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Back before we had standards and practices barring tainted food from store shelves, there was a colossal stretch of history when you could buy discounted meat that was well past its best-buy date. The older the cheaper.

These days, those kinds of discounts really only apply to inedible items — like cars. But you don’t have to suffer any of the ramifications of eating thrice-cooked, spoiled meats when you get a car that the manufacturer decides is no longer fit for human consumption.

The Ford Flex is a model most of the folks who write for this site don’t hate. A rare breed. However, this month marks the beginning of the model’s long dirt nap. As usual, that means it’s time for heavy discounts; Ford has already been going ham trying to clear out old-stock Flexes. The deal continues to be sweetened.

For November, Ford says it’s willing to lop off as much as $6,000 — a grand more than the company offered last month. There are catches, however. While you can probably find a sweet deal anywhere in the country, the biggest discounts only apply to customers making purchases of Limited models ($40,530 MSRP) in and around the following areas: New York City, Detroit, Miami and Los Angeles.

It’s also not universal between them, with the hottest deals residing in the Motor City. Some of the incentives similarly specify that you buy a Ford Flex with all-wheel drive. There’s plenty of fine print but, if you can take advantage of any of it (and actually wanted a versatile, retro-inspired family hauler), there’s money waiting for you on the table.

According to Ford Authority, delivery must be assumed from an authorized Ford dealer’s stock by January 2nd or else the deal is no longer valid.

[Images: Ford Motor Co.]

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24 Comments on “Ford Keeps Upping the Cash on Leftover Flexes...”

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    I’d need more than 6 lousy Grand off JUST to live with that ridiculous tiny-ass screen.

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    Jeff S

    That is a good factory incentive especially for those who want the Flex. Those that want one better act quick. Might be worth a flight to Detroit to pick one up and a more discounted price.

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    I’ve only had 10 years to consider not buying a Flex. How exactly do they expect me to make up my mind by January 2nd?

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    No wonder the offer isn’t around here. There are 25 Flexes left in the greater Puget Sound area, mostly Limited EcoBoosts with MSRP over $50k.

    Weird fact: not a single one has captain’s chairs.

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      Do they have a split bench of some kind?

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        They come standard with a 60/40 split bench. Captain’s chairs are a $695 option.

        The split bench gives you one more passenger spot, but the captain’s chairs make third row access far easier. Since getting my Highlander Hybrid with captain’s chairs, I am a total convert, at least for families with small kids. The small kids fit just fine in the third row and everyone loads and unloads much faster.

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      I imagine that the Venn diagram overlap between having 4+ kids and buying a $50k+ non-van family hauler is pretty small. just saying.

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      I have yet to pay $50K for any vehicle. While I really like the Flex, that is $10,000 over my budget for a less-than-fully equipped vehicle.

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        Wait awhile. You’ll never pay anywhere near that for a discontinued model. You don’t really need the vibrating driver’s seat either.

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          Not always true, if the discontinued model is in demand. When Pontiac G8 production stopped, prices went down… then they went up. The last few G8 GXPs on dealer lots sold for well over sticker.

          Flexes aren’t in that kind of demand most places, but they are in California, where they’ve got a little subculture going.

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    My son’s wife has one. 2 kids and a dog. She loves it!

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    Stanley Steamer

    It’s a great car, and I would go for one if it weren’t for that one problem that plagues all Ford products; overly thick A pillars. For tall folks like me that sit far back, it’s like driving with tunnel vision.

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    “According to Ford Authority, delivery must be assumed from an authorized Ford dealer’s stock by January 2nd or else the deal is no longer valid.”

    I love when they say crap like this. Because I’m *absolutely, positively 100% sure* that the prices on leftover models will go UP on January 3rd.


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    I haven’t seen the deals up here in Canada yet, been watching. I needed production to last one more year so I could comfortably buy one new. Been running the numbers now that inventory is thinning out and can’t quite justify it. I’d go used but most of them seem to be former rentals.

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      There are a crap ton of former airport rental Durango GT and R/T’s around. 2019’s and 2018’s under full warranty with around 25K kms for a very healthy discount over a new one. IF you could own a former rental….

      • 0 avatar

        Q: What’s the fastest car on earth?

        A: A rental car!

      • 0 avatar

        The Durango is definitely on my radar, but honestly I’d probably go Pacifica before Durango. Pacifica and Flex have been my top two contenders for a while now. Whatever I get it’s replacing an Optima Turbo and Roadmaster Estate, and for me the Flex tugs at the heartstrings in a way the Roadmaster does.

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    The problem with the Flex all along has been its high price, NOT its appearance. I’ve liked it from the beginning but was never willing to pay anywhere near the asking price. Even taking its size into account, it should have been priced at least $7k below listed MSRP.

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      I agree, a twin turbo decently equipped version at 30-35 Grand would be rather compelling.

      Look how many 1990 LS400s got sold due to a great value proposition……….

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        “I agree, a twin turbo decently equipped version at 30-35 Grand would be rather compelling.”

        this, from the same crowd which relentlessly whines when car companies exit unprofitable segments.

        “Look how many 1990 LS400s got sold due to a great value proposition……….”

        yes, and it’s very well known that Toyota bought their way into that market segment.

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