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Eager to reduce R&D costs, Jaguar Land Rover and BMW forged a cross-channel bond earlier this summer, but the increasingly cozy relationship between the Anglo-German rivals likely won’t end with the mere sharing of electric drive units and internal combustion engines.

A number of JLR vehicles poised to drop from the product pipeline could come to fruition thanks to a piece of Bimmer architecture.

According to Autocar, BMW’s front-drive FAAR platform could find a home beneath a trio of models expected to bow in the middle of the coming decade: two small Jaguar crossovers and an entry-level Land Rover. While the lower-rung Land Rover — potentially a return of the Freelander⁠ — and platform-sharing pact are merely a rumor at this point, sources tell Autocar that a brace of small Jag crossovers are indeed on the way, pending an official go-ahead from top brass.

One of those crossovers would be a sportier, coupe-ified variant of the other, the story goes. Anyone who’s followed Jag’s trajectory over the past few years would see this as a no-brainer, given the market’s sudden dislike for the brand’s sinking sedans.

After announcing a deal to partner on electric drivelines, word arose that JLR would source a variety of gasoline and hybrid engines from its German rival as a way of reducing investment in its Ingenium engine line. The automaker told Wards Auto that no plans exist to outsource its own four- and six-cylinder engines.

Found beneath the new BMW 1 Series, the FAAR platform was developed with a variety of propulsion types in mind, making it a versatile sled for future vehicles of varying greenness. With Europe — and especially the UK — ditching diesel in droves, any new Jag or Land Rover model would need to incorporate serious fuel-saving technologies. The cost savings of a partnership become clear when you consider JLR’s need for both electrified engine tech and a new platform to handle models positioned at the bottom of its lineup.

The British automaker lost nearly half a billion dollars in the last quarter as it seeks to adapt to a vastly different auto landscape than it faced at the decade’s dawn.

[Image: Jaguar Land Rover]

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12 Comments on “Report: Future Jags, Land Rover Could Boast Bimmer Baby Daddy...”

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    Here’s the problem with Jaguar: excluding the F-type, cover up the badges, look at the exteriors and interiors of their current lineup, and tell me what brand of car you’re looking at. I bet you can’t. There’s a reason why: this brand has no real identity.

    I work in a high-end office park, and see all kinds of luxury metal on my daily lunch walk. Not too long ago, an XE stopped in an intersection in front of me. It was so generic that I had to look at the badge to figure out what kind of car it was. Then a Genesis G70 stopped in the lane beside it. I knew EXACTLY what that car was…and liked it a lot more.

    Hint to Jaguar: when a guy who likes luxury cars finds himself lusting over a Hyundai instead of your car, that’s a monumental problem.

    Same issue with the interiors: the basic style is OK, but they’re all cheap and dark, with chintzy looking leather and “piano black” plastic trim.

    Jaguar needs to put some sex in the styling, and put the chrome and wood back inside.

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    If Jag doesn’t figure this out in the next few years, they’re going the way of Pontiac.

    To freedmike’s point, styling inside and out needs help. It’s not bad, but it’s too generic.

    Jag needs to take risks, and not the kind involving buying crap from BMW.

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      I’ll take a different tack: if the shared platform allows them to put more money into styling and interior materials, then it’s a win. But I have a feeling it’s about Tata squeezing every last rupee of profit they can from the product.

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    I know it’s a rumor, but should Land Rover go smaller than the Evoque??? Are they going to be the next in line to sell their name in the eternal quest for more crossover sales? I wouldn’t call the Evoque terrible by any stretch (although as a brand, their quality scores still give pause), but as a utility, it is very small and compromised.

    An X1-sized Land Rover might net a few thousand more sales, but the damage to the brand name bringing out a FWD mini-CUV could be a lot bigger.

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    The E-Pace is an absolute failure. I’ve seen ONE here on the streets of LA. Lots of lease special F-Paces in poverty-spec trim, though.

    Jag needs to figure out their overall strategy before they continue multiplying their crossover line-up.

    Everything that traditionally made a Jag desirable in the past is no longer offered by the brand.

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    The German strategy keeps on working! Their (the German car corporations and their backers including the German government) ‘lobbying’ (corruption and politics) has pushed in continuous need for massive investment into car platforms, engines, electronics, etc. etc. Now they’re succeeding in pushing other companies out of the game. Clever.

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    Who stole whose design? I scrolled too fast and thought this would be an article of the upcoming Escape

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    BMW are selling their oil-guzzling N63 V8 turbo to JLR to replace their own supercharged 5.0l V8. Of course, BMW say they’ve fixed the oil-drinking habit after a decade, but would you really believe them? A chain drive to the overhead cam defeats those boys comprehensively when the guide wears out like in the N20 turbo four they stuck in their cars from 2011 to 2015.

    Best of luck, JLR!

    The four and six cylinder inline engines ARE the JLR Ingenium engines. I’ve never read that JLR intended to make a V8 Ingenium, so they’re buying an off-the-shelf dud from Germany instead. Cheaper for JLR not to have another engine development program, and the customer with that much spare loot to buy an RR Autobiography couldn’t care less about an oil problem – their old X6GT German Ground Pounder assembled in the USA with domestic and foreign parts was the same.

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