QOTD: Itching for a Haircut?

qotd itching for a haircut

Sometimes the toy in the window is just a little too dear for the parent of a young child. Fast-forward a few decades and the shiny thing on the dealership floor is priced just north of what that same kid’s wallet can handle. Such is life.

But what if you and the OEM were able to strike a compromise — a reduction in power for a fairly significant drop in price?

Sometimes a compromise comes about without a late-night phone call to a CEO. Those can get awkward, after all. No need to mention names…

While a vehicle in its purest form — the guise intended from the outset of development — is a thing of beauty, sales considerations sometimes delivers a version that ticks most of the boxes; power might not be quite as abundant, but the reduction in price suddenly brings the model within range of less-monied buyers. Take the reborn Supra, for example. Last week we learned that, for 2021, Toyota will offer a 2.0-liter four-cylinder beneath the hood of its two-seater. Horsepower drops 24 percent from a 2020 inline-six model, weight falls 200 pounds, and the expected MSRP falls from a hair below $50k (for a 2020 model) to just north of $40k.

With 295 lb-ft of torque routed to the rear wheels of the slimmed-down coupe, spirited driving isn’t out of reach — and neither is the price for a new pool of would-be buyers. Other sporting models generally follow a different route, preferring instead to climb the power ladder after launch while draining more and more cash from the buyer’s wallet.

With this in mind, what model on sale today would you suddenly consider if the manufacturer offered a modest reduction in power and price?

[Image: Toyota]

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  • Maymar Maymar on Feb 18, 2020

    I hear good things about the 1.5L Miata, and it'd be quick enough for around town. If it also translated to a lower base price, it'd be a nice option. I was also more interested when it had the 1.8 instead of the 1.4, but a Golf GT-Line (or whatever they wanted to call it) with all the GTI mechanical bits except for the engine would be nice, as it was still a plenty quick car in base form.

  • Wizerud Wizerud on Feb 18, 2020

    Civic SiR at 30k. 250-ish hp and torque.

  • MRF 95 T-Bird Sears and JC Whitney also had similar dune buggy kits. The VW accessories along with the running gear for legal use just bolted on. Hmm Amazon? A Bradley GT or Kelmark kit using an electric “skateboard” platform would also be cool.
  • Inside Looking Out Cadillac now associates with rap music. In the past it was all about rock'n'roll. Rap is environmentally friendlier than rock'n'roll.
  • EBFlex This is nothing compared to what Ford is doing. The fake lightning is seeing massive price increases for 2023. Remember how they self pleasured themselves about the fake lightning starting under $40k? In 2023, the price jumps by a very Tesla like $7,000. And that’s not the biggest price jump. And much less talked about, the government fleet discounts are going away. So for a basic 3.3L Explorer, the price is jumping $8,500. S basic F150 is also now $8,500 more. Im sure the same people that complained about the oil companies making “obscene profits” will say the same thing about Ford.
  • Bobbysirhan Sometimes it seems like GM has accepted that the customers they still have are never going to come to their senses and that there aren't any new dupes on the horizon, so they might as well milk their existing cows harder.
  • Buickman how about LowIQ?