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Television’s Top Gear recently resumed filming on the upcoming season (series 29, if you acknowledge the authority of the Queen), and news of a crash has your author feeling excited about the program for the first time in a while. It also provided an opportunity to actually learn the names of the presenters who aren’t Chris Harris, who was not at the helm of the vintage Lamborghini Diablo that unexpectedly went off-road.

Comedian Paddy McGuinness hopped on social media to let fans know he was safe on Tuesday, following numerous reports that he had suffered an off while the boys were filming it running around in North Yorkshire alongside a Ferrari F40 and Jaguar XJ220. Neither McGuinness nor the other two vehicles/hosts are said to have sustained damage, though the Lambo took a beating, potentially providing us with some top-flight entertainment later this year. 

I’ll be honest. Top Gear swiftly fell off the radar for yours truly after Clarkson, Hammond and May left the program in 2016 to be clever elsewhere. Adding Matt LeBlanc temporarily catered to my American pride and ended up being a fun addition. It wasn’t enough to hold my interest, however, as the show seemed to have lost most of its magic and all of its bite.

Watching Harris blast around a track in the latest performance monster or a funny clip of LeBlanc intentionally playing the fool was possible, but I’d never go so far as to watch an entire episode. Sitting through The Grand Tour on Amazon was easier, disgustingly comforting, and still held enough of that special something to keep me coming back.

However, if they’re going to sling six-figure automobiles into pastures, I may be forced to warm up my VPN and set my phony IP address in order to illegally watch the BBC.

This isn’t the first time in recent memory Top Gear has suffered a high-profile incident. After years of waiting to see what Richard Hammond would plow into next (bless his little heart for constantly putting himself at risk), modern host Freddy Flintoff suffered a high-speed off that the media said was reminiscent of the Vampire dragster indecent that temporarily put Mr. Hammond in a coma in 2006.

In actuality, the 2019 trike wreck wasn’t anywhere near as grim — especially since Flintoff’s accident seems as though it could have been avoided, happened at less than half the speed of Hammond’s, and didn’t end with an emergency helicopter ride to the hospital. But it was still incredibly dangerous, revealing that both hosts and producers are willing to take things past the point of sanity.

Exhibit B: Flintoff also flipped a modified Jaguar XJ and driving veteran Harris narrowly escaped an Alpine A110 that caught fire. Good or bad, this is how you make compelling automotive programming.

McGuinness’s recent accident in the Lamborghini seems to have been the result of a particularly rainy day, however. Wide tires have a tendency to hydroplane when confronted with a lot of rain, and stock Diablo hoops measure a massive 13 inches at the rear. Precipitation encouraged the car make an abrupt detour through a fence at speeds below the legal limits, according to a spokesperson from the show.

“I finally got to drive one of my fantasy childhood cars, the Lamborghini Diablo. But it turns out 30-year-old supercars don’t like torrential rain. Who’d have thought?” Paddy jested over Instagram. “If you’ve ever owned a Diablo or you’ve driven one, you’ll know just as well as me — oh my God, she can be a cruel mistress, she can be a cruel mistress, that one. That V12 lures you in and suddenly — RARR — it bites you. I’m totally fine. Fingers crossed we get the car running again because it is an absolute beauty.”

The Lamborghini was covered in a tarp of shame before being moved to a safe location. Based on how it looks post-accident, it’ll probably be a while before it’s once again deemed roadworthy. Luckily, the brunt of the damage appears cosmetic. I’m just glad the ultra-rare XJ220 went unscathed and nobody reported any human injuries.

Odds are good we’ll be able to see the accident in high-definition when Top Gear returns to the air. Photos clearly show the main camera crew in attendance, idling by the side of the road after the crash. We’ll just have to hope they got a good angle and the banter approaches the high standard set by their forebears. At least the current hosts have shown a willingness to risk their own lives while displaying an aptitude for narrowly escaping harm. That’s warrants some praise in itself, and will undoubtedly draw in some new (or perhaps old) viewers.


[Image: Lancashire Road Police]

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22 Comments on “Top Gear Wrecks Lamborghini Diablo During Filming...”

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    If it was hosted by real drivers, it would be unwatchable. I mean by the general pop.

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    They’re like antique Harleys – they’re F-heads.

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    There has been no Top Gear since 2016, it became the Grand Tour.

    • 0 avatar
      Arthur Dailey

      Agree 100% without Clarkson, May and Hammond watching Top Gear is like watching a 3rd rate cover band. It is no longer relevant and should be put out to pasture before it further denigrates one of the great shows/brands in television history.

