Gilded Age: Refreshed Nissan Armada Seemingly Leaked Overseas

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
gilded age refreshed nissan armada seemingly leaked overseas

There’s a lot of Nissan commentary on these here pages today, but that’s just fine by us. You guys love talking value. Sure, Nissan’s Armada represents the pricey pinnacle of the brand’s SUV lineup, but it’s a fair bit cheaper than its Infiniti QX80 sibling. It’s also due for a mid-cycle refresh.

For its next iteration, the body-on-frame full-sizer brings some glitzy updates to the table, at least according to these Facebook shots of a next-gen Patrol headed to a Middle Eastern dealership.

Overseas, Nissan slaps the Patrol name on its biggest ‘ute, reserving the Spanish-sounding Armada moniker for us North Americans. “Armada” sounds regal and hints that the cumbersome vessel carries a hidden chest filled with gold; indeed, Nissan bills the SUV as “bold” and “sophisticated.” While the jury’s out on the truthfulness of that characterization, the upcoming model seems a more deserving candidate for those labels.

Despite the makeover only being skin deep, what skin we can see seems more expressive and glittery. The reworked fascia bears a taller grille done in Nissan corporate style, with lower openings gilded in chrome. The LEDs partially encircling the headlamps remain but become more pronounced, with a slice of fender panel splitting into the headlamp array. Side vents also grow taller, giving the vehicle an impression of added height. This is a ship of the line, after all.

Out back, chrome now extends the width of the liftgate, linking both tail lamp assemblies. While it’s hard to tell from the head-on angle, it seems the obnoxious and tacky faux front fender vent remains, and has perhaps grown larger. Oh well.

Inside the Patrol/Armada, the cabin brings additional changes, the most obvious and notable being a dual-screen arrangement on the center stack that mimics the one seen in the Infiniti QX50.

As stated before, Nissan isn’t expected to tinker with the Armada’s drivetrain for this refresh, so expect a carryover 5.6-liter V8 and seven-speed automatic. Though hardly the first vehicle to come to mind when one thinks of SUVs, the Armada remains a fairly consistent seller. With 22,102 units sold in the U.S. through the end of August, Armada volume fell 1.8 percent this year, but the past couple of calendar years has seen the model sell just as well as during its initial high point in the mid-2000s. Perhaps a dose of style and content will reverse the recent sales trend.

The updated Armada is expected to sail into port next year.

[Images: Saud AL Olayan/ Facebook, via Motor Authority]

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  • Kyree Kyree on Sep 05, 2019

    I think it looks pretty handsome. I don't even hate the dual-screen setup, if it's improved from what the Q50, Q60 and QX50 have.

  • Mackey Mackey on Sep 05, 2019

    Agreed- this light design is far better executed than the Tahoe, less of a mess, but still annoying. As for the new Tahoe, haha- I'm going to be intrigued with what they come up with, because clearly it will continue to drift further away from the Silverado design! Does it get even uglier and more polarizing, or do they just create an evolution of the current design but clean it up a lot to unify the lines?

  • Denis Jeep have other cars?!?
  • Darren Mertz In 2000, after reading the glowing reviews from c/d in 1998, I decided that was the car for me (yep, it took me 2 years to make up my mind). I found a 1999 with 24k on the clock at a local Volvo dealership. I think the salesman was more impressed with it than I was. It was everything I had hoped for. Comfortable, stylish, roomy, refined, efficient, flexible, ... I can't think of more superlatives right now but there are likely more. I had that car until just last year at this time. A red light runner t-boned me and my partner who was in the passenger seat. The cops estimate the other driver hit us at about 50 mph - on a city street. My partner wasn't visibly injured (when the seat air bag went off it shoved him out of the way of the intruding car) but his hip was rather tweaked. My car, though, was gone. I cried like a baby when they towed it away. I ruminated for months trying to decide how to replace it. Luckily, we had my 1998 SAAB 9000 as a spare car to use. I decided early on that there would be no new car considered. I loathe touch screens. I'm also not a fan of climate control. Months went by. I decided to keep looking for another B5 Passat. As the author wrote, the B5.5 just looked 'over done'. October this past year I found my Cinderella slipper - an early 2001. Same silver color. Same black leather interior. Same 1.8T engine. Same 5 speed manual transmission. I was happier than a pig in sh!t. But a little sad also. I had replaced my baby. But life goes on. I drive it every day to work which takes me over some rather twisty freeway ramps. I love the light snarel as I charge up some steep hills on my way home. So, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Passat guy.
  • Paul Mezhir As awful as the styling was on these cars, they were beautifully assembled and extremely well finished for the day. The doors closed solidly, the ride was extremely quiet and the absence of squeaks and rattles was commendable. As for styling? Everything's beautiful in it's own way.....except for the VI's proportions were just odd: the passenger compartment and wheelbase seemed to be way too short, especially compared to the VI sedan. Even the short-lived Town Coupe had much better proportions. None of the fox-body Lincolns could compare to the beautiful proportions of the Mark was the epitome of long, low, sleek and elegant. The proportions were just about perfect from every angle.
  • ToolGuy Silhouetting yourself on a ridge like that is an excellent way to get yourself shot ( Skylining)."Don't you know there's a special military operation on?"
  • ToolGuy When Farley says “like the Millennium Falcon” he means "fully updatable" and "constantly improving" -- it's right there in the Car and Driver article (and makes perfect sense).