows few customers will actually buy one but that the automotive press can’t help but mention the last of a dying breed. Some of us wake up in a cold sweat nightly, haunted by the knowledge that carefully using two appendages to change gears isn’t something future generations are going to put up with.

Until then, it remains the more engaging option on sporting vehicles. It’s just not particularly practical in an era where less than 20 percent of Americans can actually drive stick. The rest of Nissan’s teaser was devoted to playing a guessing game where listeners attempted to determine which V6 would be used. Will it be the twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 sourced from the company’s luxury arm? Maybe the 3.8-liter that’s in the GT-R will come into play.

We can’t really say and aren’t planning to use another shadowy teaser to make assertions of items that aren’t spelled out for us. Besides, the manufacturer will be showing us the prototype on September 16th. After living for months in relative isolation to avoid getting coughed on, waiting another week to see a car is going to be a breeze.

[Image: Nissan]

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  • Notapreppie Notapreppie on Sep 10, 2020

    If they put the VR30DDTT, it'll be an interesting car. Given its low volume, I don't expect them to maintain two trim levels with a turbo-4 alongside a turbo-6. But the turbo-6 gives them the flexibility to have two levels of horsepower with minimum difference between them.

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    • Art Vandelay Art Vandelay on Sep 11, 2020

      It's almost like I have seen this somewhere before...A Twin Turbo 3.0 and a non turbo version. Can't for the life of me remember what car that was. on a totally unrelated note, I really wish they had used the Z32 car as the source of inspiration for the "retroness" of this car. I don't hate it, but I'd be writing preorder checks for something that looked like that but was as least as reliable as a modern Nissan, which for all of my love of my time with a Z32 would be a step up.

  • Slavuta Slavuta on Sep 11, 2020

    "Maybe the 3.8-liter that’s in the GT-R will come into play." No. Hand maid engine in this?? I am thinking. Should I succumb to another Nissan? Remembering 240sx, all that car was missing is more power

  • SPPPP It seems like a really nice car that's just still trying to find its customer.
  • MRF 95 T-Bird I owned an 87 Thunderbird aka the second generation aero bird. It was a fine driving comfortable and very reliable car. Quite underrated compared to the GM G-body mid sized coupes since unlike them they had rack and pinion steering and struts on all four wheels plus fuel injection which GM was a bit late to the game on their mid and full sized cars. When I sold it I considered a Mark VII LSC which like many had its trouble prone air suspension deleted and replaced with coils and struts. Instead I went for a MN-12 Thunderbird.
  • SCE to AUX Somebody got the bill of material mixed up and never caught it.Maybe the stud was for a different version (like the 4xe) which might use a different fuel tank.
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