QOTD: Doing the Shuttle Shuffle?

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
qotd doing the shuttle shuffle

There’s an excellent chance that, based on pure statistical probability, most of us will never have a full-time chauffeur in our employ. Actually, I’m not even sure how many of the 1% choose to have a chauffeur these days. It seems a trifle old-fashioned.

Or maybe not. Having someone shuttle you around at all hours in all weather seems to be a good deal. Thing is, who do you choose? That’s your task today.

Imagine you can select anyone — superstar or family member, fictional or real-life, living or dead — to employ as your chauffeur. Who would it be?

From that wide open field, you can choose a race car driver, for example. Dale Earnhardt Jr would be friggin’ awesome: fast, personable, and — by all accounts — a laugh to be around. Richard Petty or Bobby Allison would probably be a good storyteller, too.

What about a gearhead CEO? Imagine Bob Lutz carting your butt to work in the morning, smoking a stogie and complaining about the beancounters who decreed the install of that plastic dashboard at which he’s currently looking.

Or maybe it’s simply your good buddy from high school. Hey, sometimes — for better or worse — those are the best people with whom to share a drive.

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  • Pwrwrench Pwrwrench on Oct 01, 2019

    Thinking about this more I'd rather have Adam West drive me around in the original BatMobile. And I look nothing like Burt Ward.

  • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Oct 01, 2019

    My cat. And limo must be with manual transmission.

  • Krhodes1 Krhodes1 on Oct 01, 2019

    Backstory - one of my clients is a whiteshoe law firm in Manhattan. They have their own black car service, and are nice enough to let me use it to go to and from the airport when I am in NYC for them. The last time, I had a silent Russian as a driver - and he was ASTOUNDING. This guy got me from Rockefeller Center to LaGuardia in under an hour at ~5pm. We went down sidewalks. We went the wrong way on one-way streets. I am pretty sure we went through a couple of living rooms in Queens... But he was utterly calm and collected and just got it done. I want THAT guy as my full-time driver. The only words he spoke were to ask me which terminal I was flying out of. The vehicle was a black Suburban.

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    • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Oct 02, 2019

      Yeah, I can affirm. That's how they drive in Moscow. Driving in Moscow is like Hunger games.

  • Jamespdx Jamespdx on Oct 02, 2019

    Darth Vader