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Even before the pandemic and subsequent economic crash, much talk was being made about living in your car. Specifically, the vehicle of choice would be a spacious yet efficient van. It continues to this day in many corners of the Internet.

Ford apparently took this discourse to heart, reportedly adding a new feature to the upcoming 2021 F-150 pickup that makes home ownership unnecessary.

Preferable, yes, but unnecessary.

As Ford readies its next-generation full-sizer for public viewing in late June, Reuters reports that the model will gain a feature sure to make long-distance drivers, nervous campers, and the temporarily homeless cheer.

In addition to the over-the-air software updates awaiting the new model (a feature that should reduce trips to the service bay while keeping the model’s tech somewhat fresh), Ford plans to make like the defunct Nash Motors and offer an in-car sleep solution.

A person with knowledge of the vehicle tells Reuters that buyers can opt for a lay-flat passenger seat that mimics the lounging chairs you’d find in the ritziest airline cabins. “You can basically live in the truck,” the source claims.

Obviously an appealing feature, assuming usage doesn’t overlap with worry about missed payments. It isn’t known on what trims this seat will be offered. If worse comes to worse, you can opt for a low-end model with front bench seat, or just recline the best you can and try to catch some Zzzzs.

Spy photos of camouflaged prototypes reveal an evolutionary styling change, with Ford preferring to keep the radical alterations hidden. That includes the new OVA capability, as well as the hybrid variant slated to join the lineup in short order (a vehicle Ford touts as a mobile power solution). Within two years, customers will be able to get their hands on a fully electric version.

This week, the f150gen14 forum pointed out a teaser image offered alongside the model’s June 25th launch info (see header image above). Clearly, Ford didn’t take Tesla’s Cybertruck for a muse.

[Image: Ford]

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14 Comments on “Next-gen Ford F-150: Leave the House Behind?...”

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    SCE to AUX

    “Obviously an appealing feature, assuming usage doesn’t overlap with worry about missed payments.”

    Comment of the day.

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    You can live in your car, but you can’t drive your house.

    However I do think that Ford will need to offer the PortaJohn truck bed option for full residential functionality.

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    Every teenager in America thanks you, Ford

    Mom and dad, not so much :(

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    Actually there hasn’t been a “front bench seat” in low-end trucks in decades. “Low-end” is where I live, but today’s “40-20-40 Split Bench” seats is misleading.

    They’re actually 2 independent buckets (that recline) plus jump-seat (20) instead of the console on high-end trucks.

    The “jump-seat” folds into an armrest and is fixed/bolted to the floor (no recline or slide). Yes I’ve comfortably slept in my (12th gen F-150 XL) truck with just reclining the driver’s or passenger side of the so called “split-bench”, they almost recline fully flat and are great for quick catnaps.

    I probably couldn’t sleep in them 2 nights in a row, but they work awesome in a pinch.

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    This is just Ford thinking ahead as new truck prices climb. 144 month loans are coming to help out those that simply must drive the latest high end trucks. Living in your truck just eliminates that pesky mortgage (and attractiveness the opposite sex) standing in the way of your extended bed, extended cab, dual axle King Ranch that you would look totally awesome in while you aren’t towing or hauling anything because you can’t afford any other personal property. Hey, priorities. Just sayin, it’s actually a brilliant move by Ford to cater to it’s customer base that can’t afford them but will be buying them anyway. Almost designed to lower defaults on auto loans.

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    Will the electric version allow you to run the A/C or heat all night without having the car running?

    Nash not really defunct; they bought or merged with Hudson to become American Motors (AMC), which got bought out by Chrysler, thus they’re part of Fiat Chrysler today. Although the last Nash-based model was probably the AMC Eagle.

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      No reason you couldn’t leave it “on” all night long, though perhaps they add an accessory mode that does allow climate control, or like you can with their radios be able to turn it on with the car off, but with a way to override the 10 min shut off. Of course the risk is draining the battery to low to make it to a charging station. If you are at an improved campsite with 220 then in theory you could run the climate all night and maybe even end up with a full battery if the HVAC demands are not too high.

      The one to have for that however will be the Hybrid. The engine will fire up just long enough to keep heat in the coolant to meet demand or to charge up the battery when it hits minimum SOC.

      A several years ago during a freak snow storm I got stuck for over 2hrs due to an accident blocking the road. I was in the Escape Hybrid we had at the time. I did switch down to parking lights but other than that I had the climate set at 70, radio and wipers going and it used very little fuel with the engine just coming on for a couple of minutes every 10 min or so.

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    Like all of their recent launches, Ford is hoping gimmicks will overshadow the complete lack of quality.

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    If the front lights spell out “CD” you should offer me a CD player – just sayin’.

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    Given the size of these trucks its likely the interior space is larger then the bedroom in my first apartment. Having internet connectivity gives it another leg up on my first apartment. The price will be close that of my first house so this sleeper cab is starting to make sense.

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    My only question is, Wouldnt it make more sense for the rear bench to fold out into a bed in some fashion, rather than making the front passenger seat a recliner? I have had cars with the front seat the went all the way down, and while you could sleep on them they weren’t entirely comfortable.

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