Report Claims Nissan to Announce 10,000 Job Cuts, Plummeting Profit

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky

Nissan is currently preparing a financial report that is alleged to show its first-quarter profit falling by around 90 percent, necessitating over 10,000 job cuts. The company told the world to brace for a bad year in May, following an abysmal earnings report for the 12-month period ending on March 31st, 2019. At the time, CEO Hiroto Saikawa said the automaker had “hit rock bottom.” But Nissan is still falling, if reports are to be believed.

The Japanese company released a statement that vaguely refutes the claims against on Wednesday while also validating them. However, numerous unnamed insiders have suggested the reports are accurate and several named staffers acknowledged that the automotive firm was facing serious problems.

From Nissan:

On July 24, 2019 the Nikkei Shimbun published an article regarding Nissan’s financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019. The article was not based on any announcements by the company.

While the financial results for the quarter are still being reviewed, the operating profit figure reported in the Nikkei Shimbun article was broadly accurate. However, no official confirmation can be made until the final results have been approved by the company’s board of directors tomorrow. Following that approval, the company plans to announce the results on the same day.

We know Nissan is struggling in the United States. Years of angling for high volumes have tainted the brand’s image and necessitated heavy discounting, whittling down its profit margins as deliveries decline. It has become a snake eating its own tail.

“Deteriorating performance in the United States is a big issue that we’re facing,” Motoo Nagai, chairman of Nissan’s new audit committee told Reuters. “For a long time we were concerned with increasing volume [in America]. We were chasing numbers. Now it’s time to enhance the brand.”

Globally, Nissan still hasn’t recovered from the financial scandal involving Carlos Ghosn — who pioneered the high-volume plan, corporate alliance with Renault, and saved the company from disaster years earlier. Most official communications fault the automaker’s current plight on Ghosn’s “negative legacy.” But many investors are also concerned that the alliance is breaking down and fretting over the current management’s competency.

Saikawa, who was slated to be fired prior to Ghosn’s arrest late last year, initially said he would retire. But he is now staying on as CEO for an indeterminate amount of time. This has also been a source of concern due to the internal strife surrounding him. Although Nissan is currently hunting for his successor at his request — making an extended stay as chief unlikely.

Nissan’s quarterly results will be posted on Thursday. The job cuts are rumored to be isolated largely in Asia and South America.

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Matt Posky
Matt Posky

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    What is the difference between Altima and Maxima? They look the same and all dimensions including wheelbase are the same. And no one want cars anyway. So why the duplication?

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    • The quick answer is that Maxima is built for performance, while Altima is built for efficiency. Which one is the right one for you depends on your priorities."- from the Nissan website.

  • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Jul 25, 2019

    @TheDumbGuy It does not explain engine choise. And why then you need Infiniti?

  • 3800FAN 3800FAN on Jul 24, 2019

    Since Renault took control of nissan in 2000 their reliability and quality have gone down the shitter. They went from being reliable cars that were kinda awkwardly proportioned to cars that were the right size but cheap and unreliable and this is all due to Carlos Goshen. He got the product right (2002 altima, 04 maxima, 2005 rouge)saved the company but then drove them to obsessing over cost cutting (2002 Altima 04 maxima 05 rouge) and market share chasing and today's mess is the result. Now nissan is where Pontiac was in the 2000s and its gonna take them 5-10 years of higher quality products to get their reputation back and I don't see that happening. Just forget nissan and get a Honda.

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