      Just like the operating system for this website should be put out to pasture. Why do I uniformly have to try to sign in 3 or 4 times, cannot find/get to the comments I want to read, etc? I have seen sites operated by volunteers that operated with much greater functionality.

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    I don’t really care for any of the hosts in this regard so I will catch the incident when it pops up on YouTube.

    Then again, I would rather see a hot lap than someone power sliding everywhere. If I want to watch someone slide, I will watch WoO. If you can slide a corner and then pull the front wheels up in your street car I might watch then! :)

    • 0 avatar

      The was power slides and oversteer. Drifts meant all four wheels losing grip.

      • 0 avatar

        I thought the definitions of drift and slide was that drift was a skid when you’re accelerating and slide is a skid when you’re decelerating. (A skid is when any of the tires’ slip angle has exceeded its critical angle, sometimes that means the sidewall has collapsed and sometimes not, and oversteer/understeer refers to whether the front or the rear has a greater slip angle than the other.)

        I guess it kinda depends on whose definitions and whose book each of us is using. Not trying to say that you’re wrong or which one of us is right, just sharing another set of definitions.

        • 0 avatar

          If a “skid” implies deceleration, what about the “skid pad”?

          Anyway, I grew up referring to a copy of Bob Bondurant’s book on high performance driving. The only time he refers to “drift” is accelerating out of a turn and lobstering with all four (my words), before finding traction.

          “Drifting” in the modern sense, is what we would’ve called sustained throttle oversteer.

          • 0 avatar

            “If a “skid” implies deceleration”

            Ah, re-read my first sentence- “slide” is for deceleration.

            Other than that, it sounds like our explanations for drift are tomayto-tomahto.

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    I wasn’t aware that Top Gear was still being made. I mean I knew Matt Leblanc went over there but I thought after his departure they stopped all together. Top Gear wasn’t really about cars but about the entertainment and chemistry between the presenters. I’ve watched a few new Top Gears ( 3-4 episodes) and I couldn’t watch anymore.

  • avatar

    Peak Top Gear = Not 2020

    • 0 avatar

      Sure, but peak Top Gear was also long before Clarkson, Hammond, and May beat the formula into the ground and left (and Grand Tour is more of the same, although squandering some of Amazon’s money is admirable).

      • 0 avatar
        Arthur Dailey

        Clarkson was with the ‘original’ Top Gear and realized its weaknesses when it was cancelled. He and Wilman, then re-tooled it as an entertainment show and pitched that concept which became ‘classic’ Top Gear to the BBC.

        ‘Car shows’ have only a limited audience. Classic Top Gear became a worldwide phenomena because it was primarily an exercise in entertainment which included cars/vehicles as the ‘connecting’ theme.

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          Arthur Dailey, try this method for logging into TTAC to comment (laptop or Chromebook):

          (Assuming you are already viewing an article and are partway through the comments section and would like to add something [without ‘losing your place’].)
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          – Enter your name and password. [At this point you are ‘in’ but the system won’t acknowledge it.]
          – Close that tab.
          – Go back to the TTAC tab you were on and Reload the page.
          It should show you the same page, but now with the ‘greeting bar’ at the top.

          General tips for others:
          – Be careful not to scroll too far in the comments section when about to post, or it will throw you to another article.
          – There is a difference between using the “Reply” button by an individual comment and entering a comment in the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of the article.
          – Always highlight the text of your comment and ‘copy’ it before attempting to post, then all is not lost if something flakes out.
          – If you wonder if your comment is gone, Reload the page and check before posting again (this avoids double posting).

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    Whoops .

    I enjoyed the original Top Gear occasionally .


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    Show was fun for awhile but it’s kind of redundant now. Maybe we could put forth some effort and come up with something new.

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    I clicked on this story really hoping for a meme based on the cracking windshield animation from the old Test Drive video game.

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    cimarron typeR

    It hurts my head to say it but American Top Gear hosts were funnier than the current current Top Gear crew.And don’t tell me it’s because i’m not British, my British friend agrees with me.
    It’s entertaining to see how boring Clarkson was made to be in his early years. Youtube some really old episodes and he seems to be sleep walking through his segments.

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    I saw one of these at a Discount Tire store of all places near my house. It was brown. I couldn’t get over the color. Who paints a Lamborghini, or any car for that matter, brown? With this car they took the Countach and ruined it completely. Didn’t Crysler own Lamborghini at this time? Figures. Trying to cash in on an updated version of the Countach. Just horrible, it was such a let down. Imagine owning the ugliest Lamborghini of all time, sitting in Discount Tires waiting area waiting for flat repair, and your over priced slowly deteriorating ugly ass car is brown.

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