Tesla's Model Y Gets More Go for Less Dough

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
tesla s model y gets more go for less dough

Most car buyers prefer to spend less money for more performance, and the more eco-conscious among us can now get into one Tesla Model Y trim for a lower price, while the loftier version makes a previously optional Performance Package standard.

Tesla has cut pricing on the Model Y Long Range by $3,000 while also giving the Performance trim a boost.

You can now get the Long Range trim for $49,990, instead of $52,990. If go-fast goodies tickle you in the right places, the Performance Package – upgraded brakes, lowered suspension, aluminum pedals, top speed increased by 10 mph to 155, 21-inch wheels – is now standard on the Performance model.

The drop in the base price for the Long Range trim puts the Model Y at just $3K over the price of an equivalent Model 3.

These price cuts follow slashes of the Model S and Model X Long Range Plus by $5,000, to $79,990 and $74,990, respectively, in late May. Performance trims for the Model S and Model X also saw a $5K cut, and every trim of the Model 3 had $2,000 slashed from their prices.

The Model Y hasn’t been on sale long, but it’s not unusual for Tesla to adjust pricing. Other automakers also tweak pricing frequently, of course, although most OEMs tend to keep pricing consistent for a model year, instead using incentives and other deals to make short-term adjustments.

If you have Tesla intentions but were just short of the necessary budget needed to get your hands on one, these price changes might be enticing.

[Image: Tesla]

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  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Jul 13, 2020

    "...the more eco-conscious among us can now get into one Tesla Model Y trim for a lower price" Why do you keep promoting this stereotype? Or did you mean "economically-conscious"?

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    • Bunkie Bunkie on Jul 14, 2020

      Anti-eco arguments against electric vehicles lose steam as time goes by as more and more electricity comes from renewable sources. The important point is that even early adoption of electric vehicles accelerates this trend, as it addresses the largest issue with wind and solar, energy storage and management, by spurring the development of battery technology, production and recycling. Tesla, specifically, appears to be an infrastructure company that makes cars as part of its overall strategy. Its goal is nothing less than the remaking of our energy economy.

  • Indi500fan Indi500fan on Jul 13, 2020

    Musk said these are appreciating assets due to the ability to robotaxi. I guess he's just cutting the price to be a humanitarian.

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    • Imagefont Imagefont on Jul 13, 2020

      Musk’s fans conveniently forget and excuse when he says blatantly stupid things. They prefer to think of his as visionary and optimistic, rather than a compulsive liar. They’re cars, they’re electric, they’re pretty good and they’re popular. But they’re never, ever going to drive themselves.

  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Jul 13, 2020

    The world's most valuable automaker now cuts prices and/or adds content with no price increase, on a fairly regular basis. Most other OEM's regularly increase price and/or remove content with no price decrease.

  • Heycarp Heycarp on Jul 14, 2020

    the "eco" is pretty ridiculous - ? ever wonder why power plants are always near huge bodies of water ? ? ever wonder why the step up transformers have all those and fans ? ? ever wonder about that huge hum from those 330kv lines ? ? again , ever wonder about all the cooling apparatus on the step down transformers ? ? copper losses ? ? lamination losses ? ? hysteresis losses ? ? various other generation / distribution losses ? ( didn't even need to mention coal ) the go faster firebird mentioned above is probably more efficient -

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    • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Jul 21, 2020

      @ToolGuy Definitely interesting - a tire with an expected life of 1.5 miles: https://tinyurl.com/y3rd3o9y