2022 Volkswagen Tiguan - Refreshed CUV to Arrive… Eventually

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
2022 volkswagen tiguan refreshed cuv to arrive 8230 eventually

Volkswagen just revealed the new Tiguan. For next year.

Why did the brand take the virtual wraps off the refreshed version of the Tiguan a year and a half before it goes on sale here, as a 2022 model? Because Europe gets it first. It goes on sale there “shortly.”

Might as well just gather media via Skype and tell us all about it now, apparently.

The refresh makes a digital gauge cluster standard and adds a couple of new pieces of driver-aid tech, and like with the Arteon, Europe will get a high-performance R trim and a plug-in hybrid.

Outside, the grille is larger, and it sort of blends into the LED headlamps (standard), while the bumpers also get a makeover. Rear lettering sees a changed font and the Tiguan lettering moves to below the VW badge, the available hands-free liftgate gets an update that’s unspecified in the press materials, and there are new wheels. New paint colors are available, too: Oryx White and Kings Red.

Inside, the steering wheel now adds capacitive-touch controls, and touch-screen controls for the available automatic-climate-control system are also new. Heated front seats are now standard. Wireless connection is now available for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and multiple phones can be paired. An 8-inch display is standard and a 10.25-inch display is available, and users will be able to personalize all kinds of settings from seat position on. Ambient lighting is available, and a Fender audio system remains standard on upper trims.

TravelAssist, which can take over steering, braking, and acceleration at speeds up to 130 mph, is now available. VW makes clear the driver remains in control at all times, but the system nevertheless uses existing adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist to work. The driver must keep his/her hands on the wheel while it’s in use. VW claims a touch-based system like this is more reliable, even on flat/straight roads, than similar systems that work off of steering angle.

The same powertrain combo that greeted buyers in 2018 carries over: A 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder making 184 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque, mating to an eight-speed automatic transmission. It’s front- or all-wheel drive.

Us Yanks and our Canuck neighbors will continue stocking dealers with the long-wheelbase Tiguan, which arrives here in the fall of 2021 as a 2022 model. All pics here are of the shorter-wheelbase European model.

Euros also get the R trim, which makes about 314 horsepower, and a plug-in hybrid that will make about 241 horsepower.

The changes are minor, but if they tickle your Tiguan fancy, circle your calendar for fall 2021. Until then, you can make do with the current model.

[Images: Volkswagen]

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  • Statikboy Statikboy on Jul 01, 2020

    That face says: "Grommet! Do we have any cheeese?!"

  • Cimarron typeR Cimarron typeR on Jul 02, 2020

    Handsome SUV in my book but I didn't even cross shop when it I saw it's 0-60 times. I just don't think I'd feel comfortable with highway driving with a full load of passengers in something with so little passing power.

    • Digitaldoc Digitaldoc on Jul 02, 2020

      The engine, a 2.0T with so little power is so detuned, I did not see any point in driving it either. Not sure why they don't offer it with some more power, at least as an option.

  • Bobby D'Oppo Great sound and smooth power delivery in a heavier RWD or AWD vehicle is a nice blend, but current V8 pickup trucks deliver an unsophisticated driving experience. I think a modern full-size pickup could be very well suited to a manual transmission.In reality, old school, revvy atmo engines pair best with manual transmissions because it's so rewarding to keep them in the power band on a winding road. Modern turbo engines have flattened the torque curve and often make changing gears feel more like a chore.
  • Chuck Norton For those worried about a complex power train-What vehicle doesn't have one? I drive a twin turbo F-150 (3.5) Talk about complexity.. It seems reliability based on the number of F-150s sold is a non-issue. As with many other makes/models. I mean how many operations are handle by micro processors...in today's vehicles?
  • Ravenuer The Long Island Expressway.
  • Kwik_Shift A nice stretch of fairly remote road that would be great for test driving a car's potential, rally style, is Flinton Road off of Highway 41 in Ontario. Twists/turns/dips/rises. Just hope a deer doesn't jump out at you. Also Highway 60 through Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. Great scenery with lots of hills.
  • Saeed Hello, I need a series of other accessories from Lincoln. Do you have front window, front and rear lights, etc. from the 1972 and 1976 models