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Reeling from the pandemic-born financial crisis, Hertz is unloading some particularly cost-intensive vehicles from its rental fleet. While plenty of these vehicles are old stock it would have had to get rid of eventually, Hertz is limiting fleet turnover this year, recently cancelling roughly 90 percent of new vehicle orders it had on the books for 2020. The company’s also selling some of the special performance vehicles slotted into its lineup every year ⁠— and not all of them seem to have accrued the kind of mileage that would normally warrant a sale.

We’ve chronicled the rental agency’s plight for a while now; Hertz seems to be on the brink of declaring bankruptcy, making it a good case study for the perils confronting auto rental groups everywhere. While we don’t think selling a handful of high-horsepower Chevrolets will be anyone’s saving grace, it might help Hertz scrounge up some loose cash — and provide a half-decent opportunity for enthusiasts to procure a bargain project car. 

Jalopnik was the first outfit to notice the rental agency listing C7 Corvette models painted in its signature color on Autotrader. Most are Z06 variants from 2019, priced as though they were a couple years older than listed. Granted, ‘Vettes enlisted by the rental firm probably suffered a few incredibly hard miles and exchanged hands frequently. That said, they also come with the 3LZ equipment package, something that would have resulted in an MSRP dangerously close to $100,000 when they were new.

Today, you can find those same Z06s hovering around $60,000 with less than 30,000 miles on the odometer ⁠— assuming you’re actively browsing for one on the Hertz website. Cars come with the 6.2-liter supercharged LT4 V8 boasting 650 horsepower that can give the base mid-engined C8 a run for its money in a straight line, with loads of creature comforts on the side. However, if you’re wholly preoccupied with track handling, a base-model C8 may still be the way to go.

Of course, if the Corvette is not to your liking, Hertz is also getting rid of Camaros. Like the Z06, these cars also utilize the corporate color palate ⁠— with black swapped as the dominant hue. Hertz Edition Camaros also come in two flavors, neither of which have been left stock. SS models come equipped with an aftermarket air intake and an upgraded cat-back exhaust system, pushing peak output to 480 hp. Meanwhile, Hertz LT1s were equipped with a Callaway SC750 supercharger that brought the 6.2-liter V8 to a whopping 750 horsepower.

The latter of the two have proven difficult to find online and would likely out-price the yellow-and-black C7s by several thousand dollars. Yet the SS models can be found rather easily (with examples from the 2020 model year). That said, some seem to be priced a little high when you consider someone could just buy a brand new Camaro SS directly from Chevrolet and still have cash leftover for options. One item that cannot be had with any of the Hertz cars is a manual transmission, however.

[Images: General Motors; Hertz]


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17 Comments on “Hertz Drains Special Edition Corvette, Camaro from Rental Fleet...”

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    And you can be assured none of these hot cars have been abused.

    • 0 avatar

      And you can be assured that none of them were ever taken to the track. Absolutely not.

      A few years back, when I was on a 3-week business trip in Florida, the rental agency tossed me the keys to a white Hemi Challenger. Needless to say, it was hooned without mercy. I can’t even imagine what people did to these ‘Vettes and Camaros.

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    Yeah, I think I’d pass, I highly doubt that any of these were rented to do a little sight seeing while on vacation

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    I know nearly no one on TTAC likes Nascar but the Camaros have the Hendrick Motorsports tie-in so that likely will help the values.

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    The best hope would be that the hopelessly inadequate cooling system on the automatic equipped Z06s would have shut down the fun before any serious damage could occur.

    Just like it did for actual owners on track.

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    SCE to AUX

    My 09 Sedona was a former Hertz rental car. Pretty sure it wasn’t hooned or tracked. It’s been OK, so I’m sure these value picks would be, too. /s

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    The Corvette and the supercharged Camaros *might* have had a little more renter qualification done before being sent out, they might be in decent enough shape. But the normal Hendrick SS’s were priced Right around what a normal SS rented for, so stay away from those (especially if you’re in a jurisdiction that doesn’t require damage reporting on used car sales, since most of the major rental companies are self-insured, so their accidents don’t always show up on a CarFax).

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    Given the number of cherry, low mileage, garage queen C7s out there its seems silly to put one of these cars on your shopping list. However if the price is right.

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    Shouldn’t we be celebrating this? Another business on the brink of financial ruin because of an overreaction to a cold.

    Yay America!

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    Arthur Dailey

    @EBTovarich: Can you see any mass graves from your office cubicle in St Petersburg? Or are you closer to Pyongyang?

    For those with some interest in the truth, I have posted a link to a video produced in/by a hospital in the Greater Toronto Area demonstrating the actual impact of COVID.

    • 0 avatar

      Oh the irony…you stating youre interested in thetruth and facts.

      Anyway, here is a fact for you:

      80% of corona cold cases have zero to mild symptoms.

      In my state the number of people seeking hospitalization is 14%. A SMALL percentage of that require the ICU.

      But you like to focus on that very small minority to drive policy.

      • 0 avatar

        I recommend that you swig a pint of zinc solution abd gobble a handful of synthetic quinine tablets each day to ward off the virus. That way you can continue to act with the brains your leader so amply demonstrates, while giving himself the undoubted advantage of magic at his back, you know, juuust in case he’s wrong. At least Covid-19 is the biggest thing ever, and he must be happy with that not being an exaggeration. Now get back to work all of you!

      • 0 avatar
        Arthur Dailey

        @EBTovarich; your campaign of fake news and misinformation is failing.

        You were presented with a video and a statement made by front line medical professionals and of course chose to ignore it.

        You posted that COVID-19 “just a cold”. You would be better off trying to convince us that Italian vehicles are the best buy on the market due to their long term reliability and resale value.

        Is it not time to climb into your Lada and drive home through the streets of St Petersburg?

        • 0 avatar

          Nothing I posted was fake news. 80 percent of cases see zero to mild symptoms. That is a fact.

          It’s also a fact that you choose to present a small minority of cases as if its common.

          It’s fine that you want to twist facts to make them fit your narrative. We’re used to it.

      • 0 avatar
        SCE to AUX

        “80% of corona cold cases have zero to mild symptoms”

        How would we know this? Who gets tested when they have no symptoms?

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