Smells Like Special Edition: Ford Files Trademark for 'Black Diamond'

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
smells like special edition ford files trademark for black diamond

Ford has filed a trademark application to register “Black Diamond” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. General Motors previously manufactured models using the name to denote limited edition models, such as the CTS-V Black Diamond Edition, which incorporated an especially sparkly paint color.

While the same could be true for Ford, there’s another possibility. The term is frequently used to denote a particularly rough patch of mountain trail or extreme ski run. The Blue Oval could adapt it for use on specialty off-road vehicles.

Ford Authority noted that the October 8th patent filing specifies that the application will be used in conjunction with “Land motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles.”

That gives some additional credence to the notion that the name will be used for special edition titles (Black Diamond doesn’t really sound like a model name). Unfortunately, that’s all it gives us. Ford Authority claims it “would not be significantly surprised” to see the name used on specialty versions of the upcoming Ford Bronco — as if it knew something. While we’ve heard no rumblings to support that, it might be worth keeping in the back of your mind.

Then again, this might just be an extra-special paint color. But we’re holding out hope for something a bit more interesting.

[Image: Image: Ford Motor Co.]

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  • Scott25 Scott25 on Oct 16, 2019

    Black Diamond sounds pretty cheesy to me (Canadians will get it)

    • Sgeffe Sgeffe on Oct 16, 2019

      Presumably, a brand of cheese in the Great White North, eh?! ;-) How Krafty!

  • Vulpine Vulpine on Oct 16, 2019

    That trademark could get them in trouble. A certain coffee roast of which I am aware had to drop the "Double Black Diamond" name from one of their most popular flavors.

  • Thomas Kreutzer Thomas Kreutzer on Oct 16, 2019

    Elizabeth Taylor would be so pissed.

  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Oct 16, 2019

    I'm waiting for the "Bunny Hill" model.